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Wonder Festival 2015 Summer: Alter

total recalling
Jul 27
// Chris Seto
Alter had a rather eclectic mix of figures at their booth. There was quite a large focus on recent idol anime, specifically, Love Live but fans of the original idol anime, Idolm@ster have not been forgotten as there are plans...
Fate/Stay Night photo
Hopefully won't get lost for several years like Max Factory's figma Archer
Alter had an unpainted 1/8-scale Archer (Fate/Stay Night) on display at Summer WonFes. The Archer-class servant is depicted gesturing aimlessly with a sword while looking backwards. Maybe he's pointing at something. At any rate, the sculpting looks neat and I'm curious as to how he'll turn out painted. He's supposedly slated to release in 2015.

Uta no Prince-Sama photo
Uta no Prince-Sama

MegaHobby Expo 2014 Spring: ALTAiR teases last two UtaPri boys

Soon, STARISH will be complete
May 31
// Kristina Pino
Hobby Search captured an image of a teaser for the final two male members of STARISH from Uta no Prince-Sama, Syo Kurusu and Natsuki Shinomiya, to complete the set in scaled figures. They're a lovely pair, and from the looks ...
ALTAiR Free! photo
ALTAiR Free!

ALTAiR's Haruka and Makoto now available for pre-order

Bring our boys home
May 14
// Martin Siggers
We saw them previewed the other day and now ALTAiR's take on the boys of Iwatobi Swim Club are ready to take your hard earned money from you. No, not that way, get your minds out of the gutter.  Haruka and Makoto have go...

ALTAiR Free! photo
Haruka and Makoto in all their glory
A sizeable chunk of the internet fanbase has been eagerly awaiting full scale figures of the Free! club members ever since Alter announced they were picking up the licence and adding the boys to their ALTAiR male line. They'v...

Tomopop Micropixel photo
Win yourself a Christmas present!
Christmas will soon be upon us, so what better time to start giving stuff away? Yes, it's time for a new photo contest! The theme this time out will be Best of Friends. We want to see your figures hanging out with each other,...

UtaPri by ALTAiR photo
Can't get enough
It's been a few weeks since we finally saw Ren and Masato in their full-color glory, but alas, we were only able to admire them from the front! But ALTAiR have just updated their blog with more images and all is right with th...

Free! figures photo
Free! figures

ALTAiR shows off some Free! prototypes

awwwww yeah
Nov 02
// Kristina Pino
Max Factory aren't the only ones getting in on the Free! action. At Animate Girls Festival 2013, ALTAiR also showed off two prototypes for their upcoming Free! line, featuring Haru and Makoto. I haven't watched the show, so i...
UtaPri by ALTAiR photo
UtaPri by ALTAiR

UtaPri's Ren and Masato are now fabulously painted

It's all about dem idols
Nov 01
// Kristina Pino
ALTAiR have just revealed the painted prototypes of Hijirikawa Masato and Jinguji Ren, which were last seen back towards the end of August. As with the others in this set, they are dressed up in their idol gear, and looking t...
Old Man assembly! photo
Old Man assembly!

ALTAiR provides Raven assembly instructions

Here's a little love to tide you over
Oct 31
// Jon Wills
Hey all! I'm sure you were as surprised as me, but ALTAiR's Raven has actually shipped out! To tide us over and get us ready for his arrival ALTAiR kindly published an article on how to safely assemble the "Old Man" Raven. Hit the jump If you want to see the details and sneak a few early peeks at your incoming Raven figurine! 
Preview ALTAiR's Zelos photo
Preview ALTAiR's Zelos

Pre-order ALTAiR's chosen one Zelos Wilder right now!

He is so awesome he makes me Squee! Zelos I choose you!
Oct 09
// Jon Wills
It's been five lonely months since ALTAiR last teased us with an unpainted sculpt of Zelos Wilder and announced their plans to make a Loyd Irving sculpt at Tales Festival 2013. However my friends, the wait is over and it...
ALTER delays photo
Oh Alter, you should just add a question mark to all your release dates.
I knew things seemed a bit too quiet in Alter-land. After all, Alter wouldn't be Alter without a delay or two on a monthly basis, right? Right. They recently updated their September shipment schedule, and as you can probably ...

