SDCC 2014: Andrew Bell

SDCC 2014: Andrew Bell

Heroes, villains, and of course, dead zebras
Jul 26
Andrew Bell's works once again took up SDCC residence inside the Dumbrella booth, with this year's exclusive being another set of Heroes and Villains Androids. The green, black, and gray set featured two sets of heroes and vi... read
DKE Toys Infected Android

DKE Toys begins its SDCC news with Infected Android

Powered by Scott Wilkowski's spooky skeletons
Jul 01
With San Diego Comic Con just a few weeks away, the booth exclusives are coming out of the woodwork for DKE Toys. Starting things off is Scott Wilkowski's Infected Android, available in red, orange, smoke grey and blue colorw... read
Designer vinyl

Evilos customized the Android I'm looking for

Cutest Artoo
Feb 24
[update: added some more images to the gallery] Evilos has recently Instagrammed the image below of a stunning custom job he did on a mega Android, making it look like R2D2. "Mega" here means the Android is 9 and 3/4-inches ... read

The Bots bring us the Anti-Cupid

Love stinks, and this new Android custom agrees
Feb 03
Think love is stupid? Well, so does the latest creation from Jenn and Tony Bot, The Anti-Cupid. A series of five 4-inch custom Androids, The Anti-Cupid has that polymer clay outer shell that The Bots' style uses so much, alon... read

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Year of the Horse Android

Bring yourself good luck and add to your Android collection
Jan 28
By now I look forward to seeing Andrew Bell’s holiday themed Androids. After the release of the Christmas Ornamental Androids, he will be releasing a special figure to celebrate Chinese New Year. Since the new year wil... read

Make your tree special with these Ornamental Androids

Grab these limited figures on December 10
Dec 09
Now that it’s the Christmas season, it’s time for another special holiday release from Dead Zebra. Andrew Bell will be releasing holiday Ornamental Android minis. I’m always a sucker for these special holid... read

DesignerCon 2013: Andrew Bell and Gary Ham

Wooper Loopers, Androids, and more
Nov 11
For this event, Andrew Bell shared a table with Gary Ham at booth #703. Andrew Bell showed some new stuff like his Dealmaker “Blueblood” edition with MPHlabs. He also brought along some older stuff like Groobs, Z... read

MaloApril shows new custom Dia de Los Muertos Android

A love for Dia de Los Muertos and a love for art
Jul 29
April Elliott, also known as MaloApril, is an artist who specializes in customizing figures in the Dia de Los Muertos style. Her latest work is a custom Dia de Los Muertos Android. Painted in white with yellow roses and desi... read
SDCC 2013: Dumbrella

SDCC 2013: Dumbrella

Works from Andrew Bell
Jul 27
Andrew Bell was once again hanging out at the Dumbrella booth for SDCC, and this year, he didn't have as much on the designer toy side. Both the exclusives were colorways of previously released pieces. One was a blue variant ... read
The blind boxed series will be available at Dragatomi's booth
Monster lovers (and haters) will adore Mikie Graham's SDCC-exclusive blind boxed set, Android Hunters versus Dunny Monsters. The series re-imagines Dracula, Frankenstein, and a Werewolf as Dunny figures with the Androids as m... read feature

Lucky or not, these cats are still cute
The lucky cat is known as a Japanese figure of good fortune. Placed in the home, or your place of business, depending on the color, these cats were thought to give you luck in specific areas of your life. Now, Dead Zebra has... read feature

Teru Fujita's Androids are more than meets the eye

No, they're not Transformers-themed, but they're still just as cool
May 13
The latest Tenacious Toys Super Series Sundays release is out, and it's a series of custom 3-inch Androids from Teru Fujita. The initial appearance of the figure is that of a regular DIY Android, so there has to be something ... read
Custom Androids

Mikie Graham's Mechanized Mad Men are brilliant

Celebrate history's geniuses with this custom Android set
May 10
Mikie Graham will be honoring some of history's more quirky minds with his upcoming custom Android series, Mechanized Mad Men. The release marks Mikie's first entry into the realm of blind boxes. The seven figures in the set ... read

Check out Hitoshi Mitani's latest custom Androids

Some are out of this world
Apr 20
It's been a bit since we've shown off any work from Hitoshi Mitani, but he's been hard at work on his custom Androids. Among the cusotms he's made are some Kill Bill-inspired Androids, a "magical girl and kitten" that's clearly Kiki and Jiji; some cool metallic cyborg Android customs; and Chrome Man, a sentai-styled hero.  Check out more at Hitmit's Flickr. Which customs are your favorites? read
You could win rare, custom, and full cases of Android figures.
This Easter, Google+ user Jim Long wants to fill your baskets with more than just chocolate. Long is holding a major Android giveaway with prizes from many sponsors like VinylRiot, Tenacious Toys, and Fuller Designs. To... read feature

Android Lucky Cats are looking to bring you great fortune

Pre-order is now available for buyers to own a lucky cat
Mar 12
Need some luck in your life? Now available for pre-order is the Android Lucky Cat series by designer Shane Jessup and produced by Dead Zebra Inc. There are 12 different lucky cats for you to choose from, coming in traditiona... read

TazX shares his newest customs, check 'em out!

