Tomopop Review: FREEing's μ-12

In a relatively short space of time, FREEing have established themselves as a solid middle ground manufacturer of figures. They may not be able to match the big boys like Alter, Kotobukiya or their parent, GoodSmile Company, but they have s...

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: Mass naked figure event

Hello and welcome back to a very busy Tomopop LinkUP! I suppose that title is worthy of a little explanation. You see, back in the heyday of anime fansubs there was a number of speed subbers that were notorious for their nonsensical transla...

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: Art is a blast!

Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Tomopop LinkUP! I hope people enjoyed the special Transformers edition of LinkUP I did last week, but now we're back to our regular routine. There's been a lot of stuff happening as of late wit...

Vertex Noel Vermillion photo

Vertex previews their Noel Vermillion figure

Vertex have a new preview of their Noel Vermillion figure on their blog, and she's not looking too bad. This is, of course, Noel's appearance from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, so it's a bit more adult of a look. Her cape gives her a nic...

D-Arts Noel photo

D-Arts Noel Vermillion blazes her way to pre-orders

We recently saw her at NYCC but now the D-Arts version of Blazblue's female lead Noel Vermillion is up for pre-order from all good stores. Noel's a little accessory light but you'll get her two trademark pistols along with effect parts...

NYCC '13: D-Arts photo

NYCC 2013: Tamashii Nations - D-Arts

New York Comic Con 2013 is officially in full swing and our very own Andres Cerrato is walking the floor! One of the booths he visited on the first day was Tamashii Nations, where, among other wonderful things, there is a D-Arts display. It...

Blazblue Ragna Nendoroid photo

Blazblue: Alter Memory contains Ragna Nendoroid Petit!

OH. MY. GOSH. I FINALLY have gotten something I've asked for for ages!! Sorry! Totally excited! -ahem- Yes! For those of you keeping tabs, Blazblue: Alter Memory is the new anime series based around the fighting videogame series, Blazblue. ...

Vertex Blazblue photo

Blazblue's Noel Vermillion by Vertex up for pre-order

We just saw her teased, and then shown off at Tokyo Game Show, but now you can get your pre-orders in for this blonde lady. She stands nearly 9.5 inches tall, which was a bit bigger than I expected. She's in 1/7th scale though, so she shoul...

D-Arts Blazblue Noel photo

D-Arts Noel Vermillion with Vertex ver. and Mu-12 at TGS

zatuyoP tweeted an image of all three versions of the figures, but MyFigureCollection posted an up close picture of her. I'll admit, I finally decently like a Noel Vermillion figure, and might contemplate buying the D-Arts version of her, e...

Preview Noel, more photos photo

Preview Vertex's hot Noel, now with a fuller gallery

Remember just a few days ago when Rio posted a gallery of the freshly painted Noel by Vertex? Well those photos were good but Vertex recently updated their blog with new, even more smoking images of her! I will be honest, I went from liking...

Vertex Blazblue photo

Vertex teases Blazblue Chronophantasma Noel in color

Well, she may not be my favorite character from the Blazblue series, but I can admit to a sculpt I like when I see one. We teased the full sculpt for her a while back, but now you can see a few bits and pieces in color. There are definitely...

Preview Vertex's Noel photo

Preview Vertex's Noel from BlazBlue

Vertex recently showed off a very cool prototype of Noel hailing from the ever popular fighting game BlazBlue (last seen at WonFes). I'm no expert on BlazBlue, but this sculpt of Noel looks to be the most epic sculpt that Vertex has attempt...


Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Vertex

We still have a few more posts from Wonder Festival to share and it seems the smaller companies still have some items to show off! Vertex has impressed many with their Mitsuru from Persona 4 Arena and it looks like their collaboration with ...


Nendoroid Petit Rachel is an exclusive pack-in

With a new Blazblue game due out this autumn, that can only mean one thing - hugely expensive exclusive pack in figures! OK, I guess that's not a cause for celebration but it does mean we get this adorable little Nendoroid Petit of the seri...


FREEing's Blazblue: Mu-12 figure up for pre-order!

Well, it only took a couple games, but Noel/Mu-12 finally has curves. FREEing may have helped out in that aspect just a bit, but whatever sells more figures so I can get to the characters I actually care about! I mean, come on. SERIOUSLY? N...


MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn: Hobby Japan

Hobby Japan brought a couple of Queen's Gate figures to MegaHobby Expo. We've seen both before but here's a chance to see them up close. We have the alternate color version of BlazBlue's Noel. She was in last month's magazine scans, and is ...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Vertex

It's always great to have more options when there are choices to be made. Like when a new manufacturer enters the market to bring new figures for us to be interested in. The latest is a company by the name of Vertex who made an appeara...


Noel returns with Hyakka Ryouran for Hobby Japan scans

Hobby Japan is all about exclusives but will sometimes brings us such figures we haven't seen anywhere else (which is partially disappointing). Their bread and butter has typically come from the Queen's Gate name of artwork. The latest in m...


Tomopop Review: Blazblue Jubei Plush

Any time I get to show my love for Blazblue it's a great day in my book. There are far too few of merchandise items for the phenomenal fighting game, especially over here in the United States. With the help of Aksys Games and Arc System Wor...


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