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WonFes Alphamax photo
WonFes Alphamax

Wonder Festival 2016 Winter: Alphamax

T2 Art Girls and... Transformers?
Feb 08
// Tianxiao Ma
Alphamax is usually all about girls with clothes falling off their bodies. Well they took it to a literal extent this WonFes with some of the figures from their SkyTube label. I won't focus on the NSFW stuff but Amiami a...

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 11/30 to 12/6

Dec 18
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Interesting week this time around. Not one, but two toys made specifically for girls found their way into the overall ranking this week. Meanwhile the hobby ranking features a male Nendoroid and two female knights that couldn...
Top sales 8/17 to 8/23 photo
Top sales 8/17 to 8/23

Top selling toys in Japan for week of 8/17 to 8/23

WTF Skytube!?
Aug 31
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
The universe is clearly broken. An adult figure has ranked as one of the top toys in Japan. And when I say adult I don't mean cast off bikini tops and whatnot, I'm talking a figure doing things that we can't post here (but ca...
WonFes Alphamax photo
WonFes Alphamax

[NSFW] Wonder Festival 2015 Summer: Alphamax/Skytube

Bringing the sexy to WonFes
Jul 29
// Tianxiao Ma
Alphamax (especially with their Skytube brand) tends to be on the racier side of figure manufacturers. They also seem to really like Tony Taka, which can make identifying these figures a chore... Anyway, they brought some rea...

Expelled From Paradise photo
Expelled From Paradise

Expelled from Paradise's Angela Balzac from Alphamax

DO NOT snicker at her surname
Mar 13
// Oansun
Expelled from Paradise is a big deal anime film release from this past December, so I haven't had a chance to see it (even if Aniplex was kind enough to screen it in America, I don't live in a city large enough to warrant exh...
WonFes 2015 Alphamax photo
WonFes 2015 Alphamax

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter: Alphamax

The most voluptuous booth?
Feb 14
// Tianxiao Ma
If you're into more developed women, Alphamax is a good manufacturer to look at. They mostly make borderline ecchi figures, although their SkyTube label has more explicit stuff. They had a handful of figures on display for Wo...
Alphamax photo

[NSFW] Alphamax's Excellen Browning is not about leaving stuff to the imagination

Might as well be skinny dipping at this point
Aug 20
// Tianxiao Ma
Despite having the SkyTube brand to market their ero figures, Alphamax's seems to have gotten more ero as well. While this Excellen Browning isn't fully naked, we're at a point where black censor bars would achieve a similar ...
YuYu Hakusho photo
Not a red hot but a black (and purplish) hot flame
An unpainted prototype of AlphaMax's Hiei (YuYu Hakusho) has appeared. The figure depicts the demon leaping into the air while summoning the Dragon of the Darkness Flame from his arm. While it doesn't look like the flame is p...

Tomopop Review: AlphaMax's Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver.