Upcoming Makoto photo
Upcoming Makoto

Upcoming Free! figurine of Tachibana Makoto by ALTAiR

Yep there are more of them!
Sep 26
// Jon Wills
Free!, this seasons boy swimming club series has been pretty popular in Japan. I'm glad that the Japanese folks are reaching out to female audiences out there and merchandising men to them. It's been happening for some time, ...
ALTAiR Uta Pri photo
1000% bishounens!
ALTAiR recently updated their blog and revealed the long awaited prototypes for Uta no Prince-sama's Hijirikawa Masato and Jinguji Ren. Although ALTAiR did display both boys during Wonder Festival Summer 2013, there was a pes...

ALTAiR Nanase Haruka photo
My dreams have come true
If there is one anime that has been getting a lot of buzz this season, it's KyoAni's new sports themed series Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club. With the immense popularity the show has garnered in just its first four weeks since air...


The dreaded 'D' pays ALTER a visit

Delays ahoy!
May 21
// Yami Casas
I'm sure this will not come as a surprise, but ALTER recently updated their page with news of some of the upcoming figures which were delayed to June (or tentatively "after" June). Here's a complete list of all the items we'l...

Tomopop Review: Alter's Jude Mathis

May 15 // Jon Wills
Figure Name: Jude MathisFigure Manufacturer: AlterRetail Price: ¥7464Available At: Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Play Asia | Plamoya  Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell are the lead characters of Tales of Xillia. You choose one or the other at the beginning of the game to be your lead though and that decision changes some of the CG sequences and perspective you see some parts of the story at. On my first play through at least, I think I will choose to play as Jude Mathis. I won't go into any spoilers as to why, but I hear that the back story you see with Jude is a lot more heartfelt and relevant to the story. But enough background nonsense, read on to see his figure. Jude comes in a small but practical box. Those who purchased Alter's Milla Maxwell will be able to instantly recognize the styling. It is very similar, but just a little bit smaller than Milla's box. Here is Jude through the front window. Because of his pose and design the plastic distorts the appearance of his figure through the front window. This makes it harder to recommend Jude to collectors who prefer not to unbox their figurines. Usually Tales figurines do not have issues like this so it is a little disappointing that Alter did not re-design their box some. Contained in the inner plastics inside the box is Jude, his base, and a extra head with a different expression on it. Before we get to Jude, first let's look at his base. It's much like Milla Maxwell's base, except featuring a different color. It is much larger than Milla's. There is nothing really exceptional about his base, but it does match his figurines colors well.  When I got around to placing Jude on his base I found that I was glad to have read Alter's assembly instructions ahead of time. I found them invaluable for swapping out his head and even putting his feet down onto their pegs. I know it seems obvious, but the fit is so tight that Jude's feet need to be placed onto all of their pegs at the same time. When I set him up it was a very snug fit. Jude looks fantastic just standing there. However there is more to Jude than what first appears. Follow along as we check out all the details. Jude fights with a brawling, gauntlet style, and by the look of these boots I bet he kicks too. From here you can see a better angle of Jude's stance. Also, you can see another angle on his boots. This overcoat has interesting shapes and symbols on it. It kind of has a uniform look, but really I'm not sure what the significance of it is. Still a lot of work was put into recreating it from the folds to the colors and patterns. It's obvious it was painstaking work. Because Jude is a brawler, he needs to have a sort of gauntlet style weapon. Why does he need a weapon you ask? Well, because it makes it more exciting when you find upgraded equipment for your character of course. That and his metallic gauntlets just look awesome. Jude's gauntlets are very different from one another. This is his left gauntlet which he is punching out with. It's smaller and seems to be attached to his wrist. Despite its small size, the gauntlet has lots of intricate paint work going on with its golds, the orange ties and accents, deep blues and if you look closely you can see two little green gems.  On Jude's right arm is this larger gauntlet. It seems to be more defensive as it covers his whole forearm in much the way that a tonfa could. It is patterned in mostly the same style as his right gauntlet, but has five gems. Despite their difference in size,  both gauntlets have the same number of ties on them. I can't wait to see how these gauntlets actually work in the game. Alter did a fabulous job at bringing out Jude's design to figurine form. This is one of my favorite angles of him. My eyes keep being drawn to all the wrinkles in his clothing and how perfectly the linework and everything flows with them. It may sound strange to some, but I think Jude has the best folds I have seen on a figurine. While Jude's hair may appear to be simple, it is more complex than you may think. If you look closely you can see that there is an upper layer as well as a lower layer showing more detail and texture. Also, while there is a visible seam which you can see on the side, but it becomes almost invisible as the appearance of it is reduced by all of his other hair textures. In the short time that I have owned Jude I have prefered his smiling face, but the more that I look at his smiling face the more I want to switch him to his serious expression. Thankfully switching expressions could not be easier as long as you follow Alter's assembly instructions. You can pop off one head and put the different one on. No tedious face swapping on the same head and this method keeps worrying of damaging hair to a minimal. Here is his serious expression from one of his best angles. Jude and Milla are great characters. However are they both just as good looking in figurine form? I may be biased but I think Milla is one of my best looking figurines on my shelf right now. I will say that especially by silhouette it is hard to say that Jude looks better than Milla, but when you look real close at the careful work that Alter has put into making Jude such a great figurine he manages to close the gap with Milla. Still, Milla manages to outshine Jude in the general looks department. I won't say it's just because she is female, there is something more magical to it than that. I think Milla is just built from the ground up to look good as a primary part of her character. That may not be the case for Jude. Still he does look handsome. When Jude is placed next to Rita Mordio he looks pretty good doesn't he? Rita's and Jude's colors and poses complement one another very well. Both are punching out and look to be in motion. Incidentally both of these characters are also 15 years old. No wonder they look so good together. After I was done writing up most of this I was taking more photos of Jude and while switching out his head for a more serious expression I found out something that is too funny not to mention. As you can see you can place his head on his base and it will balance well. Kind of creepy but yet sort of funny isn't it? In the end was Jude worth purchasing? I would have to say absolutely. As a fan of both the Tales of series and Alter he was a must buy for me. I still regret not purchasing Alter's Luke Fon Fabre. Even if you are not a major fan of Tales or Alter then he is still a very well crafted, dynamic male character. Thank you for reading my review through to the end. If you want to talk about Jude, or share your own experiences with him, be sure leave a comment. 
Alter's Jude Mathis photo
What a hotcake!
It's not every day that we see a boy figurine like Jude Mathis. However the Tales franchise and ALTaiR have a good history of making it happen. First to capture our hearts was Yuri Lowell, followed by Flyn...


