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Bluefin photo

SDCC 2016: Bluefin

I think I found my favorite thing
Jul 24
// Tianxiao Ma
Bluefin distributes figures from a variety of Japanese companies, so their booth featured toys catering to all corners of fandom. Their most elaborate display was for the classic Ghostbusters, featuring two scenes from the en...
Bluefin photo

Bluefin expands distribution by partnering with more retailers

Now available at even more locations!
Dec 08
// Scarecroodle
Bluefin Distribution today announced that it has "significantly" expanded its retail channel network through new retail distribution partnerships with Books-A-Million, Inc., Trans World Entertainment Corp. (which includes its...
SDCC 2014 Bluefin photo
SDCC 2014 Bluefin

SDCC 2014: Bluefin - miscellaneous figures

Abnormal titan spotted
Jul 28
// Tianxiao Ma
Bluefin's presence at SDCC is spread across two booths, one with the Tamashii Nations items and one more dedicated to sales. The sales booth did have some prototypes of upcoming figures, including the titan in the header. The...
SH Figuarts MJ photo
SH Figuarts MJ

S.H. Figuarts Michael Jackson up for pre-order!

Snatch him now before he's gone like a Smooth Criminal
Jun 02
// Rio McCarthy
I've been so excited about so many figures in the S.H. Figuarts toy line, but this is the one that obviously takes the cake for me. We've seen him previously at events, and in scans, but now he's up for pre-order and ready to...

Sailor Moon photo
Sailor Moon

Here comes the Outer Senshi! S.H. Sailor Saturn is officially on the way

She's giving us the death glare
Apr 10
// Vanessa Cubillo
After officially announcing the release of all five S.H. Figuarts Inner Senshi figures, we knew Bandai would start rolling out the Outer Senshi. So after seeing her at Wonder Festival, S.H. Figuarts Sailor Saturn will offici...
Figuarts Mario photo
Figuarts Mario

Let's-a go with S.H. Figuarts Super Mario

Pipe Dream
Jan 29
// Martin Siggers
Bluefin Tamashii Nations has just posted a bunch of pictures from the currently running Nuremburg Toy Fair onto their Facebook page, and contained within is the first look at what they were teasing a little while back. It is ...
Figuarts photo

Bluefin posts teaser hinting at possible Mario line

Let the speculations begin!
Jan 19
// Vanessa Cubillo
Today on Bluefin Tamashii Nations’ Facebook page they posted a very interesting picture. It was a picture of a Super Mario Coin Block with the hashtag #figuarts. WOW! What? Are we looking at a S.H. Figuarts line? Or m...
S.H. Figuarts Dragon Kid photo
S.H. Figuarts Dragon Kid

Bluefin to bring SH Figuarts Dragon Kid to North America

Pao-Lin makes it to the States
Jan 09
// Natalie Kipper
The S.H Figuarts version of Tiger and Bunny's lightning kung fu master, Dragon Kid, was originally made available for pre-order to Asia-based collectors exclusively from the Tamashii Web Shop. North American fans were pl...
SH Figuarts Sailor Venus photo
SH Figuarts Sailor Venus

S.H. Figuarts Sailor Venus is up for pre-order!

Sailor V in all her poseable glory
Jan 07
// Rio McCarthy
Woohoo! One of my favorite Sailor Scouts is now up for pre-order! Sailor Venus makes her pre-order debut in stores today, and I've already got my order in - How about you? She's hard to pass up when you get the Sailor V mask,...
Gundam photo

Robot Spirits Kshatriya fights its way into a gallery

Tomopop editor tempted to watch MSG UC
Dec 01
// Scarecroodle
Bluefin Tamashii Nations has released an image gallery for the upcoming Robot Spirits Kshatriya (Mobile Suit Gundam UC), which is now available for pre-order. I haven't been keeping up with Gundam in recent years (Mobile Suit...
Figuarts ZERO Vegeta photo
Figuarts ZERO Vegeta

Bluefin previews Figuarts ZERO Super Saiyan Vegeta

Going for gold
Nov 22
// Martin Siggers
Andres caught a glimpse of him back at NYCC but now Bluefin Tamashii nations has broken out a full-on preview of the latest addition to the Figuarts ZERO family. It's no-one less than the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta, replendent...

