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Amiami finally expand their Infinite Stratos figure line with Cecilia Alcott and Blue Tears

Second best girl in show incoming!!
Jul 22
// Chris Seto
Oh how I have waited... After teasing us relentlessly at pretty much every major figure event for the past few years, Amiami have finally decided to release the second of their <IS> Infinite Stratos figures for pre-orde...
RAH Sebastian Michaelis photo
Available for pre-order soon
Sebastian Michaelis of Black Butler was recently revealed to be the latest in Medicom Toy's Real Action Heroes line of figures. AmiAmi Blog's preview highlighted the demon-turned-butler's accessories and various pos...

Tomopop Review: AmiAmi's Shinonono Houki

Aug 19 // Chris Seto
Figure Name: Shinonono Houki & AkatsubakiFigure Maker: AmiAmiRetail Price: ¥20,365Available at: Amiami | HobbySearch First, let's take a look at the box... Seriously, this is the box that Houki comes in. A completely nondescript cardboard box! Of course, once you take her out, you can see her actual packaging! To be honest, I have no idea why they decided to double pack her as the main box itself seems pretty sturdy. The box gives us a small window to take a look at the article within but otherwise keeps things pretty minimal. And once you get her out of the box, you find out that she is pretty damn huge!! Seriously, Houki can give my TriggerHeart Exelica and Nanoha StrikerS Takamachi Nanoha a run for their money and they're the two biggest figures in my collection (excluding 1/4 scale garage kits). For a more recent comparison, Houki takes up more space than μ-12. At least μ-12 could fit in my usual photo shoot apparatus. No such luck with this monster! (hence the variable quality of the shots). The figure itself comprises of Houki with arm and leg armour as well as four wings. two of which are attached to her back with two larger wings held by their own supports and not attached to Houki in any way. There have been reports from other buyers of some issues with the connection between the armour and Houki's back, but I can't say that I've had any problems with the connection myself. The parts fit quite well, although I advise putting the upper wing sections on after you've attached the rest as the hair can get in the way. Houki herself is held by two bent metal poles which insert themselves into holes in her feet. not the most eloquent way of holding her up, but the supports need to be metal in order to support the weight. In the photo above, you can also see the chromed paintjob on the armour parts as they shine in the light. A neat touch and one which definitely beats the usual boring matte finish. As for the armour itself, AmiAmi did a wonderful job on the depiction, with the <IS> looking both mechanical and armour like. Sadly, none of the parts are moveable, unlike the AGP figure but that doesn't detract from the aesthetic. You can see more rounded areas in the knee section to really get the feel that the armour surrounds the pilot while becoming an extension of them as opposed to a bulky tack-on.  The arm parts show this off very well as well. Note that there are no distinct seam lines between the armour parts and the unarmoured parts.  