Jude Mathis is released: ALTaiR posts assembly advice

Tips to keep Jude looking good
Apr 25
// Jon Wills
Yes! There is lots of good news for Tales fans this morning. ALTaiR's Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia just shipped out to buyers. I'm hoping that mine shows up early next week. ALTaiR just kindly released some assembly advice on their blog which people who purchased the figurine may want to review. Hit the jump to see a few basic instructions on how to safely assemble him. via ALTaiR's blog

Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: ALTAiR

Feb 11
// Kristina Pino
What ALTAiR brought to display at Wonder Festival is nothing new. We've already seen Waver Velvet (Fate/Zero), Raven (Tales of Vesperia), and Jude Mathis (Tales of X'illia), as well as UtaPri's Tokiya and Ittoki, so where's t...
Yay Estelle! I can't wait!
In a scant two days Alter will be showing off its latest prototypes at Wonderfest Winter 2013. I can't wait to see more of their Estelle sculpt from Tales of Vesperia, but there are so many more figures on display. In ad...


Alter delays products! My wallet rejoices!

Accelerator for a V-day gift! Woohoo.
Jan 31
// Jon Wills
Here at Tomopop we were having our usual lazy tea party when we all realized that there have been delays for some of our anticipated Alter figures. A few cookies passed hands and some shout-outs were heard. Here is what we ca...
Now we're gonna have some fun!
Well, what do ya know? This old man we previewed just a few days ago is now available for pre-order. So I'm here to sound the trumpets to let everyone know that Alter's Raven is getting ready for some action! Even if you...