Jun 07 // Scarecroodle
Figure Name: Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver.Figure Maker: AlphaMaxRetail Price: ¥8,550Available at: HobbyLink Japan AlphaMax's cow suit Sena comes in a relatively large box with windows on the front, sides, and top. While there's a lot of empty space, it provides a buffer should the package suffer impacts. The box design is... well, plain. AlphaMax would have done well to just own the camp associated with this kind of a design by having a white box with black spots. Something like that would have looked absolutely bovine. Included with the figure is a white base with a fabric lining on the top. I imagine the color was chosen to contrast the black black nylons as well as to match the white portions of the outfit (contributing to the overall white & black color scheme). AlphaMax's figure seems to take a few liberties from the original artwork, including lengthening the cow ears and changing the facial expression to make it less of an embarrassed pout. I don't see the same level of emotion in the figure's face as in the artwork. Don't get me wrong, it's a good-looking face. However, I'm not sure what the character is feeling right now. It wasn't something that necessarily bothered me as much before going back to the artwork. It's probably my biggest beef with this figure. Not that many people will be looking at her eyes or lips (or cheeks or nose... well, maybe the cheeks, just not those cheeks), as they'll likely be distracted by a falling bikini top. The material used for a top looks a bit on the thick side depending on the angle (thicker than the fabric should be, at any rate), but there's a good amount of detail sculpted into it between the ripples, folds, and carved in bits to accommodate the paint (preventing bleed). Sena's right arm delicately holds the the top in place. The way her wrist and arm are turned, it seems like more of a deliberate coquettish pose rather than a wardrobe malfunction. I'm a little surprised that it would stay up the way it does, but that might just be anime/manga physics at work. At any rate, those are some magnificently-sculpted mammaries. More cowbell? Yes, please! You'll notice that Sena wears a fairly large bell around her tiny, delicate neck. I can only imagine that's to find her in case she wanders off from a photo shoot (at which point she'd need to be prodded back in front of the camera?). The choker sports a checkered white & black pattern in keeping with the other elements of her outfit. Her hair is sculpted in a fairly vibrant manner and lends some personality to the figure. The hair sports what appears to be a glossier sheen which may give it a reflective quality. The side view provides a better look at the rump. Given that Sena is wearing an incredibly short skirt (or apparently a bikini bottom with a frilled... skirt(?) around the edges), there's a LOT to see. I should probably also just take a quick moment to object to the idea that Sena is wearing a swim suit (as AlphaMax describes) given the nylons and non-beach-friendly shoes. I have yet to find a pool or beach where that could be considered a swim suit (and believe me, I've definitely tried to find one...). I like the outfit, but it's really not what I would consider a swim suit (although I'd love to check out the beach where it would be normal attire). I imagine once people get over the "bikini" top, the next thing that captures their attention would be the nylons. Part of the problem is that the two features basically conceal Sena's entire mid-section which is a shame considering that it's a really nicely sculpted belly. Likewise you can't get a great look at her swim bottom so if you were just looking at this with no idea it was supposed to be a swim suit it would just look like a skirt from the remaining angles. I suppose that brings us around to the rear view. As noted, the swim bottom (or bikini bottom?) just looks like a skirt from all other angles... plus there's that cow tail. However, let's start by talking about the most eye-catching part: the butt cleavage. Yes, the way that swim bottom / skirt is angled, there's a healthy amount of butt cleavage. You might have even noticed the overhead two photos ago if our darn logo wasn't blocking it. Are copyrights and trademarks evil or what? You get a so-so look at that same butt cleavage as we skip forward to taking a look at the cow tail. (More cow tail? Yes, please!) It's some pretty good-looking tail... and the costume tail is nice as well (nyuk, nyuk). Seriously, though, the sculpting (and paint) on the skirt and tail is nice. While I might question the durability of the tail, that shouldn't be an issue if you leave Sena on her base. Finally, we have... more cow bell! Yes, I'm well are that these are just *normal* bells on a cow girl but don't take that pop culture reference away from me because I'm running short on gags. The sculpting and paint on the tiny bells impresses me a good deal more than their larger counterpart. The close-up also provides a better look at how the nylons interact with the sculpting underneath. All things considered, AlphaMax's Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver. is certainly different and could easily spice up an otherwise dull shelf. A lot of the charm (and virtually all the camp) comes from the seemingly odd choice of attire (which could covertly be making a social statement or two). Cow suit Sena is a neat collectible on at least a few levels. [Mooo-ny thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing this review sample]
Review: Cow Suit Sena photo
Was this what you had in mind when you heard the words, 'cow girl'?
Mooooo-ve aside, cat girls! There's a new (and oddly appropriate) animal-themed outfit in town. AlphaMax's Sena Kashiwazaki Cow Design Swimsuit Ver. may seem an udderly wacky outfit at first glance, but the costume is well-suited to the fetishism of mammary glands. So how many cow-related puns can I milk out of one review? Find out after the jump!

Alphamax Alisa photo
Alphamax Alisa

Alphamax brings along our favorite busty God Eater

I'm not sure about that combat attire
May 01
// Tianxiao Ma
I have some mixed feelings about Alphamax designs in general, but I do like the look of this Alisa Illinichina Amiella from God Eater 2. This month's Hobby Japan scans show the manufacturer's second attempt at Alisa. Whi...
Skytube Nozomi Watase photo
Skytube's Nozomi Watase 1/6-scale figure
Figure blogger Danny Choo is treating us to a preview of Skytube's Nozomi Watase, a Tony Taka-designed maid from the Genmukan hentai anime and game franchise. I've seen the original Genmukan's treatment of Nozomi, and let's j...

