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11:00 PM on 03.18.2014

Get Barbie ready for the renaissance faire with this Kickstarter

Barbie is known for having taken on a lot of jobs over the years, but soon she may be able to add roles like Greek goddess or medieval foot soldier to her resume. Thanks to a new Kickstarter called Faire Play launched recentl...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

9:00 PM on 03.10.2014

Custom Delights: This Michonne Barbie can slay any zombie

Peewee Parker is a talented fashion doll creator. One of their recent custom works is a Barbie doll that they turned into Michonne from The Walking Dead. It’s great how much this doll looks like Michonne. The clothes, ...

Vanessa Cubillo

7:00 AM on 03.06.2014

Lammily, the average-sized doll, is looking for funding

Many months back we had an op-ed titled, The War on Barbie: Assault of the ‘real woman’ fan-Barbie. In the article, Scarecroodle discusses artist, Nickolay Lamm’s project where he made a Barbie with the pro...

Vanessa Cubillo

10:00 PM on 02.13.2014

Sports Illustrated chooses Barbie for its swimsuit issue

I never thought that in my time here at Tomopop that I would write about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but yet here we are. The special issue, which gets people who don't have internet connections to buy print media,...

Andres Cerrato

The War on Barbie: Assault of the 'real woman' fan-Barbie photo
The War on Barbie: Assault of the 'real woman' fan-Barbie
by Scarecroodle

One of the great truths of the universe is that if something is known to exist then somebody out there will invariably hate it. And the more popular that thing is, the more hate it will attract. Rarely is that ever as true as in the case of a cultural icon like Barbie who has found herself under continual attack almost since her inception.

Usually these attacks come from all over, but today I'm going to take a moment to discuss the "real" woman re-interpretation that seems to pop up on a near-constant basis as the story is being slowly re-tweeted across the internet by people who missed it the first time.

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10:00 AM on 08.09.2013

Barbie in the galaxy: NASA and Mattel send Barbie to Mars

It looks like Barbie will be heading to space! NASA is teaming up with Mattel to release this special Mars Explorer Barbie. This Barbie was made to commemorate the anniversary of the Mars Curiosity Rover landing. She'll come...

Vanessa Cubillo

9:00 PM on 09.12.2012

Children's Museum picks top 100 toys as voted on by fans

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana recently held an online pole taking votes on the top 100 toys that define our childhoods. In a list that included everything from Silly Putty to the Jack-in-the-Box and gath...

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

11:00 AM on 06.28.2012

FemShep Barbie kills Reapers with a smile

If you talk to many Mass Effect fans, they'll tell you that their preferred way to play the game is with a female Shepard. It's hard to argue: Jennifer Hale's performance as FemShep is fantastic. Even though she sha...

Pedro Cortes

9:00 PM on 05.29.2012

Cthulu Barbie won't give you body image issues

You know, I was never really intimidated by traditional artists' renditions of Cthulu. A giant green squid monster? This is the thing that's supposed to be the stuff of my nightmares? Please. I beat down Malboros all the time...

Tianxiao Ma

12:00 PM on 04.02.2012

Think Geek's April Fool's Day section is a trap!

Think Geek always has outrageously brilliant April Fool's Day products and this year is definitely one of their best. The site had clever clothing items as well as toys, which are what I am here to enlighten you abo...

Natalie Kipper

A Barbie made for a cure photo
A Barbie made for a cure
by Andres Cerrato

Subjects like cancer are especially difficult to explain to children, even more so how to cope. For a pair of friends, there is something that could be done. Friends Rebecca Sypin and Jane Bingham have come together to pitch an idea to Mattel that could help with such issues. The two have created a Facebook page to push for the creation of a bald version of the iconic Barbie doll.

As with anything, there are cynics out there. There are those who say that you could just simply shave the hair off an existing Barbie. Anyone who's had a brother can tell you that you will not get the look you're aiming for. Also, some have criticized the idea of it as it detracts from people directly contributing to cancer-related charities. It has to be pointed out though that sadly, most of the population is unaware of how the disease affects people's lives, let alone the teaching tool it can provide to younger kids.

Personally speaking, I love this idea. After having to deal with cancer in my family, as I'm sure many of us have known someone afflicted by it, any thing that can help those understand what's going on will be beneficial. I would love to see Mattel actually do something that would be empowering with Barbie that isn't a career.

[Via Associated Press]

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