Shall this Dunny and these Androids tickle your fancy?
Feb 05
The King of Rusty Robots is back again. This time TazX has a new Dunny, as well as two new Androids. We'll start with the Armored Warrior 3 inch Dunny, which has splattered blood on his helmet, as well as a couple of differen... read

Get festive with Andrew Bell's Chinese New Year Android

Releasing tomorrow in very limited quantities!
Jan 23
Quick quiz: What year is it? If you answered the Year of the Snake, you are a wise one indeed and quite deserving of Andrew Bell's Chinese New Year Android. The figure is all decked out to resemble the Dancing Lions seen in f... read

Cris Rose's factory expands with Reclamation Drones

Custom Androids on sale Jan. 14
Jan 11
Cris Rose's robot workshop is churning out a brand new line to kick out 2013. Well, sort of. He's taking his robot designs to the Android designer toy platform with Reclamation Drones, a resin/vinyl custom series. Limite... read

Carson Catlin shares some of his new commissions

Androids, Munnys and Dunnys, oh my!
Jan 09
Though you basically have slim-to-none chances of owning any of these figures yourself, Carson sent along some pictures of his latest commissions as well as the information that he now has four slots open again. If you want t... read

Buy Android Series 3 figures open-boxed at Tenacious Toys

HUZZAH for open box sales!
Dec 04
Ever looked at a series of vinyl figures and wanted just one particular design, but didn't want to buy a few blind boxes or pay a "premium" on eBay for it? Tenacious Toys has you covered if Android Series 3 falls into that ca... read

Custom Delights: Podgypanda's Booger Android

You can pick your nose, but you can't pick this commissioned piece up
Nov 11
Podgypanda has shared his latest custom with us, a little Android he's calling Boogers. Yes, it's a panda picking his nose, but look at him. He looks so content while he's doing it, and how can you hate the poem Podgy wrote t... read

Saturday brings a Strife and Sire signing to TAG

Featuring Nathan Hamill's newest vinyl creation
Oct 18
Toy Art Gallery will be playing host to a signing on Saturday, Oct. 20, featuring 3DRetro and Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire figure. Nathan will be in attendance for the event, which will see the release of the two-piece, 7-... read
Original works and custom creations mingle
Tenacious Toys' booth at New York Comic Con was definitely one for toy collectors that fancy their figures with a touch more hands-on artistry. I believe all of the toys there were either hand-made or created by a smaller gro... read feature

Android Series 03 coming on Sept. 24

More designs from Gary Ham, MAD, Andrew Bell, Huck Gee, kaNO
Sep 21
We brought you a little bit of news about Android Series 03 last week, but we've got even more to share! First, there's the release date: Android Series 03 starts dropping on Sept. 24 at 11 a.m. Eastern (8 a.m. Pacific) in th... read
Will have ball-jointed arms for extra poseability
If you remember back to SDCC, you remember the peek at Android Series 03 we saw ... wait. What's with those arms? Well, according to the Dyzplastic production blog, Series 03 will feature ball-jointed arms for the Androi... read feature

SDCC 2012: Dumbrella

Jul 14
Hey, remember those bunnies from Scenes from a Multiverse that got posted about a few weeks back? Well, the Kickstarter was a success and they were at SDCC along with creator Jonathan Rosenberg. Having actually held one ... read

Custom Delights: Nati513's Android Bob-omb

Jul 02
This awesome custom Bob-omb by Bengi shows us simplicity at its finest, praise I echo from our friends at Tenacious Toys. I could appreciate intricate designs as much as the next person, but sometimes it doesn't take much to ... read

Android Series 3 on the way

Jan 28
Since DYZplastic's Android Series 2 figures sold so well ... why not make Series 3? That's exactly what's going to be happening this year, featuring another round of 3-inch Android vinyl figures. Along with returning artists ... read

Gary Ham's Toy Soldier Android marches into my heart

Dec 15
The latest seasonal Android collectible is out, and once again, Gary Ham is the man behind the design. This year, he's turned the Android into a cute little toy soldier. Yes, it even comes with a little turn key accessory tha... read

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