Tomopop LinkUP photo
Tomopop LinkUP

Tomopop LinkUP: Winter (Soldier) Blues

Bring on the superhero movies
Mar 08
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
I know I've talked a lot about the terrible winter we've been experiencing so I don't want to spend a lot of time on that. I'll just quickly say that I have a feeling I'll be pulling weeds from my garden this year while it's ...

Tomopop Review: Alphamax's Velvet Batrass

Feb 25 // Tianxiao Ma
Figure Name: Velvet BatrassFigure Maker: AlphamaxRetail Price: ¥9,800Available At: HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Plamoya | Big Bad Toy Store Velvet is a character from Shining Ark, one of many games bearing Tony Taka's character designs. She's leaning toward the ecchi side of things with her skimpy, but undeniably, pirate-oriented outfit. The figure is 1/8-scale but the box is pretty huge. Most of it is empty space, though the package does come with a sizable round base. Assembly is straightforward: just match up the pegs on the base to the treasure chest, set Velvet on top, and attach her foot to its corresponding peg. The top part of the chest does detach, letting you fill it up with whatever. Although I love the softness of Velvet's face and her bright blue eyes, she does have a bit of the Alphamax vacant expression going on. Depending on the viewing angle, she can look neutral, smug, or slightly amused. I think it's all in that tilt of the head. The color cues around her face are very important as Velvet's outfit is not very colorful. The splash of blue and pink are great accents. Velvet is posed so that she's giving you a peek at her butt. Hey, I'm not complaining. For a more casual look, you can display her without the hat. She loses a bit of pirate flair though. For an even more casual look, you can cast off the skirt (which is barely there to begin with). The figure separates at the waist, and the connection is well hidden by her bikini bottom. Without the skirt, her left hand looks a bit awkward. It makes you wonder what she's doing with it... I paid particularly close attention to the fit and finish of this figure as I had never owned anything from Alphamax before. At least with Velvet, there's no cause for concern. The paint job was very clean and I didn't see any problems with the build quality. Due to the design of the skirt, it can get in the way of sitting. Velvet's right hand sometimes won't come down flush with the surface she's resting on. If this happens, her skirt piece is flexible enough to be pushed up the torso, letting her right hand come down. The base adds a lot of flavor to the set. I'm very glad it wasn't a plain circular disc. Its wood finish goes a long way to make this figure stand out, and the treasure chest is just a great prop. My one real complaint about this figure is that Velvet's foot doesn't hold to the base very securely, so there's a possibility of her falling over. I recommend caution while moving her. If you don't like the base, you can always have her sit on something else! This was a tough shot to get because she doesn't balance on figmas very well. There you have it: my first Alphamax figure! Apart from the issue with the foot peg, the build quality is reassuring. Mostly it's the design that appeals to me. Alphamax has a number of scantily clad females but Velvet has a unique look. So if you dig bikini-clad pirate girls, this figure's perfect for you!
Alphamax Velvet photo
Enticing booty
I really like the sexy pirate trope, which seems more prevalent in Japanese properties than in the West. When thinking of pirate figures, Mouretsu Pirates' Marika and Queen's Blade's Liliana spring to mind. Alphamax's Ve...

Tomopop LinkUP: From viewers like you

Feb 20 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Pinkcheeks has been having a lot of fun with Mayoi Hachikuji. Here's figma Mayoi enjoying some fresh air in the great outdoors on a mountain hike... ...and here's Nendoroid Hachikuji looking platinum cute in a pink bunny costume! Right in our very own Tomopop C-Blogs, CrowMaiden did a wonderful photo review of Megahouse's G.E.M. series Yamato "Matt" Ishida from Digimon. I really need to get myself one of these and Tai. [embed]33698:37257:0[/embed] Kenneth Bolido did a great video review for the 2014 Snow Miku. Lots of nice visuals in this review. I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll see her in LinkUP. Reflective Boundary did a gallery for the very sexy Alphamax 1/8 Velvet from Shining Ark. Quite the treasure. Kixkillradio made Kaiyodo's Capsule Fortune Saber figrues look pretty darn irresistible. She also spent some quality time with Cu-Poche Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi from HenNeko. This figure needs a neko mask in the worst way! Former Tomopop staffer Chag posted on his blog Hobby Hovel about his engagement this past weekend and how love effects our hobby (and vise versa). Congrats! Don't forget to check out the Tomopop Tumblr for great stuff being shared all the time like these amazing Star Wars figure photos from Avanaut shared by Archie McPhee. That's it for this week. See you next week right here on Tomopop LinkUP!
Tomopop LinkUP photo
Take a moment to enjoy other people playing with toys
Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! This week we're doing something entirely different from the normal LinkUP. Last week we took no prisoners when reporting on Wonder Festival 2014 [Winter] which doesn't leave much for ...

