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figma Chariot photo

figma Chariot rides into pre-orders, demands macaroons

One of the many things I enjoyed about the Black Rock Shooter anime was the design of the superbly disturbed original character, Chariot. Though she's been out and about as a Nendoroid, her creepy character design was always better sui...

figmas in latest scans photo

More magazine scans mean more figma prototypes

Another month of magazine scans means another month of figmas, including some prototypes. One of the two that showed up was  figma Ganaha Hibiki, in almost the same pose we've seen her in during some of the events earlier this yea...

Black Rock Shooter photo

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: figma Chariot (tv ver)

On display at Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014 was a somewhat long-awaited figma Chariot (tv version) of Black Rock Shooter fame. The figma will apparently come with a sword and a gargantuan-sized wheel sure to drive the price up. Whil...

Black Rock Shooter photo

figma Strength tv ver. flexes muscles in preview gallery

Max Factory's upcoming figma Strength tv version has received a preview gallery. The figure was previously slated to release in January but since then has been bumped back to March. While I've never really jumped on the Black Rock Shooter b...

Nendoroid BGS photo

Cut your way to this Nendoroid Black Gold Saw preview

Good Smile have never been the most hasty of companies, and in her preview even Kahotan admits that it's been almost two years since the Black Rock Shooter animated series aired. Still, they're nothing if not thorough and now the final...

GSC Delays photo

Good Smile announces first delays of 2014

Good Smile Company has just announced their releases and their delays for January and it's a pretty regular month. Which is to say, there's a fair few delays, some of them disappointingly high profile. Probably the most notable re-schedulin...

Nendoroid Strength photo

Nendoroid Strength is quite a handful

The Black Rock Shooter craze peaked just as I was getting into figure collecting - in fact the original figma BRS was one of the first figmas I ever bought. Seeing the franchise continue on sure does take me back a ways! Kahotan's English b...

NYCC: Good Smile Company photo

NYCC 2013: Good Smile Company part 1

In this first round-up of Good Smile Company's showing at NYCC, we've got plenty of Attack on Titan merch on display in the way of figma and Nendoroids of Mikasa and Eren, and the Colossal Titan playset, along with some detail shots of Phat...

GSC Delays photo

Good Smile Company announces August delays

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Good Smile Company recently updated their website announcing the August release schedule, and well, you can already guess where this is going, right? Our monthly nemesis, the dreaded 'D,' has reared ...

WonFes Nendoroids Part 1 photo

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Nendoroids Part 1

Good Smile Company had so many Nendoroids on display this year at Wonfes that I couldn't pack all of them into one gallery post. Many of the ones on display are ones we have already written up pre-order notices for, such as Fate/Extra&...


Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Max Factory's figmas

Max Factory had a nice showing of figma at Wonfes this year. They had a beautiful flying figma of Amy from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet that I want to pre-order right now. Additionally figmas of Kristina and Okabe from Steins...

WonFes Teasers photo

Good Smile Company teases their WonFes reveals

With Summer WonFes only two days away, Mikatan has turned her camera on the Good Smile offices to capture the bustle of preparation. And wouldn't you know it, it looks like among all the rushing around some prototypes have sneaked onto came...

Black Rock Shooter photo

[UPDATED] Let's have a big hand for figma Strength

[Update: Pre-orders are go!] There had been worrying rumours that Max Factory was having trouble with the new TV Animation ver. of Strength from Black Rock Shooter, with some even saying that the figma might be cancelled altogether. Today t...

Anime Expo 2013 - GSC photo

Anime Expo 2013: Good Smile Company

Anime Expo may have ended but our coverage of the con certainly hasn't! Good Smile Company's booth was quite the attendee-magnet. The line to purchase GSC's two exclusive Nendoroids (more on that in a second) for sale wrapped around th...

Anime Expo 2013 photo

Anime Expo 2013: Good Smile Company's panel

Today over in somewhat-sunny Los Angeles, California, Anime Expo began its first day and one of its highlights was Good Smile Company's panel. You already heard some news from the panel in form of the Attack on Titan figures but lots of oth...

Anime Expo photo

GSC and MF have something big in store for Anime Expo

Going to Anime Expo this year? You won't want to miss what Good Smile Company has in store at the event. They're putting together a huge industry panel that is sure to please Japanese figure fans. The convention will be playing host to Good...


Good Smile Company announces June's roster of delays

Good Smile's monthly announcement of delays has become as regular as clockwork and sure enough a new press release indicates that June has not been spared either. In addition, Good Smile also sent out an email to all those who ordered WonFe...

Dead Master photo

Last look at figma Dead Master comes with a warning

figma blog posted a final gallery for their new Black Rock Shooter anime figma Dead Master for its release this week. There isn't a whole lot new to see here, though the figure definitely speaks for itself. There's a lot there that set...


Fate of figma Strength comes into question

Remember how awesome Wonder Festival 2013 Winter was with its torrent of figma goodness? Much of what appeared there has hit pre-orders and some have even been released already. But one figure in particular is suddenly seeing its release br...


Black Gold Saw TV Animation ver. figma, previewed

The most recent update to the figma blog was a quick preview of the upcoming figma Black Gold Saw TV Animation ver., slated for release quite soon -- sometime this month. This preview only really shows a couple of detail shots, and another ...