Bandai officially announces SH Figuarts MMPR Black Ranger

Coming in March 2014
Sep 26
// Vanessa Cubillo
It's been a Mighty Morphin week here at Tomopop with all of our Mighty Morphin Power Ranger reviews. So it's just perfect that Bluefin Tamashii Nations has now officially listed the MMPR Black Ranger as their next addition t...

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts MMPR Green and Red Ranger

Sep 23 // Vanessa Cubillo
Figure Name: S.H.Figuarts Mighty Morphin Green and Red RangerFigure Maker: BandaiRetail: US$42.99Available at: BigBadToyStore | Entertainment Earth We begin this mighty review by checking out the boxes these figures come in. Each Mighty Morphin Power Ranger figure comes in a 20th anniversary box with their character shown on the left side. The Green Ranger comes in a gold colored box with a clear  front screen that shows the figure and its green background.   The Red Ranger comes in a silver colored box with a clear front screen that shows the figure and its red background. The boxed figures make a good display for collectors who like to keep their figures in mint condition. However, mint condition be damned, we're opening these figures! The back of the box highlights key features of each figure. It shows all of their accessories and has them in cool poses you can try out. However, there is a tiny print on the bottom that warns that the product may differ from those photos. I can say that it's true. While you can pose your Power Rangers in the poses seen on the box, you can't get them in the exact way it's shown. I tried all of the poses on both boxes; some I got very close to, while others had to be adjusted.  When you open the box you'll find the figure, accessories, manual sheet and a MMPR logo background in the color of your figure. The Green Ranger comes with his Dragon Dagger, Sword of Darkness and five interchangeable hand parts for each hand. The Red Ranger comes with the Ranger Stick, Ranger Sword, Blade Blaster, Thunder Slinger, Ranger Slinger, Power Sword and five interchangeable hand parts for each hand. Standing at 6 inches tall, the Green Ranger exhibits all of S.H. Figuarts signature characteristics. He's extremely articulated and well detailed so you can recreate as many Power Ranger fighting moves as you can think of. His belt is not a painted on belt, but a real moveable one that has an attached black holster for his Dragon Dagger. You can even see the detail of his Power Coin in his Power Morpher. The details don't stop at the figure. His Dragon Dagger and Sword of Darkness are also made like tiny replicas. One of the coolest things you can do with the Green Ranger is make him play his Dragon Dagger. I mean, he doesn't really play it of course. The figure isn't that good! Still, you can place the Dragon Dagger in his hand and raise it up to his mouth like he's playing it. Just hum the tune in your head and its like it's really happening.  Along with his accessories, morpher, and black holster, the Green Ranger has his gold armor. It's very important to note that his gold armor does not come off. It's fastened on good, and if you tried taking it off you would just end up breaking it. It might be a little disappointing for fans. Now you can't take it off and put it on another Ranger. I guess that's the point since Bandai is also releasing an Armored Red Ranger. If I wanted to put the Green Ranger's armor on another Ranger, it would be the Red Ranger. For me, I'm not that bothered that his armor doesn't come off. The Red Ranger, like the Green, is 6 inches tall and has all the exact detailing and articulation. However, the Red Ranger comes with many more accessories than the Green and has a white holster for his Blade Blaster. One could argue that he's a better investment than the Green, but that could just be my love for the Red Ranger talking now.  Anyway, the Red Ranger has a nice array of weapons, but the most impressive one is his Power Sword. That was after all, his signature weapon. All of the other accessories are weapons that each of the Rangers had in the beginning.  It makes sense that all of them were given to him since he was the original leader. Plus, he needed to have something in his holster.  Now, speaking of their holsters, I did have some issues with that. For my Red Ranger, the holster kept falling off of his belt. I reattached it many times trying to push it harder into the hole, but it still falls off easily. I didn't have that problem with the Green Ranger's holster. I moved him and used his holster just as much as the Red's and it still has never come off. Maybe it's because the Green Ranger's holster is longer than the Red's. It could also be an issue with just my figure. These were not my first Power Ranger figures, but they were my first S.H. Figuarts action figures. So as I played around with them, I got to see what made these figures so different from the Power Rangers I owned as a child. I did like how fluid they moved, my only concern was with their joints. When I would move the figures in certain ways, it wouldn't go as smoothly as I wanted. I would have to rotate the ball joint to get it to move in my desired direction. It made me concerned that I could break it, and I didn't want that. It's not really a negative, I just took care when I moved them. Once I got them in the pose I wanted they looked great. Since these are collector's toys, you shouldn't expect to play around with them like you're a little kid again.  Now the Green and Red Ranger are shown here in stands that were made for them, but these stands are not included with the figures. These stands are sold separately as an exclusive three-pack. Debuting as a SDCC exclusive, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Stand Three-pack includes stands for the Green, Red and Armored Red Ranger. Made of clear plastic, the stands have to be assembled before you can use them. Assembling them isn't hard at all, in fact it requires no written directions, You just pop out the plastic pieces and put them together as shown in the picture on the back of the box. Once you have the stands together, you can pose your Ranger in any style you want. You can also adjust how high you want your figure to be. Their feet could be on the stand, or you can have them up in the air like they're flying. You can bend the plastic support rod backward or forward, so these stands are good for action poses. Even though they were a SDCC exclusive, you can still purchase this three-pack online. Bluefin Premium has them available for US$18.  These figures brought back many happy childhood memories of watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers after school and playing with my toys. Are these Power Rangers better than what I had as a kid? Yes! I only slightly wished they were flip heads so I could see the detail of Tommy and Jason's face. Still, that's just the wishing of the little girl in me. As figures, they look great, move well and are the best Power Rangers. [Thank you to Bluefin Distribution/Tamashii Nations for providing samples for this review!]
Review: Figuarts Rangers photo
Don't mess with the originals!
If you asked any person in their 20s which season of the Power Rangers was the best, they would answer right away, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. At least, I know that's what my answer would be! So it is with this love of nos...