Alphamax Saber Bride photo
Alphamax Saber Bride

Curse your wedding by looking at Alphamax's Saber Bride

Who needs a prenup, right?
Feb 17
// Andres Cerrato
They say that looking at the bride's dress before the wedding is bad luck. You really can't help but a sneak a peek here with Alphamax's Saber Bride. She certainly debuted to a lot of fanfare, but it's been a little while sin...
Shining Ark photo
Shining Ark

Check out some pirate booby in AM Velvet gallery

Also on display is pirate booty
Feb 01
// Scarecroodle
Akiba Hobby has released a photo gallery for AlphaMax's recently released Shining Ark Velvet which shows off Velvet's ample treasure chest. Sure, her pirate booty is nice as well but I've been more into pirate boobies. If tha...
Fate/Extra CCC photo
Fate/Extra CCC

Put a pre-order on AlphaMax's Saber Bride

If you like it then you should have put a pre-order on it
Dec 28
// Scarecroodle
AlphaMax's 1/8 scale Fate/EXTRA CCC Saber Bride is currently available for pre-order. Although I haven't exactly been a fan of the Saber Bride design, I'm seeing the appeal when the zipper is down as seen with the AlphaMax version. It still seems like an unbelievably kooky design but there's some definite fetish fuel going on here. Full info after the jump.
Preview Alisa photo
Unofficial winner of the "Best Butt" award!
Alisa looked hot when pre-orders were first announced. Over a month has passed and she still looks hot! This is what happens when a company like AlphaMax who I think are very good at making quality swimsuit figurine...


[NSFW] Tony's Yae gets comfortable in this new pre-order

Alphamax - 1/6 scale
Nov 22
// Emily Smalara
The master of the PVC world's perviness is at it again, expanding the T2 Art Girls line with another original character Yae Shobi. She's not quite as interesting and unique as the recent Iris, but she's certainly got an appea...
Alphamax Viola photo
Alphamax Viola

Voila, Alphamax's Viola unveiled

Seen at Miyazawa Model Exhibition
Nov 12
// Tianxiao Ma
Tony Taka's character designs have been the subject of more than a few figures lately, especially if they're from the Shining series of games. At Miyazawa Model Expo, Alphamax revealed a sculpt of Shining Ark's Viola. You mig...

Tony's Iris makes a splash in this pair of galleries

Alphamax - 1/6 scale
Oct 17
// Emily Smalara
Is the March wait for Tony's gorgeous Iris still too far off? One of the sexier Tony figures in recent memory--no small feat--I'd imagine anyone who's gotten a pre-order in is eagerly awaiting the day they'll be able to get h...
Dragon's Crown photo
How big is too big? Sorceress's chest may be a good start
While the age old argument of how big is too big may always remain up for debate, few might disagree that Sorceress passed that line by at least a mile. Alphamax's Sorceress's sizable assets (or boobset?) have received a prev...

Alphamax Alisa photo
Alphamax Alisa

Alphamax's God Eater Burst Alisa up for pre-order

Look at that bum! That's worth the pre-order itself!
Sep 20
// Rio McCarthy
Holy crap, Alisa.. I um.. I kinda want to grab your booty. I'm calling it right now. This version of Alisa Ilinichina Amiella is already worth the pre-order just to get a glimpse of that booty she's rockin'! Either that or th...
Dragon's Crown Sorceress photo
Dragon's Crown Sorceress

Sorceress of Dragon's Crown has her pre-orders revived

Fake smiles = diverting attention spans
Sep 02
// Andres Cerrato
Last month, Alpha Max opened its pre-orders for its rendition of the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown. The figure was controversial to its design, and out of nowhere, was pulled from pre-orders. Now the Sorceress has been summon...
Alphamax Velvet photo
Alphamax Velvet

