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12:00 AM on 09.19.2014

Here's Aquamarine's Koki Yamoto in full color

Koki Yamoto hails from the Japanese novel series Ninja Slayer. And, well, she certainly looks like a slaying kind of person. I don't really have much to go on because of the rather plain design, so I'll just go ahead and writ...

Tianxiao Ma

Aquamarine's Remilia and Flandre Scarlet share a preview gallery photo
Aquamarine's Remilia and Flandre Scarlet share a preview gallery
by Scarecroodle

The AmiAmi blog has previewed Aquamarine's upcoming Remilia and Flandre Scarlet (from the bullet-hell series Touhou Project).

While I'm usually a fan of anything Flandre when it comes to Touhou, the Remilia seems a bit cuter this time around and so I find myself preferring the less secret bossy sister. That said, both look pretty good. They may not be the best figures that we've seen for either character given the abundance of merchandise out there, but that's not to say that they aren't solid additions to the mountain of Touhou products.

Both figures are slated for a November release and will each run you around ¥9,180.

[ Pre-order Remilia | Flandre at AmiAmi ]

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1:00 PM on 07.27.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Aquamarine

Just look at the banner!! There's a figure of Chaika from Hitsugi no Chaika! That should be all you need from the Aquamarine booth! But in the interest of fairness, there are a few other items worthy of note on display as wel...

Chris Seto

11:00 AM on 03.03.2014

Aquamarine's Akane Isshiki is her best rendition

We'd been following the production of this figure back when Grizzry Panda started working on it and she was just another garage kit. And somewhere down the line, Aquamarine picked her up for a production run, and she looks ab...

Kristina Pino

1:00 PM on 12.13.2013

Aquamarine's Rensouhou-chan firing off some cuteness

Aquamarine has a new soft vinyl figure out, and of all things, it's of Rensouhou-chan from Kantai Collection. Yes, from the show of boats-of-war-as-girls comes a little, chibi, sentient cannon that Shimakaze happens to o...

Brian Szabelski

Preview Aquamarine's Gumi Extend photo
Preview Aquamarine's Gumi Extend
by Jon Wills

Akibahobby recently posted photos on their blog that they took of Aquamarine's Gumi Extend. While I find this version of Gumi to be bright and eye catching I can't help myself but to sigh and wish that a company were to pull off a truly creative Gumi collectible that would make me squee and declare that I must own it.

I'm a big fan of  Megumi Nakajima, the voice behind Gumi, and maybe it's just me, but Gumi just feels like a shadow of her actress while other Vocaloids seem to have been blown up to be bigger than who their voice was based on. Don't get me wrong, I like Gumi's music more than most other Vocaloids but I feel that somehow she missed out on her potential as to what greatness she could have been. Would it be too much to ask for a figurine of Gumi that would be as sweet and inventive as say, GSC's Deep Sea Girl? Or maybe as bold as GSC's Love is War Miku? I know that Gumi has more potential that has yet to be tapped and to be frank I don't think that Aquamarine's Extend Gumi is the way to do that.

If you do like this one, you should head over here to pre-order her. Or go over to Akibahobby's blog to check out more photos and decide for yourself if you are a fan of her or not.

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2:00 PM on 10.05.2013

Show off your love for Gumi with another pre-order!

Gumi's been getting a fair bit of steam in the Vocaloid world, and what better way to show it than not one, but two recent figures of the perky singer? Aquamarine isn't going to be left out in the wake of Kotobukiya's recent ...

Emily Smalara

9:00 AM on 08.22.2013

Hobby Search is holding a bargain bin sale

Remember the recent sale on Alter characters over at AmiAmi? Well, these loveable ladies and more must not be selling well because they are now in Hobby Search's latest bargain bin! Of course this is a great thing for co...

Jon Wills

2:00 AM on 07.29.2013

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Cafe Reo

Cafe Reo's booth had items from other manufacturers on display along with some smaller trinkets of their own. The major things to highlight start with the new Vocaloid Gumi 1/8-scale figure by Aquamarine. It's certainly a cut...

Tianxiao Ma

Tomopop Review: Aquamarine's IA photo
Tomopop Review: Aquamarine's IA
by Emily Smalara

I've been a fan of Vocaloid since Miku stood alone, and sounded like a bad word processor synthesizer at the best of times. The software's come a long way, and a lot of fellow singers have been added at times, but none have struck me like the gorgeous Vocaloid3, IA. Her voice and design really resonated with me, and it's no surprise as to why in regards to the former. IA's voicebank happened to be provided by the angelic voiced Lia, who anime fans may be familiar with from such songs as the themes from Air, Clannad, Angel Beats, and more.

Amongst all of the Vocaloids, IA quickly took the spot as my favorite despite her fairly small US following when compared to even some lesser members like Gumi or Luka. So when I saw that Aquamarine would be giving us fans a proper PVC of the ethereal singer, I had to have her in my collection. While I jumped at the chance to review her, I'd heard some rumblings about Aquamarine and potentially questionable quality. From photos she still looked gorgeous, but you'll have to hit the jump to find out if she topped the charts, or didn't even pass auditions!

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Break into song for this Gumi preview! photo
Break into song for this Gumi preview!
by Emily Smalara

It's not odd to see a new Vocaloid figure, though with the multitudes of new characters showing up, it's hard to give them all due attention. Fortunately that's changing at least a little, as Aquamarine will be bringing us this upcoming Gumi, who looks just adorable.

Out of all the default, pre-Append Vocaloids, I've always loved Gumi's voice. I've always found it to sound very natural compared to many, though she's seemed to be less popular compared to characters like the Kagamines, Luka, or, naturally, Miku. I'm definitely glad to see her getting some PVC love, and it certainly captures her bright, sunny disposition and coloring!

There's no price set yet unfortunately, but it seems like a Summer release is planned--rather fitting for the character, to say the least. We'll certainly be keeping an eye out for any upcoming news!

[via Aquamarine]

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1:00 AM on 09.21.2012

Vocaloid IA dances quickly over to pre-orders

As promised, Aquamarine's new Vocaloid figure of lovely IA is now up for pre-order! While I enjoy Vocaloid in general, IA stole my heart from the first day she popped up on the scene. From her appearance to her music, I loved...

Emily Smalara