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Wonder Festival 2016 Summer: Aoshima

Jul 28
// Chris Seto
Aoshima are better known for their scale models of historical war vehicles so there might not be so much of interest for figure collectors but there were a few on display. Rather unsurprisingly, Aoshima went heavy on the KanC...
WonFes Aoshima photo
WonFes Aoshima

Wonder Festival 2016 Winter: Aoshima

Going all-in on Kantai Collection
Feb 08
// Tianxiao Ma
It looks like more Kantai Collection stuff is coming from Aoshima, who showed off a few prototypes at Wonder Festival. The biggest crowd pleasers will probably be Shoukaku and her tsundere sister ship Zuikaku. Although it's t...
Funny Knights Kongou photo
Funny Knights Kongou

Aoshima's Kongou is almost ready for tea time

Wow! Congratulations!
Apr 23
// Tianxiao Ma
Let me tell you something about Kongou: she is the best. Period. The Kantai Collection anime cemented her as one of my favorite female characters in recent memory; her scenes are hilarious, and she's basically the Gaptain Gin...
FunnyKnights Amatsukaze photo
FunnyKnights Amatsukaze

Expand your fleet with FunnyKnights' Amatsukaze

Then maybe go ahead and sink that fleet
Aug 22
// Tianxiao Ma
Actually I don't have anything against KanColle. Just as I'm a fan of Strike Witches, I can't help but to like yet another property featuring moe anthropomorphized versions of military vehicles. However it has been difficult ...

Tomopop Review: Aoshima Haganai NEXT Sena Kashiwazaki

Jun 11 // Rio McCarthy
Figure Name: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Sena KashiwazakiFigure Manufacturer: Aoshima / FunnyKnightsRetail Price: ¥7,600Previously Available At: HobbyLink Japan Here we have a quick look at the box. That's really all there is to it. It's a box, and there are a few windows on it. You can see the most from the front window, but there are also windows on the side and top. The images of the box are of the figure itself with and without the shirt you can put on her. Here we see her plastic packaging. She comes with an extra face, as well as her shirt accessory you can have her wear. The first thing Sena wanted to do was go for a swim. Well... I live in Missouri, we don't exactly have beaches in the part I live in. We went for the next best thing; the bathtub. I mean... the REALLY cool porcelain swimming pool. -cough- In the picture above you can see the seam in her hair where it is able to be removed to change her face. It definitely bugs me when viewed from the wrong angle, but it's usually not nearly so visible. She has.. really big boobies for being a school student. I won't lie, I'm kinda jealous! She also has a super cute light blue bikini that has a couple flowers here and there. It also has golden yellow ties and accents along the edges. Here she is from behind, and there is not much to that bikini at all. Granted, it's a bikini so I guess there wouldn't be. However what IS there, is my favorite term I've coined, the butt cleavage. As in previous Sena figures, the butt cleavage is definitely present. Sena finally decided to get out of the bath--er.. 'swimming pool' and hang out on a towel for a while. She didn't do a very good job of drying herself off, but you can get a good look at how well her tummy is sculpted and shaded. You can also see the gold bracelets she's wearing on her left arm. Her feet are really well sculpted with the individual toes, as well as the different areas of her feet. You can also see the wrinkles and folds in her bikini in this shot as well, and you can see how nice the ties on the side of her bottoms  look. Uh oh.. It looks like we have a visitor to our towel. Well, hello! It's my cat, Mija! After jumping into the water in the bathtub he wanted to dry his paws off as well. Then he got comfy and glared at me like, "Why aren't you moving off my towel, mom? Jeez..." Needless to say, we scooted over a bit, because Mija's definitely the boss of the house, even if he is the sweetest cat I know. I think what bothers me most about the figure is the hair. I really like how well everything else is detailed, but the hair just seems a little blobby to me. It's really apparent in angles like this where the hair is removed for changing the face. This may just be my actual copy not pushing in as far as it should or something, but I'm not sure. Going a bit lower you can see her well sculpted midsection, as well as her legs. I actually really like how her legs look. The fold where her leg bends looks really nice and looks pretty realistic to me. Here you get it all, side boob, butt cleavage and blobby hair. I do like how the hair is sculpted with the strand texture at the top, but this is one of the first figures I haven't been super thrilled with the hair yet. Usually I'm pretty forgiving on it. It's definitely not the worst I've seen, but I'm also not completely feeling it. Though you can see her little dimples on her lower back in this shot, which is a nice touch. I love her butterfly hair clip though! I'd love to have one like that. It's really pretty and brings a smile to my face. Well, here's an awkward shot. Are you going to stare at her boobs, or at her half hexagon head once her bangs are taken off? You decide! You can also see the seam on her shoulder, which isn't visible when her hair is there. This is Sena's alternate face, and she almost looks like she's going, "Who, me?" with the way her hand is on her chest. However, I don't like this face as much as I do the one with the slight smile. She already looked older than she is in the figure to begin with, but she looks even a couple years older still with this face. Then again, she also looks a little soulless at the wrong angles too. This is one of the more soulless angles, but you get a look at the button-up shirt you can put on her. Let me tell you... This takes some holding your mouth just right to get it on there. It's a tight fit, and I sure didn't notice anything to take apart to make it any easier, so you kind of work your way around her with it. You'll start with one arm and get it wrapped around and then move around to the back and then the other arm. Her hair does seem to fit better with this face than the other one though, so that's a plus! Yeah, so your butt shot is pretty awkward, I won't lie, but I wanted to show that the detail didn't just stop with what you can see. Her legs look great, and they included the muscles to the butt from her thighs, which is sculpted very nicely. Her bikini bottoms even have folds on the bottom of the figure as well. This is how I will be displaying Sena, and I wonder how the rest of you would be as well. In addition to my first Sena figure, this was my first experience with Aoshima and FunnyKnights figures as well. It was a great first impression, honestly! I hope to see more figures in person of theirs again in the future. [ A huge thanks to HobbyLink Japan for sending us this review sample! ]
Aoshima's Haganai Sena photo
Life's a splash, let's go to beach!
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (or Haganai for short) is an anime series I've actually wanted to watch for quite a while, and after finally having a Sena Kashiwazaki figure in my own hands, I think it's darn near time. This spl...