A closer look at the side satellites. To be honest, they don't really add much to the figure other than volume and completeness. More often than not, they will be blocked from view by the figure, but Houki doesn't look complete without them! They aren't much to write home about either, especially with their limited positioning. Their main use is to compliment the figure and give off a greater sense of scale. However, even with all my praise, this figure is not perfect. There are two glaring issues which are rather prominent. The first one is that the figure does not come with any instructions whatsoever. This isn't too much of an issue of you're a real veteran to figure collecting but for the beginners/intermediates, it can be quite difficult to work out which parts connect where, especially regarding the back wings. You'll get it eventually but it can take quite some time if you don't have your wits about you.  The other (even bigger) issue is what you can see in the image above. The swords are designed to slide into the hands, but there's nothing holding them in place, and the grip on both hands is incredibly loose, meaning that the swords (especially the one in the right hand) are prone to slipping and even falling off at times. There have also been reports of structural weakness in the hands as well... Like many other buyers, the right thumb of my Houki snapped off very easily when first putting the sword in place. Luckily, it's always a clean break (at least from what I can tell from other buyers) so it's easily fixed with a little glue but it's definitely something you don't expect. Placing the swords can also be a little fiddly as they are quite large and can struggle to fit initially. Those finger bits are also rather sharp!! The pose itself, while fantastically dynamic is also a little odd. It's like the left arm and legs are preparing for a cut while the rest of the body is finishing it... The lack of grip on the swords doesn't help as it looks like she's relaxed. The pose would probably have benefited from moving the right arm back a little and leaning the body forward, but lord knows what would happen to to the balance of the figure... In spite of some of the larger failings, I can't recommend this figure enough. A while back, I wrote a feature which explained why I was worried about the future of the anime figure industry because so many of the new releases were so limited and dull. None of the new releases really sparked my interest for a long while and then Houki came along and pretty much single-handedly restored my faith in the industry. Remember, this is a first release from a company with no history of figure making and she pretty much knocks the ball out of the park in their first attempt!! And they're set to do it again! Check out their Cecilia in our Wonder Festival coverage! This really feels like a wakeup call to all the other figure manufacturers. We've had new companies pop up and basically disappoint with lacklustre releases (Pulchra and their Noire, anyone?) but AmiAmi just turned up and not only showed the newbies how it's done, but even showed up the established players as well! Houki is one of my favourite figures in years and I can't wait to see how Cecilia turns out (pretty damn amazing if the previews are anything to go by). AmiAmi just need to do a few tweeks and then their future <IS> releases will be near perfect! Yes, Houki is pricey, but she's worth it, a bit of a rarity in recent times! Easily one of the best <IS> figures out there and if you're a fan, you really should think about stretching your wallet! There's really nothing else quite like her at the moment.  ...Lets just hope that they stick with the superior original designs instead of the ones created for the new novels.
Houki & Akatsubaki photo
Kenran Butou!!
It has always bemused me why <IS> Infinite Stratos hasn't really seen many figures of the girls in their actual <IS> suits. We've had them in their school uniform, swimsuits, pilot suits and even the girls we...