Alphamax's Velvet is a treasure indeed

You love you lose
Aug 23
// Tianxiao Ma
The Shining series has its share of lovely Tony Taka designs, but I can't recall one quite so lovely as Shining Ark's Velvet. This is not the forest-dwelling bastard princess of Odin Sphere, but they certainly have a similar ...
Dragon's Crown photo
Dragon's Crown

Alphamax's Sorceress appears for pre-orders, is pulled

Dragon's Crown heroine removed from sale for unknown reasons
Aug 13
// Martin Siggers
Well this is certainly something you don't see every day. Alphamax's take on the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown has caught a little bit of heat, mostly due to the controversial character design, but it had plenty of fans ...
1/7 Saber Lily photo
1/7 Saber Lily

Take a stab at pre-orders for AlphaMax's 1/7 Saber Lily

Because you haven't had enough
Jul 22
// Andres Cerrato
Saber Lily is just one of those designs that appeals. It's not flashy, bright, or overly adorned. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. Whenever a company has their take on the alternate Saber, it's hard to ignore the beauty. Al...
Fairy Dance photo
Fairy Dance

Take Alphamax's Asuna to the Fairy Dance

Alfheim version of the SAO heroine now up for order
Jul 12
// Martin Siggers
It's been Griffon who have been churning out figures based on Sword Art Online recently, but (fortunately) Alphamax has now decided to join the party, producing a rather lovely version of heroine Asuna. Based on her appe...
Tony Taka figures photo
Tony Taka figures

Tony Taka's girls take the spotlight in latest scans

New figures from Alpha Max, Max Factory, Kotobukiya
Jun 23
// Brian Szabelski
If you like Tony Taka figures, then boy, this month's scans are a treat for you with a trio of ladies. One of the three we've seen before: Kotobukiya's Daisy-chan, joining the Tony's Heroine Collection as a 1/6-scale figure. ...
Alphamax - 1/6 scale
Another Sena breaking from the bikini/uniform norm was put up to pre-order a couple months ago, and it's certainly hard to pass up such delicious meat dressed up like, well, delicious meat. Sure, she might technically still b...

Another look at Lamp Miku

May 28 // Kristina Pino
Yes, we needed this
Just in case I haven't gushed quite enough about upcoming Lamp Miku by AlphaMax, which is still up for pre-order and slated for release in October, here are some more pictures. Check out the gallery for a selection of images from a recent preview by Danny Choo. I can't get over how pretty and perfect this is! 


Let Kirino and Kuroneko model their new looks for you

Alphamax - 1/8 Scale
May 25
// Emily Smalara
Over the past month we've shown you Alphamax's upcoming pair from Oreimo, since of course, as I said, where there is one of these ladies, the other is sure to follow. It's always nice to see a series that puts effort forth in...

[NSFW] Bite into a delicious Shirayukihime pre-order

Alphamax - 1/6 scale
May 25
// Emily Smalara
I've said before that not all blatant fanservice figures are just trashy porn, and as usual, the masterful Tony Taka proves me right again. His earlier designs from Fault!! were absolutely gorgeous, and this original Snow Whi...
Tony Taka figures photo
Tony Taka figures

[NSFW] Alpha Max shows off a pair of Tony Taka figures

Designed by Tony, not figures of Tony himself
May 24
// Tianxiao Ma
I appreciate original character designs, and Tony Taka is pretty good at creating them. Alpha Max showed two of them in this month's magazine scans. The unpainted one is Iris Harley from the game Valhellio. Judging by the sou...
#oreimo photo

Alphamax's one-piece Kuroneko is ready for pre-orders

This one definitely isn't cursed
May 20
// Martin Siggers
We saw Alphamax's one-piece dress Kirino go up for pre-orders a few weeks ago and, as is the immutable law when it comes to Oreimo, Kuroneko was sure to follow soon. Now she's here, sporting a similar dressed-down look to Kir...

Pre-order AlphaMax's one-piece dress Kirino

I can't believe she is not my sister
May 10
// Jon Wills
With the second season of OreImo on the roll it's no surprise that a lot of new merchandise related to the series is popping up. One such example is AlphaMax's latest figurine of Kirino, everyone’s favorite leading lady...
Tony Taka swimsuits! photo
Alter, Alpha Max, Kotobukiya and Max Factory each getting characters
The folks at 4Gamer and Hobby Japan recently talked with Tony Taka in an interview, and as part of the piece, revealed Tony's next big project: the Shining series Swimsuit Series Project. The main idea of the project seems to...