Hooray for the old man!
Last time we saw coverage of old man Raven  from my favorite JRPG Tales of Vesperia was during the Animate Girls Festival back in November. I could only imagine how pleased he was watching all the lad...


UtaPri's Ittoki and Tokiya sing and dance into pre-orders

ALTAiR strikes a home run in this duo
Dec 12
// Kristina Pino
It's been a while since we heard from ALTAiR on the status of their Uta no Prince-Sama figures, the teasers for which were shown off at Wonder Festival (Summer). In the short time since then, the ALTAiR blog published a full ...

MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn: Fate/Zero everywhere!

ALTAiR, Megahouse show off some manly figures
Nov 26
// Brian Szabelski
If you happen to be a Fate/Zero fan, then MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn was a dream come true for you. ALTAiR rolled out a familiar face with its sitting Waver Velvet figure in 1/8-scale. It appears he'll come with two equa...
More goodies from the heroes of Vesperia and Xillia
Japan's MegaHobby Expo 2102 Fall is upon us, with Alter and ALTAiR showcasing the characters of the Tales series, specifically Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Xillia. From Xillia, we see an unpainted sculpt of Jude Mathis by A...


Animate Girls Festival 2012: Fate/Zero Waver by ALTER

You can be the master of my ride any day.
Nov 18
// Jonathan Tubbs
Boys! Men! Sexy folks! Whatever you want it to be, the Animate Girls Festival has it for you ladies (and guys)! We've seen that already with ALTER revealing the colored prototype of Raven from Namco Bandai role-playing game T...

ALTAiR teases Fate/zero's Waver Velvet in color

To appear at Animate Girls Festival and MegaHobby Expo
Nov 15
// Brian Szabelski
Alter's ALTAiR division has teased a new figure on its blog, and it just happens to be Fate/Zero's Waver Velvet! While he was previously announced, this is the first time we're getting a glimpse at Waver in color. You can see...

Pre-order ALTAiR's Jude Mathis from Tales of X'illia

Aug 22
// Jon Wills
In a market dominated by female figures, ALTAiR has managed to carve itself a nice niche with their very successful series of Tales men. Yuri Lowell (reviewed) and Flynn Scifo (reviewed) by ALTAiR were both extremely popular ...

ALTAiR's Orihara Izaya really wants to be with you

Aug 21
// Yami Casas
Earlier today ALTAiR updated its blog to announce the re-release of Durarara's!! infamous information broker, Orihara Izaya. Wearing his trademark black hooded jacket, Izaya may be posed holding a switchblade or his black cel...

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Alter

Jul 29
// Kristina Pino
Not to be shown up by anyone, Alter is in with plenty of prototypes of new and upcoming figures, as well as a few other things we've seen before (like Charlotte Dunois which is up for re-release, Laura Bodewig which is up for...

Wonder Festival 2012 Summer: Altair

Jul 28
// Kristina Pino
Now that news and pictures are trickling in from various twitters and live bloggers, we can keep you all steadily updated with all the latest! I'll be handling this post, dedicated to the lovely boys of Alter's Altair line. F...

Pre-order To Aru's Accelerator but you should stay clear

May 30
// Jonathan Tubbs
Accelerator from To Aru no Majutsu no Index II is an unexpected release from ALTAiR, the male line of figures by the amazing ALTER, but the more males, the better. However, let's not beat around the bush on this one. Unf...

MegaHobby Expo 2012 Spring: Alter

May 26
// Kristina Pino
Hi folks! It's a lovely day to be indoors and admiring awesome upcoming figures and goodies from our favorite companies, and now that Natalie has kicked off our coverage with this intro post, I'll start by posting up Alter's ...

Alter decided to preview their upcoming Shizuo (Durarara!!) on their blog recently, so check out the gallery for some images of the badassery. He comes with his signature bent sign and glasses which can be removed. Additional...


Alter gives us news on their MegaHobby Expo offerings

Nov 22
// Brian Szabelski
The official ALTAiR blog has updated with news on what Alter and company will have at Wednesday's MegaHobby Expo in Japan. It's pretty much what you might expect, but there's a few surprises. As for what exactly will be there...

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