AmiAmi photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: AmiAmi

Making another big splash!
Jul 27
// Chris Seto
Amiami recently made one of the most disruptive waves in figure releases after they finally got their Shinonono Houki out the door and into the hands of the buyers! A review will be forthcoming (spoilers - she's really good!)...

Be@rbrick Transformers photo
Changes from Optimus Prime bear to Optimus Prime robot, and back!
[Update: AmiAmi has an early listing for the impending pre-order for Optimus Prime and Megatron. They're 145 mm or 5.7 inches tall, which isn't bad, but they're breaking the bank at a suggested price of ¥5,184 each. ...

Tomopop LinkUP: Mass naked figure event

Feb 06 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Kotobukiya has posted a gallery for their latest Shining figure, Neris, on their blog. She's a great looking figure and available now for pre-order so go find yourself one. Orchid seed isn't only offering their special chrome bikini version of Sonico at Wonder Festival that we talked about last week. They've also got a special clear A5 file of the Sorceress from Dragons Crown, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt trading cards, and Seven Deadly Sins bath salts. Vertex will be offering this very special and very limited version of Noel Vermillion at Wonder Festival. The yellow repaint is limited to only 50 and sold at 8,800 each, the same prices as the regular version. Grizzry Panda will be showing off their latest garage kit, Kongou from Kantai Collection at Wonder Festival. It doesn't seem like she'll be up for sale, but they will be bringing many of their more popular kits from previous events back for sale. RocketNews24 reported on another Licca-chan doll crossover, this time with Kumamoto city mascot Kumamon. She's sporting a cute red and black dress with bear ears and comes with a little Kumamon. The real surprise is that she went up for sale exclusively at Takara Tomy Mall on February 1 and has already sold out. Toy As Object is reporting on this really cool and unconventional Crystal-Mecha by Super7 and artist Matt Allison. It's already been released in black with an orange crystal, it is now available for US$95 in red with a translucent blue crystal stand nine inches at the Super7 store. Hot Toys posted an interview with acclaimed anime director, character designer, and mecha artist Shinji Aramaki. They talk about his latest movie, the 3D CG take on Captain Harlock and the figure HT made for it. AmiAmi blog posted a gallery for Megahouse's G.E.M Series Sasuke Uchiha figure. They did a great job with posing on this figure and he even comes with special head parts so you can swap his eyes between regular, Sharingan, and Mangekyo Sharingan. Also at the same link is the latest Naruto additions to the Petit Chara Land series. The series features Naruto (Kurama Mode with baby Kurama), Sasuke (with Aoda), Orochimaru (with Manda), Hashirama Senju (with, uh, trees), Madara (with hypnotized Kurama) and ANBU Kakashi (with Bull). Cute figures, wouldn't know they were at war. Traditionally Bandai doesn't do Wonder Festival, choosing to handle their own events. That went out the window last year when we got our first look at D-Arts Sailor Moon at Wonder Festival 2013 [Summer]. This year Tamashii Nations will be representing Bandai and bringing along a bunch of their newest figures as well as some we've never seen before. We should be getting our first look at new figures from Infinite Stratos and Tiger & Bunny plus some others they haven't revealed the source for yet. quesQ will be at Wonder Festival with a number of new limited edition repaints for sale. Up for grabs will be Flandre Scarlet in pink and Kazami Yuuka in blue from Touhou Project, Elizabeth in black and pink from Persona 4: Arena, and Percival in red from Eiyuu Senki Gold. Of course they've got other things planned to debut at the event. The Japanese AmiAmi blog posted a gallery for Prince of Tennis' Shiraishi Kuranosuke from the ARTFX J line by Kotobukiya. Fans of the series will probably find very little to complain about here. Kahotan posted a gallery for Parfom Aigis which includes a very informative interview with Phat! Company's Ootani. There's also a new look Parfom Nozomi Hoshino which acted like the prototype for the series and will make an appearance at Wonder Festival this weekend. Primal Heart updated with a look at their latest Saber garage kit from Fate/EXTRA CCC. The kit features Saber in a tiny nightgown and they really captured her well! Artist Amanda Visell made this really cute 8 inch Wood Jackalope Dunny. It's available for US$400 at the Switcheroo shop. I thought the jack in jackalope stood for jackrabbit, but I guess it stands for lumberjack. [embed]33525:37254:0[/embed] Universes collide when Filmation Skeletor voice actor Alan Oppenheimer and 200X Skeletor voice Brian Dobson come together to play with Skeletor figures for this promo video for Power-Con. Man, Alan can still do the voice perfectly! Aniplex is working on another Homura figure for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Like most things these days this one is movie based and the figure title translates to something like Flame Time Regression ver. Should be really nice when it gets a limited release in September on at the Aniplex+ store. Need another reason to get Attack on Titan figma Armin this weekend? Try Akiba Hobby's advance gallery out and see if that convinces you. [embed]33525:37255:0[/embed] Friends of Tomopop Jesse DeStasio, Nicholas Fung, and Cade Hiser have joined forces to host a new weekly toy show on YouTube called ToyPizza. Every Tuesday they'll be talking about great toys for all ages past and present, doing outings, and just talking about the stuff we all love. The first vid is just over four minutes long so it's easy to jump in and watch. What have you got to lose? And that's it for this week. Not sure what we'll have to talk about next week with Wonder Festival over, but I'll be back again nextweek with another Tomopop LinkUP nonetheless!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
We're in the final days before Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter]!
Hello and welcome back to a very busy Tomopop LinkUP! I suppose that title is worthy of a little explanation. You see, back in the heyday of anime fansubs there was a number of speed subbers that were notorious for their nons...