Sailor Mars Figuarts photo
Sailor Mars Figuarts

[Update!] S.H. Figuarts Sailor Mars up for pre-order!

Fire yourself up to wait for pages to load!
Sep 04
// Rio McCarthy
[Update #2: She is now available at Big Bad Toy Store at the link below!] (Thanks Phoenix Gamma!) [Update: She is now available at HobbyLink Japan at the link below!] Here she is! One of my top favorite Sailor Scouts is final...
Bluefin Ultraman photo
Bluefin Ultraman

Bluefin bringing over Bandai's Ultraman figures

UltraAct Father of Ultra is the first
Sep 02
// Brian Szabelski
Ultraman fans, rejoice: Bluefin has just announced on Facebook that they'll be bringing over Bandai's Ultraman figures to North America! Like their other releases, I'm expecting these will be on Amazon and other North America...
Sailor Mercury Figuarts photo
Who knew a visor and a computer could be so awesome
Over on the AmiAmi Blog they've put up a gallery dedicated to the brainiac, Sailor Mercury. I never was Mercury's biggest fan, but the more of the Figuarts I see, the more I'm excited for it.  I have it pre-ordered regar...

Bluefin fans' poll photo
Bluefin fans' poll

Bluefin/Tamashii opens post-SDCC fans' poll

Vote Gremlins
Jul 25
// Scarecroodle
'What do you want to see?' asks Bluefin Tamashii Nations, which has opened up a post-SDCC survey so that non-attendees can weigh in on what they'd like to see in the future. The poll, noted as being part of their market resea...

SDCC 2013: S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers/Super Sentai

It's previewing time!
Jul 18
// Martin Siggers
It's an exciting convention for fans of the spandex clad heroes as Bandai had a bunch of great Power Rangers stuff on hand. First and foremost were their con exclusive metallic S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Samurai team, c...

