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4:30 AM on 07.28.2014

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Kaiyodo's Mega Sofubi Advance

Did I just completely miss this whole arm of Kaiyodo's corpus? I'm always awed and amazed (sometimes not in the best way) by super-huge toys. In this case, I definitely got a good impression, though. As I turned the corner, I...

Kristina Pino

Hail to the (Alien) Queen, baby! photo
Hail to the (Alien) Queen, baby!
by Scarecroodle

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the scifi classic Aliens, NECA has announced plans to release a massive Alien Queen in scale with the company's other Xenomorph-themed offerings. She's available for pre-order now.

NECA's Alien Queen is billed as measuring 15-inches tall and over 30-inches in length (to the tip of her tail), making her one of largest figures NECA has ever produced. To top it off, the royal terror will feature 30 points of articulation, two interchangeable inner mouth pieces, and a display stand. In short, she's pretty awesome.

NECA's Alien Queen has a US$95 list price and is slated for a November release. While I may have been perfectly happy to buy NECA's Spider Gremlin, I think may pass on the Alien Queen since I'm not as fond of the Alien franchise and she's a good deal more expensive.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ]

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8:00 AM on 06.20.2014

Lunartik releases Alien The Nostromo Collection

Matt Jones is on a roll with creating figures from popular series! First it with was Doctor Who, then Breaking Bad, now it’s Alien. Partnering up with Titan Merchandise again, Lunartik is releasing a collection of 12 f...

Vanessa Cubillo

7:00 AM on 02.20.2014

Toy Fair 2014: NECA

NECA unveiled a lot of new items during NY Toy Fair. We already talked about their new classic Godzilla line, and the new Godzilla figure that must not be seen. So now here we have coverage of the new figures that can be sho...

Vanessa Cubillo

5:00 PM on 01.31.2014

Alien Big Chap is being added to the S.H.MonsterArts line

It feels like everything lately is celebrating a milestone anniversary. Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, Kill Bill, Ghostbusters, and now Alien. Tamashii Nations has just announced that to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Alien, t...

Vanessa Cubillo

2:15 PM on 01.18.2014

In space nobody can hear you scream about Minimate Aliens

A product image of Diamond Select Toys' Aliens Minimates has shown up on io9. We saw some concept art during a panel at SDCC '13 and the figures themselves were on display at NYCC that same year. The first series of 2-packs i...


Super7's Alien ReAction figures available for all as set photo
Super7's Alien ReAction figures available for all as set
by Brian Szabelski

Though they went up for pre-order earlier this year, Super7's Alien ReAction figures are finally heading into retail. The figures are shipping out to everyone who pre-ordered them — and they're including a sixth figure as a bonus to the early pre-orders — but for the rest of us, you can now pick them all up as a set.

The figures are only available right now as a set and are retailing at US$75. That gets you Ripley, Ash, Dallas, Kane in his Nostromo spacesuit and the Big Chap xenomorph. You can also grab the Alien collectible glass set for US$49.99, too.

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Tomopop Review: NECA Prometheus David and Deacon photo
Tomopop Review: NECA Prometheus David and Deacon
by Vanessa Cubillo

Released in 2012, Prometheus was one of those movies that had fans down the middle. It definitely generated a lot of buzz, but I can’t say that most of that was a positive. Designed as a prequel to the Alien series, Prometheus introduced new characters to explain the mythology of the world Ridley Scott created.

NECA has taken this license and has so far released three series of figures from the movie. Series 2 features figures of David 8 and the Deacon. Does NECA’s skill and attention to detail do these figures justice?

Are they worthy enough to stand with the other Alien figures that have come out in the past? Or will these figures be just like the movie, a mix between good and bad? Let’s start unboxing under the cut.

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6:00 PM on 10.14.2013

Custom Made Monday: Cuddly zombies and bunnies

Monday already? This weekend was pretty big! New York Comic Con, the release of Pokemon X/Y, and the new season of The Walking Dead premiered. All good things, especially if you're into all three. Now after such an awes...

Vanessa Cubillo

NYCC 2013: Square Enix - Comics/Movies photo
NYCC 2013: Square Enix - Comics/Movies
by Brian Szabelski

On the film and comic license side of things, Square Enix brought plenty of Play Arts Kai with them. The Spock and Kirk Star Trek Into Darkness figures were shown off in their painted forms for the first time, and we saw a few old friends like the two Xenomorph Play Arts Kai and RoboCop -

Wait ... hold the phone. There's more than one RoboCop there. In fact, there's three: the original one we saw at SDCC and both the gray/black and all-black versions from the upcoming reboot. I don't know how I feel about these, especially since RoboCop is a film that doesn't need a reboot ever and the trailer made me feel a bit sad.

Beyond that, the DC Variant line had painted versions of Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Superman at the show, along with Cyborg (who wasn't at SDCC), Batman, and the Supergirl prototype. Plus, throw in their previously released Arkham City, Man of Steel and Dark Knight Play Arts Kais, and you have yourself a pretty good summary of all things DC at Square Enix's booth. 

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6:00 AM on 09.24.2013

Bandai previews S.H.MonsterArts Alien vs Predator figures

At SDCC we got our first look at the newest franchise that would be coming to Bandai's S.H. MonsterArts line; Alien vs. Predator. Now, we're finally getting a full preview of the first two figures that will be released, Alie...

Vanessa Cubillo

4:00 PM on 09.20.2013

PAK Aliens show at Tokyo Game Show 2013... in color!

Cyber Gundam has posted photos of a painted Play Arts  Kai Aliens: Colonial Marines Lurker and Spitter Xenomorph which were on display at Square-Enix's Tokyo Game Show booth. The duo were last seen unpainted at SDCC. Whi...