Tomopop LinkUP: Beach movie

Jan 23 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Evilos (Christopher Avalos) made this really neat Vinylmation Skeleton Warrior from the Disneyland Indiana Jones Adventure attraction. Amazing detail and I love the included weapons. Nitro+'s @t_santa posted FuRyu's latest Sonico figure to don a tiny bikini. What's interesting is that despite being beach themed with the clear swim tube and beach bag, she's wearing pants! Meanwhile Akiba Hobby has posted a gallery for Kotobukiya's long titled Love Live! School Idol Project - Natsuiro Egao de 1, 2, Jump! ver. Umi Sonada figure. There's a lot to like about this figure from that translucent wrap around her waist to that really neat splash base. Akiba Hobby also did a gallery for the recently released Yoshino swimsuit figure from Date A Live by Plum. Doesn't take long for the photographer to forget she has a face, but it's a cute figure nonetheless. Geek Crafts posted this great set of amigurumi Game of Thrones characters made by Kati Galusz complete with patterns. Winter is definitely here. Kahotan posted a fun gallery for the newly released Nendoroid Mayoi Hachikuji from the Monogatari series. The faces are perfect as usual! AmiAmi blog posted a gallery for these little Free! trading figures. Looks like the boys are having fun at a water park while they float around on tubes. They come six to a case of five characters with Rin Matsuoka getting a face variant. Of course there's no telling if you'll get all six possible figures in a case when they're released in February. Here's something Japanese movie goers are sure to recognize. This popular duo appear before movies to warn people against pirating. Premium Bandai has seen fit to capture their message as a series of figure straps. There are four possible figures and can be bought as a case of 10. We need something like this in American theaters! Tesselate is now selling their latest, the Metlex One: Blue Edition. The little three-inch guy is limited to only 10 pieces and still available for the super low price of £16 or US$26. He comes packaged with a special box, stickers, and even a badge pin. What a deal! Pinkcheaks was nice enough to get figma Mayoi her own pink bike and take some pictures. The pink and yellow fits her perfectly; she looks so adorable with it! That's it for this time, see you again next week for another round of Tomopop LinkUP!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Now is the time to think summer after all
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! I know I've complained at least once already about the winter, but when dealing with subzero temps as often as we have this year I think it warrants some additional complaining. They ...

Tomopop LinkUP: Art is a blast!

Jan 16 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
New papercraft site Urban Paper Collective has now launched. They describe themselves as an "international group of friends who share a passion for the design of papertoys of all sizes." The new site will be offering exclusive, free monthly papertoys right on the site as well as paper news, tips, and collaborations between artists. You can read bios for the artists and see examples of their work at the previous link. The first free toy is the above UPC Badger which has been followed by the first monthly exclusive: 1401: Clown. Akiba Hobby has updated again with a new gallery. This time featuring Beach Queens Wakaba Saegusa from Vividred Operation. She's pretty standard as these figures go, but doesn't look bad, just feels like she's missing something. AmiAmi has posted a two part interview with popular artist and character designer Tony Taka at his Albion Works studio. You probably couldn't pick him out of a crowd, but his figures are easily recognized. He discusses quite a bit in the two interviews, but I'm more of a sucker for looking at people's collections so I'm mostly in it for the extensive gallery found at the links. Biggest surprise for me: AmiAmi makes display cases? Good Smile Company once again gathered up all of their new Wooser merch for another look. included are a variety of plushies, oversized talking pens, and the headphone jack dust plugs. What better way is there to celebrate the new season of the anime (which is awesome)? Kahotan put together a gallery for their latest Nendoroid addition to their Little Busters series: Komari Kamikita. She's an adorable looking figure with lots of added parts including sitting legs and some snacks. Kud has some stiff competition coming when it comes to cuteness. Tailgrab's Aka posted a gallery for his recently purchased Dollfie Dream Kuonji Alice. The darkness and shadows are a really great match for her pale skin and dark hair and eyes! Which artist from the designer toy scene did Smithsonian Magazine just tap for an interview? Why none other than modeler Jason Freeny of course! He calls the interview one of his greatest honors and you can tell they did their homework. Emilio Garcia's latest brain-themed designer piece is the green Brainade. This piece is being sold via a lottery system with more info at the link. Talk about mind-blowing! Kixkillradio is keeping a bunch of figures warm under their own little kotatsu (Japanese heated table). There are two galleries, one for Cu-Poche and one for Nendoroids. They sure do look toasty under there! Tentacle Armada has posted two new relatively SFW gallery reviews. First up is Mary Stuart from Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II. Second up is Tony Taka's Daisy figure which looks amazing under natural light! Reflective Boundary did a really nice photo gallery for Vertex's Noel Vermilion from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. Sometimes all you need is pictures because words just slow you down. Lastly, our own Tian here at Tomopop helps me out a lot every week by pointing out the really cool fan galleries I post every week. He's got a 2013 year-in-review over on his website Makigumo that's worth checking out alongside his other reviews and galleries. If you like this stuff go on over there and make his hit counter move a little. That's all for this week. I look forward to seeing you come back next week for another Tomopop LinkUP!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
A good week for the creative types
Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Tomopop LinkUP! I hope people enjoyed the special Transformers edition of LinkUP I did last week, but now we're back to our regular routine. There's been a lot of stuff happening...

