Threezero Berserk photo
Threezero Berserk

Threezero has Guts announcing Berserk 1/6 series

Things are going to get bloody
Feb 03
Threezero is getting ultra violent in the near future. They've announced on Instagram that they're currently in development of a 1/6 scale figure based on Berserk, the award winning, crazy popular, and super bloody manga... read
NYCC 2014 GSC photo

NYCC 2014: Good Smile Company

It's Turtle time!
Oct 10
We got the teaser just the other day, now we get to see the whole thing! It's fairly rare for Good Smile Company to tackle properties from the west (though that seems to be changing every event), but with recent efforts to gi... read
Wonder Festival photo
Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Nendoroid Batman, figma Leonidas and more

Jul 26
Wonder Festival 2014 Summer is here and Good Smile Company hit the ground running. We've got our first good look at the Nendoroid Batman that they hinted at and it looks quite good. Looks like he'll come with a Bat Signa... read
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Celebrating the new year with lots of anime figure news
Hello and welcome to the first Tomopop LinkUP of the new year! We're only two days into 2014 and there's already a lot to look forward to in the coming year. Hard to believe, but over at My Figure Collection they've already g... read feature

Berserk photo

figma Casca fights her way to a pre-order

Possibly beating your credit card in the struggle
Nov 19
Max Factory's figma Casca (Berserk), recently seen in a figma round-up, is currently up for pre-order. While I still haven't seen Berserk (despite having been aware of the anime for over a decade now), I've always had a weakn... read
Figma photo
Some figures look a lot different from when we last saw them
Another Japanese figure show means another crop of figma being put on display by Max Factory. While nothing shown at Miyazawa Model Expo Autumn 2013 was entirely new we are getting an updated look at some figures that we... read feature


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Under Good Smile's umbrella

Jul 29
Since the galleries were pretty condensed for Max Factory, FREEing, Gift and Wing, I just put them together to form up one big collection of awesomeness. Check out the gallery for these highlights: 1/7-scale Lineage II Elf a... read

Volume 37 of the Berserk manga comes with new figma Guts

Jul 10
Berserk fans have a lot to be happy about today. Not only have they gotten a figma of Guts and are soon to get one of Griffith, there's a new one on the way. Coming bundled with Volume 37 of the Berserk manga will be a new fi... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 19, 2012

Mar 20
After yesterday's disappointment, maybe your wallet will be much happier with today's selection from Reserve or Regret. You, however, might have different feelings after missing that money you don't have. Today brings trading... read

Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 12, 2012

Mar 13
Hey folks. Been a while, huh? Maybe too long. Yeah, way too long. It's time to ask that question that happens every time a new pre-order comes up: reserve or regret? This feature takes pre-orders from the day before and throw... read

The latest figma pre-order to hit stores is Berserk's Griffith, long, flowing hair and all! Having just gone up for pre-order this morning, Griffith comes a standard and confident expression, his helmet, a cloth mantle and hi... read feature


Good Smile Company reveals figma Griffith from Berserk

Jan 27
It's been a while since pre-orders opened for the surprising release of figma Guts from Berserk. And now a surpising follow up is coming as revealed on Good Smile Company's Nico Nico broadcast. It looks like Max Factory will ... read

Art of War's Berserk sculptures are more of a work of art than a war

Nov 19
Fantasy series Berserk is not a series you would think about in terms of the figure world. However, one company has stood by the title and has released many sculptures that remind me very much of the fantasy statues you would... read

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