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2:00 PM on 04.22.2014

WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya's Spring Preview panel, Part 2

Now that you all have had a chance to read over Part One of our coverage of Kotobukiya's Spring Preview 2014 panel, let's move on to the second half. While the first portion jumped between several different fandoms, the majority of this one is all about comics, comics, and more comics. Read on and you'll see what I mean.

Natalie Kipper


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WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya's Spring Preview panel, Part 1 photo
WonderCon 2014: Kotobukiya's Spring Preview panel, Part 1
by Natalie Kipper

For a toy collector, if you only attended one panel at last weekend's WonderCon, it was Kotobukiya's Spring Preview. They had licensing announcements. They had prototypes. They had concept art a plenty. Heck, they even had a very generous raffle! So much awesomeness is impossible to contain within a mere one post and thus this panel's summary has been split into two posts. The anime, Star Wars, and gaming news can be found here and the rest will be in part two. For now, don't worry so much about that. Just read on and take in the excitement.

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9:00 AM on 04.12.2014

Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Thor looks less than divine

Kotobukiya has released a photo gallery for its upcoming Marvel Now! Avengers ArtFX+ Thor and... his face looks pretty bad. The 1/10-scale statue is the fifth entry in Kotobukiya's Avengers ArtFX+ line-up and follows Hawkeye ...


Kotobukiya unveils ARTFX J Levi from Attack On Titan photo
Kotobukiya unveils ARTFX J Levi from Attack On Titan
by Martin Siggers

We've sung the praises of Kotobukiya's ARTFX J version of Eren Jaeger to the high heavens - it's simply the most stunning Attack On Titan figure yet seen. Now though Kotobukiya is going to challenge themselves, as they've taken the wraps off of a matching version, this time of dour elder statesman Levi.

Still only a grey prototype at this stage, the early production can't hide the dynamism of the figure, which is posed even more extravagantly than Eren. Levi is bent nearly double as he leaps off his tree trunk base, swords in hand. As with Eren, there's a real sense of frantic movement, and the fine detailing is immense. Check out the way his jacket hangs off him, or great touches like the broken sword embedded in the tree base.

There's no further details to be had at this moment, but the Kotobukiya blog promises they'll show off a coloured sample as soon as possible. The shot of Eren and Levi posed alongside each other is a tantalising prospect for those who already have the first figure on order, and I'd have to imagine a lot of people will be sold on this preview alone. Does that include you readers?

[ via Kotobukiya's blog ]

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Kotobukiya's ARTFX J Eren Jaeger soars to pre-orders photo
Kotobukiya's ARTFX J Eren Jaeger soars to pre-orders
by Martin Siggers

Although there's been a colossal flood of Attack On Titan merchandise hitting the market, few figures have looked better or been more eagerly anticipated than Kotobukiya's ARTFX J version of protagonist Eren Jaeger. Well today the first part of the wait is over, as he's gone up for pre-order.

I said back when we saw him at Wonder Festival that I loved the grace and motion of the figure, and that's only more true now we see him in full colour. The pant job also brings out the wonderful intricacies in his clothing as well as that gorgeous base. Put simply, he's the best Attack On Titan figure yet and fans owe it to themselves to have him. Given the craft on display, ¥11,000 seems practically reasonable, and he'll come swinging into homes this August. Hit the links below before Titans (that is, other collectors) eat this one up.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | AmiAmi (with bonus Survey Corps hand towel)CD Japan | Big in Japan ]

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9:08 PM on 03.07.2014

Kotobukiya shows prototype of ARTFX Wonder Woman

At NY Toy Fair, Kotobukiya showed a picture in their display of the prototype for ARTFX Wonder Woman. Even though there was no actual figure there, it was nice to see a glimpse of the next statue in their DC line. Today on t...

Vanessa Cubillo

2:00 AM on 02.27.2014

New Prince of Tennis ARTFX J Shiraishi Kuranosuke Gallery

Shiraishi Kuranosuke, remember that name. Why? He's hot, and he plays tennis. No further questions needed. This young man is featured in Kotobukiya's ARTFX J line they've been doing for New Prince of Tennis, and is looking mi...

Rio McCarthy

6:40 PM on 02.19.2014

Kotobukiya announces ARTFX+ Rocket Raccoon

Have you seen the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy yet? Odds are you have because you're on the internet. If you liked what you saw and are already clamoring for merch and Hasbro's weren't enough, Kotobukiya will be fillin...

Andres Cerrato

Tomopop LinkUP: Mass naked figure event photo
Tomopop LinkUP: Mass naked figure event
by Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hello and welcome back to a very busy Tomopop LinkUP! I suppose that title is worthy of a little explanation. You see, back in the heyday of anime fansubs there was a number of speed subbers that were notorious for their nonsensical translations. In one case a line in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex talking about children being abducted by the mafia was translated as "Are you aware of the frequent occurrences of the mass naked child events within the country?" by a particularly awful fansub group. For a time the phrase "mass naked child events" became a meme referring to terrible translations.

When you think about it, Wonder Festival really is a mass naked figure event. Let's face it, most of the figures we'll be drooling over the pictures of this weekend probably won't be wearing a lot of clothes. And yes, some of them will indeed be naked, or pretty near it, especially if some of the previews in this edition of LinkUP is anything to go by. Plus we've got some other stuff to gawk at like videos, an interview, and various other things all after the jump!

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2:00 AM on 01.28.2014

Did Kotobukiya hit the mark with the ArtFX+ Hawkeye?

Kotobukiya has released a gallery for its upcoming ArtFX+ Hawkeye (currently available for pre-order). Hawkeye is part of the Marvel Now! Avengers line-up for which we've previously seen painted photos of the Hulk, Black Wido...


Feeling less than patriotic over ArtFX+ Captain America photo
Feeling less than patriotic over ArtFX+ Captain America
by Scarecroodle

Kotobukiya has unveiled the rest of their recently teased painted ArtFX+ Avengers Now Captain America with a new photo gallery and... I really don't like this design. Kotobukiya has done a solid job in presenting the character, but the core design it's based on (the Marvel Now! version) is just so goofy.

Granted, parts of the figure still look great but it's hard to get used to the design as a whole. I probably should have curbed my enthusiasm earlier in the process but the unpainted prototype looked good and Kotobukiya gave us a great teaser photo which made me forget the reality of how wonky this design was. The greatest irony, of course, being the fact that it looks worse painted DESPITE Kotobukiya having done a great job on the paint. The whole situation is certainly driving me somewhat crazy especially since, in Marvel's defense (ie, the people at fault for the design), the decision to give Captain America something resembling padded armor makes a lot of sense. It does, however, leave me without somebody to really blame.

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12:00 PM on 11.26.2013

Stars & Stripes forever! ArtFX+ Captain America teased

Kotobukiya has posted a teaser image for its upcoming ArtFX+ Captain America (previously seen unpainted at SDCC) alongside the caption, “It only takes one to rise for others to follow.” The figure is based on Capt...