Tomopop LinkUP: The Girls und Painter edition

Dec 12 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Wooser is almost here again! Season two returns in January so that means a big product push for all things Wooser. Kahotan has posted this Belle Maison oshiruko soup set that features rubber straps of mascot Shirukuma and Wooser. They also have a pair of Wooser talking pens. Wing gave a very cryptic hint for one of their next figures. The hint is just an offset black and white image of a fleur-de-lis. They'll be doing their official reveal at Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter] in February. Disney has posted on their Insider blog a look at the creation of their Infinity game figures from sketch to final product. The post talks pretty extensively with Art Director Jeff Bunker and Lead Character Designer Jon Diesta of Avalanche Software and their roles in making the game and figures a reality. Chauskoskis appears to be in a Greasebat kind of mood as he's made two of them. Based on Jeff Lamm's characters the first is Dunny baby Greasebat that he has Jeff's OK to make a few resin castings of. The other is an evil Greasebat that is only one of a kind that he put up for auction.  Check out this amazing Iron Samurai kitbash bade by Ken Lee. Reminds me of one of those samurai from Sucker Punch. I thought that movie was kinda awful, but this is very cool! It's 1/6 scale and a nominee for the 3A Customs and Kitbashes 2013 Awards. Good luck! No, I didn't embed an ad into LinkUP. Well, I mean I did, but not for advertising purposes. Matt Hopkins of Custom Papertoys sent along this really cool commercial he worked on for the SPCA. You think stuff like this is done with CG, but it's really stop motion. Matt says he built the models and much of the stop motion.  Tenacious Toys is offering Nerviswrek's Nibirian Drone resin figures by We Are Not Toys. The terrifying little things are hand painted and sold in set of 12 for US$350. Reflective Boundary did a great gallery for Alter's 1/8 Chitanda Eru from Hyouka. I'm glad this show is still getting some great figures, it gives me hope that a second season could be on the horizon! The AmiAmi blog posted a review for the latest Vocaloid GUMI figure. The Megpoid Whisper version made by Aquamarine is in a cute outfit and the bright colors fit her perfectly. She'll be out in February. VISEone displayed six new 16 inch Qee customs at a charity event in Germany recently. His work was a big hit and he even sold one right at the event with all proceeds going to the charity.  Funko is showing off a new series of Uglydoll x DC Comics vinyl figures. Featured are Ice-Bat as Batman, Wedgehead as Robin, and Babo as Superman. They'll be out on February 11.  Ron English has a special Metallic Purple Heart Skull in his PoPaganda store just in time for Christmas gift giving. They're going for US$150 and limited to only 20.  If you've ever wanted to try your hand at building Gunpla with no idea where to start then check out this handy ebook. Mecha Model Guide for Beginners looks to be a very comprehensive guide judging from its preview were it goes deep into all sorts of terminology and even deciphers the little symbols found in the instructions. There's even modeling history in there which could make it a good read even for advanced modelers. The ever-manly Black Star from Soul Eater has gotten the HQS treatment from Tsume with this fantastic looking statue. He's only limited to 250 printed on a metal serial plate and priced at 259€ (about US$356).  Akiba Hobby has posted a review (in Japanese) of Wave's new Beach Queens Chiho from The Devil is a Part-Timer! She'll be out in 2014. Hopefully if she sells really well they'll make a second season of the anime! Tentacle Armada posted a lengthy review of Pop Culture Shock's Katana statue from Mortal Kombat. They've got an awful lot to say about this enormous figure and it sounds like it isn't without its fair share of problems.  And that brings us to the end of another Tomopop LinkUP. See you next week where we'll have another batch of great things to talk about. 
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Seems to have been the week for handmade and limited editions
Hello and welcome back to another round of Tomopop LinkUP! December 12 is observed as 'National Ding-A-Ling Day', a day set aside to watch out for crazy people. I couldn't say why, but doesn't that also mean it's a good day t...