Tomopop Review: Bandai's S.H.MonsterArts King Kong

Jul 08 // Scarecroodle
Figure Name: S.H.MonsterArts King Kong "King Kong 2005"Figure Maker: BandaiRetail: US$65Available at: Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store | Entertainment Earth S.H.MonsterArts King Kong differs from previous MonsterArts releases, like Godzilla (reviewed), in that his packaging features a taller, more narrow design; a choice that no doubt reflects the fact that Kong Kong is the first entry in the line to feature neither wings nor a tail. The packaging otherwise has the same solid display value and adheres to many of the usual conventions. SHM King Kong comes with two alternate faces, three alternate sets of hands, a hand holding a tiny Ann Darrow, a tree limb, and a stand. The hand sets are closed fists (default, as seen on the figure), open hands, grasping hands (for holding the tree), and extended midknuckles (for standing on four "legs"). King Kong's default head (seen left) features a neutral, gruff expression where one tooth adorably sticks out from his lower lip. The next one sports an angry, roaring face (which can double as getting ready to eat something --- or someone!). The final head features a somewhat indiscernible yet playful expression (one that I don't necessarily recall from the film). It somewhat looks like he might be hooting and makes for a fun design. Rather than just get a ball-joint at the neck, the head fits onto a central peg while being partially anchored by two additional bumps. The bumps seem to help keep the face on straight while providing additional clearance if you want the head to turn up or down a little. Most of the movement is rooted at the base of the neck, which features a spectacular range of movement; it allows King Kong to turn his head a good deal sideways as well as fully up for his quadripedal stance. You'll also notice a lot of trademark information on the underside, which is probably the most unobtrusive place for it. There's another logo on the underside of his left foot. S.H.MonsterArts King Kong's body sculpt features some superb craftsmanship. The torso and limbs all look solid, with some really cool, distinct fur matting on the forearms, and similarly strong pattern on the thighs. The upper torso is well-shaped, and the articulation doesn't really stick out except for the elbows. The paint is somewhat less impressive, given that it seems to be a lot of solid color, although it's an issue true to the original character design. In the film, this was compensated for by lighting effects which gave the appearance of differing hues; an advantage that SHM King Kong unfortunately lacks. This obscures some of the finer detail when viewed from a distance. However, it's worth noting that King Kong's battle scars (which are sculpted in) will stick out at least somewhat given the glossier paint used. One of the coolest aspects of the SHM King Kong is its ability to alternate between bipedal and quadripedal stances, just like in the film. This option is one of the reasons why the Peter Jackson King Kong is superior to other incarnations. This transition is accomplished largely by a generous range of movement on the torso joint as well as the hips' ability to swing a good deal up. Naturally this means he can also sit, like when he might need a rest between shots. While he's still seated, I want you to note the two pin-joints in his feet as well as the previously mentioned logo on his left foot. As much as I dislike having a logo there, it's a pretty neat design. Between the hips, toe joints, foot joint (which features rotation and a pivot), upper torso joint, and lower torso (waist) joint, you can get a good range of movement from King Kong which can facilitate some fun poses. The included stand (partly seen on the side) is pretty much unnecessary. The S.H.MonsterArts King Kong stands roughly 6.5-inches tall on two legs, about 4-inches on four. This means he scales in a somewhat interesting way against the other S.H.MonsterArts figures, especially considering that the Peter Jackson King Kong is supposedly only 25-feet tall on his hind legs while Godzilla is generally depicted as being considerably larger (although it's worth noting that King Kong was "upscaled" to fight Godzilla in the movies as well). On his hind legs, the SHM King Kong is a little taller than the SHM Godzilla, while being a good deal shorter on all fours. Bandai's S.H.MonsterArts King Kong might be the most interesting entry in the line thus far, offering a wide array of poses which replicate that of his movie counterpart. The alternate heads provide great display options which further accentuate the figure's already strong poseability and helps to cement SHM King Kong's position as being among the best that the S.H.MonsterArts line has to offer. [ A kong-sized thanks to Bluefin Tamashii Nations for providing this review sample. ]
SHM King Kong photo
The eighth wonder of the S.H.MonsterArts line
When people think "kaiju", quite often Godzilla and his ilk are the first things to come to mind. As such, some might be surprised by the "American kaiju", King Kong, breaking into the S.H.MonsterArts line which, up until thi...

