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Cool Lego Arcanine photo
Cool Lego Arcanine

A Wild Lego Arcanine appeared

This LEGO Pokemon is Legendary in my book.
Aug 07
// Jon Wills
LEGO's are not usually my cup of tea. However, when something epic comes along such as Ryan MCnaughts Massive LEGO Coliseum I can't help but to take a moment and gawk in awe at what has been created. This was very much t...
Lechery Black Piano photo
Lechery Black Piano

Pre-order Lechery's Amadeus Black Piano

1/6th scale
Jun 11
// Jon Wills
Lechery's Amadeus Black Piano figurine is now available for pre-order. She is built to 1/6th scale and is made out of candy resin, PVC and ABS plastic.  Amadeus hits all the right notes too if I don't say so myself....

The Terror Boys makes their debut with Ooze no.00

Wouldn't you like to have a psycho killer of your very own?
May 29
// Vanessa Cubillo
First there were The Trouble Boys, now meet The Terror Boys. From the new line by Brandt Peters and FERG comes the first figure in their new Terror Boys line, OOZE no.00. This figure is seen with a skeletal head made of ooze...

Under the Radar: More Yotsuba& Monochrome Animal figures

Yotsuba is making more friends with these animals in this second collection.
Mar 25
// Vanessa Cubillo
Oh how I love this cute little girl! From Yotsuba&!, Yotsuba is back playing with animals in this second series of capsule toys. This time Yotsuba makes friends with a giant panda, Malayan tapir, Adelie penguin, a ze...


Stretch your wallet for Bandai's Chogokin Going Merry

Mar 02
// Jon Wills
Are you watching One Piece or perhaps enjoy the show from time to time? If you are, or maybe if you like to collect the occasional Sailing Boat you should look into Bandai’s Chogokin Going Merry. This boat has a lo...

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