BRS' Chariot gets a gorgeous sculpt from Lizveil

A sculptor by the name of Lizveil has posted this original Chariot sculpt on fg-site, and wow, it looks pretty. Based on the Black Rock Shooter TV animation version of Chariot, it's oozing with detail, from the pointed crown upon her head t...


Good Smile announces some March delays

As collectors, there is one word we are all quite familiar with, delays. Not a month goes by where we don't encounter the dreaded "D," and this month is no exception, especially if you pre-ordered some items from Good Smile and Max Factory....


Win a Black Rock Chariot Nendoroid from Otacute

Starting today, Otacute is running a Facebook giveaway where three lucky entrants will each win a Black Rock Chariot (with Mary) Nendoroid. All that's required to enter is following the link, clicking an enter button, entering your contact ...


Nendoroid Chariot rides high and mighty

Before I go off to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder hopefully thrash the Lakers, I want to share some Mikatan with you. Mikatan's blog is so utterly joyful, it would be mean to deprive readers of her writing. Today she's previewing Nendoroid...

Hobby Maker Exhibition photo

A look at Hobby Maker Exhibition 2013 Winter

Mikatan has posted a little gallery of photos from the Hobby Maker Exhibition that follows Wonder Festival 2013, and to no one's surprise, it's mostly of Good Smile and Max Factory items.  There's some new stuff in here, and with all t...


This Insane Black Rock Shooter gallery hits the spot

However you may feel about black rocks and those who shoot them, you have to admit that the Black Rock Shooter franchise has led to some sensational character designs. Good Smile Company then turned them into sensational figures, as th...


The new Black Gold Saw gets a preview gallery

The next Black Rock Shooter gal to get a revised figma design is Black Gold Saw! The new look is based on the TV anime. I haven't seen it but the new designs do look pretty awesome. The old Black Gold Saw could look a bit drab due to, well,...


Here's a new figma Dead Master to preview

Everyone's favorite scythe-wielding Goth-loli has made a return to the world of figmas, and the figma blog has a nice preview gallery. This incarnation of Dead Master is from the Black Rock Shooter TV series, which I never saw. But it does ...


Nendoroid Dead Master is animated for Black Rock Shooter

With Black Rock Shooter running its course for figure releases, how can one make money off the title still? That's easy! Make figures for the anime TV Animation Black Rock Shooter! We've already seen Good Smile Company start doing this...


Good Smile kick off the Miyazawa Model Exhibition

Are you business interested in the latest products coming down the line that you can stock in your retail establishment? No? Well, pretend you are as Good Smile Company kicks things off with the latest Miyazawa Model Exhibition event. Mikat...


Yep, Plus Kareha's Black Rock Shooter is made of paper!

Let's just cut to the chase: Plus Kareha's custom Black Rock Shooter figure is said to be made 95% out of paper, the rest is probably electronics and her flame! Even the 13 ball joints and stands are made of paper! This is ea...


Good Smile scans has RAH Mami, swimsuit Rouna, more

Though we've some of what Good Smile Company has to offer at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival from last weekend, the latest magazine scans show that they still have some other products up their sleeve. The collaboration with Medicom To...


Here's what Good Smile has announced for their booth

As some of you remember, Good Smile Company will be attending their first U.S. event when they show up at New York Comic Con starting Thursday. So what's Good Smile officially announced they're bringing? The list goes as follows: Nendo...


Mikatan previews Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter

It seems like there's no slowing down the merchandizing juggernaut that is Black Rock Shooter. A variety of figmas and Nendoroids based on the franchise have come out. Now Mikatan has previewed the anime version of Black Rock Shooter. She's...


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Black Rock Shooter

Let's cut to the point. Black Rock Shooter is still very popular and still sees a ton of merch. With the anime giving a license to make them all again, that's what we've got with the franchise. So far tonight, there are the unveiling of sev...


Nendoroid Insane Black Rock Shooter gets a gallery!

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer is coming up before we know it, and although we've already seen the Insane Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid before, I'm loving this gallery from Akiba Hobby. While she will be ¥3,500, I think this would b...


Good Smile announces two WonFes 2012 Summer exclusives

With Wonder Festival 2012 Summer just over a month away, it's about time we heard about event exclusives, right? That's what Good Smile Company is doing on their Wonderful Hobby Life For You 16 page, revealing the first two earlier this mor...


Good Smile displays their products for Golden Week

Golden Week has been going on now for the past week in Japan with it coming to a close this weekend. From May 3, 2012 to May 6, 2012, Good Smile Company has taken to exhibiting their current and upcoming goods at the Kotobukiya Akihabara Bu...


BRS TV Animation ver. Nendoroid up for pre-order

As promised in our earlier preview post, the BRS Animation TV ver. is up for pre-order tonight! She comes with a flaming eye accessory and Black Blade; a hood accessory for her head; her Rock Cannon, which opens and closes as it does i...


Mikatan previews the BRS TV Animation version Nendoroid

New on Mikatan's blog this morning is a preview of the next Nendoroid release from Good Smile Company, Black Rock Shooter TV Animation version. Using the TV animation series' design as the base and sculpted by Manabu Katou, BRS TV Anim...


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