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts Vegeta

Jul 02 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: S.H. Figuarts Vegeta (Saiyan Saga ver.)Figure Maker: BandaiPrice: ¥3,500Available At: Amazon | Anime Island We'll start with the box, as always, which looks a great deal like the original S.H. Figuarts Vegeta (Super Saiyan ver.) that was released a good while back. There is a cool screentoned image of Vegeta on the front/side of the box in the light and dark blue tones. There is also a window on the front of the box where you can see the figure itself, and there are images on the back that show a few of the poses Vegeta can do. Here he is still halfway in that plastic prison of his, but you know that won't last long with his stubbornness. He comes with three extra faces, eight extra hands, as well as a pair of crossed arms, an extra tail, a scouter and two energy blasts, along with his base. Everything was packaged very well, and there wasn't anything slip-sliding around. Straight out of the box his attitude is very apparent. His strong thighs are very well sculpted, and move quite well considering his armor. The flaps of his lower armor do move around, so it helps to keep it so he's less restrained in his movement. O-Oh... Well, apparently Vegeta didn't like me messing with his armor, because I just about got a swift punch to the nose. There's the Saiyan Prince we know and love! His figure gives off such a strong demeanor, even if he is a shorty. Ack! Sorry, I about got punched again. I mean, he's fantastic just the way he is. Sorry, Vegeta. Let's change out from his standard face, shall we? This is actually a shot of my changing his actual hair as well. There are two pieces for the back of his hair. In the photo on the left, above, the piece of hair on the right is the one that has an extra little slot by where the ear would be for the scouter to rest into. Besides swapping out that piece, the faces are fairly easy just to pop into place. Here we have the pieces for his base. The top piece you'll need to pop out the two "arms" for the claw part of the base, and place them on the small "Y" piece that's sitting on the large area of the base. Once you get that part done, you can attach any of the longer arms to be able to fit Vegeta, or his energy blasts. I love this face! He looks so commanding when this one is in place, especially with the scouter. Let me tell you, that scouter is NOT the easiest thing to get into place. I've read that I am far from the only person to have this issue, and some people couldn't seem to use it at all on their figures. You have to be very particular with getting it into the tiny slot, and it's very easy to knock off when you're posing the figure. Unfortunately, this face did have a few tiny light paint specks in his hair. They're not bad from afar, and I'm sure they're not on every figure, but it showed up extremely well in this photo. I will admit, I'm not a fan of the claw-style base, if only because there are no locking mechanisms to get it to stay in place. Once you get it balanced to hold him, it's fine, but don't expect to be able to move it around much without him falling out. However, this pose is definitely one of my favorites! This is another of my favorite poses. I love how angry he looks when crushing the scouter. Bandai did such a great job with the sculpting on this entire figure. I love that vein popping angrily out of his forehead. The blue-ish shading on the figure looks really nice as well, and it really fits with his color scheme. Here we have the energy blasts in action. They're not the easiest things to get photos of, but you can get the idea of how they work. You put them both on the long arms, and put the pegs into the base. This is also insanely hard to get balanced, because if you put Vegeta on the far right, it will definitely have the tendency to fall over. These are some of the best energy items I've personally gotten with a figure so far, though. Well, well, Vegeta... It seems you've lost your head! Actually, this was a regular occurrence for me. I found his head incredibly hard to get completely onto its ball joint, and then even when I thought I had gotten fully on, it would come loose and fall off. This happened to be the best post it could have ever fallen off during. Here's what we were really going for! I will admit that face actually makes me laugh really hard. I'm sure he's supposed to be straining in a fight, or powering up, but it definitely looks like he might have taken a trip to the bathroom as well. I'm obviously, like... two, because it made me laugh like an idiot while taking photos of it. Now for another one of his accessories, which I found pretty cool. You can actually swap out his tail! Instead of just having it wrapped around him, there is one you can swap out that has it swaying out wherever you pose it. That smug face makes for yet another of my favorite poses, and this may very well end up being how I keep him on my shelf. I love his tail swaying out to the side and this crossed arms set you can swap out. You can push his shoulders up a little more, which after looking at this photo, I'm definitely going to do so. Of course, I had to take time to pose him among some of my other Vegeta figures. I have the Super Saiyan version of the S.H. Figuarts, but I can definitely say if you can get your hands on this scouter version, I love it even more. I've always preferred the black-haired Vegeta, as opposed to the blonde Super Saiyan, so it might just be this girl's silly preference look-wise, but as a figure it's far more awesome than its predecessor. So, all in all? I would absolutely suggest you buy this version of Vegeta. The sculpting and painting is extremely well done, and he poses very well. The stand is always something I'm not a big fan of, but you can make it work. There are far more positives to this figure than negatives, so if you're at all a fan of Dragonball Z, Vegeta, or just awesome figures - pick this one up! They have recently gone back in stock at Amazon, so get your hands on it for US$47.96 while you can! [ A huge thank you to Bluefin Tamashii Nations for sending us this review sample! ]
SH Figuarts Vegeta photo
Can a scouter make all the difference?
Well, well, well... Look what the cat dragged in! It just happens to be my favorite Saiyan from Dragonball Z! The S.H. Figuarts Vegeta Saiyan Saga version arrived at my door, and I couldn't be more excited to take photos and ...

This S.H. Figuarts set will come with many accessories and weapons
It's already been revealed that one of Bluefin's SDCC exclusives will be a collector's set of the Power Rangers Super Samurai. Now they're releasing photos of each figure to give fans a better look at what they can get. Each...

