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Mortimer and Oliver photo
Mortimer and Oliver

Under the Radar: Circus Posterus' Mortimer and Oliver

Pre-orders open for vinyl figures based on classic characters
Jun 18
// Brian Szabelski
In case you didn't know, Brandt Peters' Mortimer and Kathie Olivas' Oliver figures (first revealed last September) are still up for pre-order in the Circus Posterus shop. Produced under the Artoyz Original banner by Paris sho...

Le Carnaval des Spectres arrives at Artoyz tonight

Sep 13 // Brian Szabelski
Right, so there's quite a few exclusive pieces on sale tonight. Those include: Custom Stans from Travis Louie, all hand-customized one-offs for US$950 each. They've even got ... wait for it ... TINY HATS. The Blue Mist Kuma from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters, making its official debut at the show. These will be in a limited run of 66 pieces overall for US$300, with only 5 at the show. Oh, and did I mention that skull glows in the dark? Because it does. Also from Kathie and Brandt, we have the Grieving Greeter, the newest production run of this sculpt since July 2011. Like the Kuma, only 5 will be at the show, and 30 are being made in total for US$250 at retail. Details on how to get the other 25 will be available on The Sideshow, the Circus Posterus forums. The one piece that really caught my eye was Teodoru Badiu's Dark Wippo, which is a 5-inch-tall resin piece that looks splendidly menacing ... and cute. This little guy is in the same situation as the Greeter: only 5 will be at the show, and 30 are being made in total and details on how to get the other 25 will be available on The Sideshow. They'll be selling for US$135, which isn't that bad of a price considering the material and size. And yes, we're saving the biggest and best news for last. Le Carnaval Des Spectres will be the debut of two entirely new Circus Posterus family vinyl figures in collaboration with Artoyz! First, Kathie Olivas' Oliver, also known as Batboy, is finally making the jump to 3-D! He'll come with two bird companions and his mask and cape, ready to cause all kinds of chaos. Oliver will be 6 inches tall, to boot. And then, there's the damn narwhal. From Brandt Peters' Carnies mini-figure series with Kidrobot comes Mortimer the Mortician, tiny hat and all. He's got a straight razor and a bottle of Toxico in his hands, according to the CP blog, and he's "thrice the size". Given that the Carnies were 3-inch-tall mini-figures, that should place Mortimer at ... 9 inches?!?! I have a feeling that he's supposed to actually be about 6 inches tall and that's a bit of a miscalculation (9 inches is HUGE), but we'll see when we see some photos of Mortimer.  [QUICK UPDATE: Amy from Circus Posterus has told me my gut feeling was correct on Mortimer. He's 6 inches tall, twice the size of the Carnies figure.] So that's the rundown for the big news from Le Carnaval Des Spectres. All of these pieces that aren't sold or prototypes will be on sale around 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern today at Artoyz's shop. Anyone see anything that's caught their eye?
Show features new works from Circus Posterus artists
Tonight is the opening of a rather big show in Paris, called Le Carnaval Des Spectres. Why so big? The show features most of the Circus Posterus family (specifically Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Spayd, T...

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