Kantai Collection photo
Kantai Collection

Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2014: Lots of KanColle from lots of KanCompanies

Check out who's jumping on the Kantai Collection boat
Apr 09
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
If you're a Kantai Collection fan you're probably feeling pretty good right about now and maybe a little overwhelmed by all of the new figures coming out. The series is quickly turning into the next Hatsune Miku or K-ON! and ...
Aoshima Kan Colle photo
Aoshima Kan Colle

Aoshima making Kan Colle mini-figures and more

Get ready for some more boats-as-girls merch
Sep 23
// Brian Szabelski
Aoshima's Kuma Blog has a new post up, in which they've announced that they're making mini-figures of the girls from Kan Colle (a.k.a. Kantai Collection). What makes this notable is that ... well, Aoshima mostly focuses ...
I like the colors and fine detail sculpt.
Ever hear of Aoshima's Master Piece line? Well if you have not I do not blame you. All of the characters in the line are original creations designed by different people and are often named after the people who designed the ch...


Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Aoshima

Accessories for your poseable figures and some mature figures coming in 2013 from this model maker.
Nov 06
// Jonathan Tubbs
Whenever I look at my poseable figures, I always think to myself "it sure would be nice if I had a cool set to display them on or a sweet ride for them to drive." This is where model maker Aoshima comes in. Though they do foc...

All Japan Mokei Hobby Show 2012: Aoshima

It's a blast from the past with Deloreans, Airwolf and Thunderbirds!
Oct 17
// Brian Szabelski
If there was a theme from Aoshima's booth besides its car model kits, it'd have to be old-school. That starts with the 1/24-scale Super Detail Kit Deloreans from the Back to the Future trilogy, which were all at the booth and...

HobbyLink Japan previews the All Japan Mokei Hobby Show

New kits include an amazing 1/1500-scale Arcadia from Hasegawa
Oct 05
// Brian Szabelski
Our friends at HobbyLink Japan have been preparing a little preview of the All Japan Mokei Hobby Show 2012, running the same weekend (Oct. 13-14) as New York Comic Con. Easily the most impressive of the bunch is Has...

[NSFW] Aoshima's Strawberry Ninja looks luscious indeed

Aug 17
// Tianxiao Ma
Aoshima teased this Strawberry Ninja/Ichigo Shinobi figure at WonFes but it seems there was actually a painted prototype already in the works. Hobby Channel has a post with a few more shots of the prototype, showing off illus...

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Aoshima

Jul 30
// Kristina Pino
While Aoshima's wares remain relatively new unfamiliar territory for me (although we have posted up some of their stuff before, namely adorable roach girls), I definitely like what I'm seeing in this batch of pictures. First ...

This plush of Apo from Uchu Kyodai is out of this world

Jun 30
// Natalie Kipper
Uchu Kyodai (or Space Brothers, if you please) stars an adorable frisky Pug named Apo. Oh, and two brothers also. But seriously, it's a puppy! Just look at those big, expressive eyes. That lolling tongue. My heart cannot take...

You wouldn't mind this cute plamo cockroach in your house

May 19
// Hiroko Yamamura
I'm not familiar with the doujinshi Goki-cha, which this adorable little insect girl comes from. However, I can say that I find her really adorable! I can't believe I just said I find a cockroach cute. The...

50th Shizuoka Hobby Show: Aoshima's 1/2000-scale Enterprise-D

May 11
// Brian Szabelski
I'm not really much of a big Star Trek fan at all, save for one thing in particular: Star Trek: The Next Generation. Perhaps it was my dad's doing (he used to watch the series from time to time when I was younger), but Picard...

Let's go to NHK's News Watch 9's Haru-chan for today's forecast on plush

Nov 03
// Jonathan Tubbs
Making things cute. One would consider it a requirement from Japan. After all, we saw an emoticon turned into a cute cushion earlier today. NHK's News Watch 9 has embraced the cute and have created their own super deformed ma...

Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2010 Spring: Aoshima, Art Storm, Hobby Japan, New Line, and more

Mar 17
// Jonathan Tubbs
Yesterday, the Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2010 Spring business to business trade show was held with several figure and model manufacturers displaying their current and upcoming goods to business customers. Several of the produ...

FunnyKnights feels your desktop could use a little more ladies missing their clothes [NSFW]

Jan 07
// Jonathan Tubbs
If I were in a life or death situation that had me choosing between Queen's Blade figures and Ikkitousen figures, I would have to go with Queen's Blade. With that series, there is usually a little more variety in the choices ...

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