Bluefin finally reveals one of their teasers
Last week, Bluefin Tamashii Nations teased fans about their SDCC exclusives by showing them behind a heavily frosted glass on their Facebook. While nothing could be really seen, from the colors of this tease, it was obvious ...

Dragon Ball  photo
Dragon Ball

You can't dodge this Bluefin tease of Piccolo

OK, technically not confirmed, but come on
Jun 13
// Martin Siggers
After kicking off their San Diego Comicon teases yesterday with something distinctly Sentai looking, Bluefin have hinted at their next reveal in much the same manner - an indistinct shot through heavily frosted glass. However...
Bluefin photo

Bluefin teases something Power Rangers-ey

All will be revealed at SDCC
Jun 12
// Martin Siggers
Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA have begun teasing what they're going to be bringing to San Diego Comicon and earlier today they threw up the above image on their Facebook page. Shot through heavily frosted glass, it's impossibl...
It's Kimberly!
Bandai continues getting their fans excited waiting for every new announcement. I was waiting all night to hear word on what figure was planned to be announced tonight, and when I saw the reveal I jumped. S.H. Figuarts Might...


Bandai set to release Figuarts Zero Super Saiyan Son Goku

The first in the Dragon Ball Z line, Goku can be yours in all his battle glory.
Mar 26
// Vanessa Cubillo
Dragon Ball Z fans rejoice! From Bandai/Tamashii Nations, your favorite characters will soon be a part of the Figuarts Zero statue line-up, starting with Super Saiyan Son Goku. This statue is highly detailed to show Goku's ba...
Opening up in 16 countries around the world, including U.S., Brazil, China, Italy, France, Spain
Tamashii Nations has just put up a new page today for it's international customers that's actually pretty helpful. It not only lists the familiar names like U.S. distributor Bluefin, but shows that Bandai has expanded the Tam...

MonsterArts Destroyah Evo photo
MonsterArts Destroyah Evo

MonsterArts Destroyah Evolution set to be sold in West

Evolution really is a mystery...
Jan 24
// Scarecroodle
Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA has announced via Facebook plans to make a former Asian web shop S.H. MonsterArts Destroyah Evolution set available to Western collectors.  The set will feature figures of three forms (crusta...

More radioactive Godzilla Monster Arts pre-orders

Aug 03
// Scarecroodle
Not seen at Tamashii Nations / Bluefin's Monster Arts booth at SDCC were two new Godzilla Monster Arts figures, namely Godzilla Junior and Burning Godzilla. Godzilla Junior seems to be a recreation of Godzilla's son in his aw...

How many more weeks is it until the San Diego Comic-Con? It is still more than a month away and the super-cool announcements just keep rolling in. This time, the information comes to us from Bluefin/ Tamashii Nations regardin...


WonderCon 2012: Bluefin Distribution

Mar 19
// Kristina Pino
Bluefin Distribution's booth (That's Bandai and Tamashii Nations worked into a maze of figure display cases) always seems swamped at events. I remember seeing it at Otakon and NYCC, and both times it was tough to get a good l...

Bluefin have just notified us that the Bluefin Tamashii Nations Facebook page has just updated with news on the next Tiger & Bunny Figuarts Zero figure coming to the U.S. It's Keith Goodman (a.k.a. Sky High) in his charac...


Toy Fair 2012: Bluefin/Tamashii Nations

Feb 17
// Brian Szabelski
Bluefin and Tamashii Nations (Bandai) were at Toy Fair 2012, and our Keith Polott spoke to Bandai/Tamashii Nations' Adam Newman at the booth. While what was on display might have been a lot of what we've seen before, there's ...

Figuarts Zero Barnaby Brooks coming to the U.S., sort of

Feb 06
// Natalie Kipper
As you may know, Barnaby Brooks Jr., of the anime sensation Tiger & Bunny, will be getting his own Figuarts Zero figure from Bandai. As a Tamashii Web Shop exclusive figure, one would assume the only way to purc...

Two new S.H.MonsterArts figures appear

Feb 03
// Brian Szabelski
As spotted by the eagle-eyed Esperkin, via the Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA Facebook page, next up in the S.H.MonsterArts line from Bandai is MOGUERA! You get MOGUERA's plasma beam cannon and spiral grenades in accessory form...

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