AmiAmi English blog photo
AmiAmi English blog

AmiAmi gets an English blog

Maybe now I can understand the words coming out of their blog
Aug 05
// Scarecroodle
AmiAmi has announced that it now has an English blog. The prominent retailer, which has long had a Japanese blog, apparently launched an English-language version last week. The announcement mentions that the company is sortin...

Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: AmiAmi

Going straight for the jugular!
Jul 29
// Chris Seto
I have to admit, I thought it was a very ballsy move for AmiAmi to release something as big as Houki and Akatsubaki from Infinite Stratos AND give it a pricetag to match! Well, it seems like they're fairly confident in their ...
Update expected after Jan. 28
It appears Amiami is having issues with receiving PayPal payments as of late, and as such, they've put out a little message letting folks know that they're trying to make sure it's fixed. Likewise, they expect an update somet...


Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Rinne no Lagrange's girls

Jul 29
// Natalie Kipper
Rinne no Lagrange, the anime also known as Lagrange: The Flower of Rinne, must be pretty dang popular because the bulk of both AmiAmi's and Banpresto's Wonder Festival offerings draw from it. The three leading ladies are all ...

Use Paypal on AmiAmi and get 10x points until Saturday

Jun 25
// Natalie Kipper
If you were planning on purchasing an item using Paypal from AmiAmi, now may very well be the most opportune time to do so. From now until Saturday, June 30 at 23:59 Japan time, AmiAmi will be rewarding 10 times the usua...

[Some NSFW] 2012 Winter Hobby Maker Expo: Amiami

Feb 18
// Brian Szabelski
Amiami's been on Tomopop many times before ... but how many of you knew they also make a small number of exclusive figures? Because they do, and some of those were on display at the 2012 Winter Hobby Maker Expo. What exactly ...

Here's your last chance to get Kotobukiya's SDCC exclusive Bishoujo figures

Aug 01
// Andres Cerrato
They went as quickly as they came in, but there's a sliver of hope for those of you who missed out on Kotobukiya's SDCC exclusive variants of some of their popular Marvel Bishoujo releases. A few seemed to have found their wa...

E2 Tsubasu Izumu original figures O-Ri and Yu-Ri

Jul 01
// Tyler Jones
I had never heard of the manufacturer e Jeuness before, nor have I seen artist Tsubasu Izumi's original figure designs O-ri and Yu-ri. I'm glad that I'm seeing them now, however, because they're adorable! With their fancy out...

2011 Winter Hobby Maker Exhibition: AmiAmi

Feb 08
// Colette Bennett
Take all the photos you want, but let's face it: when it comes to an event as big as Wonder Festival, it's hard to cover everything. There's so much to see! We've written about it extensively (see all coverage here), but...

Hyakka Ryouran continues to get figure releases, now from even more companies!

Jan 22
// Tomopop Staff
Hyakka Ryouran has been quite a merchandise juggernaut with Alter's figures of the main girls, then Megahouse tried their hand at making a Yagyu, as did Movic, and now, Penguin Parade and AmiAmi Zero have joined the picture a...

This Week In Tomo - AmiAmi go BOOM!

Jan 17 // Pedro Cortes

Welcome to the first episode of Tomopop's latest video series, This Week In Tomo. Every week I'll be joined by community manager Kristina Pino to discuss a news story from the week with various guests, including fellow editor...


Kotobukiya's Marisa Kirisame demonstrates the allure of Touhou Project

Dec 16
// Tyler Jones
A cute girl in a witch hat is all it takes to make me a happy camper indeed. Naturally, Marisa Kirisame, the ordinary witch is among my favorite characters from Touhou Project. I particularly like the pose on this figure; it ...

The 27th Miyazawa Model Exhibition: AmiAmi and Hobby Stock

Nov 10
// Jonathan Tubbs
You know a store has turned a significant profit when they start producing their own goods. Two stores who have been lucky to reach this status is AmiAmi and Hobby Stock and both were ready to show off their planned goods at ...

Check out Sora no Otoshimono's Nymph if you're needing that couch buddy

Oct 27
// Jonathan Tubbs
A character who has a sweet tooth, likes to snack, and watch soap operas? I think I'm going to like Nymph from battling angelic android series Sora no Otoshimono. ... Not that I'm saying I watch soap operas. Ahem! AmiAmi...

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