Alphamax surprises all with the cutest Miku for Halloween

Appropriately being released this October!
Apr 22
// Kristina Pino
Yet another figure that I hadn't seen before today has been swiftly put up for pre-order by Alphamax, and she's going to be hard to resist. Hatsune Miku sports the most adorable little dress and is decorated with a few lamps,...

Tomopop Review: Alphamax's Ichika Takatsuki

Apr 20 // Emily Smalara
Figure Name: Ichika TakatsukiFigure Maker: AlphamaxRetail Price: ¥6,120Available at: HobbyLink Japan A simple box for a simple character. Ichika isn't the most complex or detailed figure, and the same holds true for her packaging. The wide open front window gives you a fine look at the product within, and her own appeal is probably enough to sell the figure without a lot of extra pizazz. You may notice that while packaged, her glasses are not in place. I thought nothing of it at the time, but we'll soon see how an innocuous detail becomes the one nightmare of an otherwise lovely figure. When suddenly, glasses! Removing her from her plastic prison, you can see she's quite the lovely lady, and fortunately once in place her glasses are quite sturdily settled in. I didn't expect it, but once you fit the glasses in place, they slot nicely behind her hair and over her ears, and don't feel like they'll slip off at all. You can also probably tell how tiny and thin the glasses are, and therein lies the problem. The glasses are not sturdy themselves, nor do they come pre-shaped. Instead, you'll have fun fitting the arms into just the right angle to slide into place, all while crossing your fingers that the miniscule pieces don't snap off in the process of being bent. Alphamax seems to have anticipated this, providing two pairs of glasses, but after snapping the side of one while fitting them on, I was too nervous to even attempt taking them off and trying the second pair. Luckily, as you can see, her hair is formed in such a way that even with the arm missing, it's not very noticeable at all. Again, even with one arm holding them in place, they still manage to be quite locked in place once you actually get them there, so as long as you can get this far it's a small, if fairly annoying detail for perfectionists. Of course, with a character like this, I'm sure few people are caring about a detail like her glasses. When it comes to this sort of figure, the figure is what it's all about — and Ichika certainly doesn't disappoint. You won't be finding any waifs here, Ichika has curves in all the right places, perhaps even just shy of to an overly stylized degree. Anime may not be known for its realism, but it is nice to have things at least somewhat based in the realm of logic. Thankfully as voluptuous as Ichika may be, she still stays on the side of believable, if quite "blessed" proportions. As expected, she looks just as good from behind, which is great if you're like me and really dig a nice back. I am not so sure how I feel about her hair fanning out instead of lying naturally, however. The hair itself looks great, but it just seems slightly odd. I'm assuming we're supposed to think it mimics the normal sea breezes, but that's an effect usually conveyed better in a more dynamic pose overall. Despite this, I really enjoy Ichika's simple, relaxed demeanor. It certainly suits her character, and Alphamax conveyed her calm well in the way her legs are settled with one tucked beneath her, along with the casual placement of her hand against her foot. With such focus you may notice the faint remnants of pvc left attached to her hand, but it certainly looks worse in photos than it does in person. Thankfully without the high zoom of a camera lens, it's not something you'll see even under close scrutiny without really looking for it. In the long run, Ichika ended up getting some great treatment from Alphamax. Other than some minor issues like the forming of her glasses and the mark on her hand, she's certainly a worthy addition to the collection of any fan. If this kind of work keeps up, she's well on her way to reaching the popularity of her similarly red-headed predecessor — if not there already! [Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for getting us this review sample!]
Waiting in the spring for your approval!
Every time this lovely lady shows up, I've mentioned my attraction to the similarly styled Mizuho from Onegai Teacher. That series may be long since over, but Mizuho's successor from Waiting in the Summer has certainly been m...


How appropriate, Sena. You look like a cow

Get it?
Apr 19
// Kristina Pino
[update: Added an image to the gallery that is probably the source artwork for this figure! It also appears that this originates from something in the manga. I don't know anything else beyond that at the time of writing~][upd...

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