Reserve or Regret? Import round up for March 21, 2012

Mar 22
// Pedro Cortes
Hello Tomo-folk, this is Pedro here, pinch hitting for Señor Tubbs for today in Reserve or Regret. Your choices this time around are quite interesting, balancing between the extremely cute, extremely robotic and extrem...

Like touching witches? Pre-order Akai Maho!

Mar 21
// Pedro Cortes
Some of you may remember Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! from a couple years back. You know, the Nintendo DS "game" where you can touch and poke some questionably-aged young girls to see if they're witches. At the behest of an angel,...

K' and Mai A-Label KOF figure pre-orders

Dec 19
// Rio McCarthy
Well, happy day! This little King of Fighters fangirl is quite a happy one this evening! We'll start with the one that I'm obviously more excited for, and that's K'! K' is a poseable figure that comes with two faces, removabl...

You try telling A-Label's Balalaika that she has something on her face!

Sep 12
// Pedro Cortes
I have very brief experience with Black Lagoon, but the impression I got was that it's a show full of bad-asses that you do NOT want to mess around with. Become a target in that show and expect to get a messy end. One of the ...

Dream C Club's Mari is purple haired, big chested, and more

Nov 05
// Colette Bennett
A-Label's work is ... well, it's okay. Nothing to write home about, but nothing worth curling your lip at either. (Well, unless you happen to be a toy snob, that is). This new figure of Mari from Xbox 360 dating sim Drea...

Come see hostess Amane of Dream C Club again courtesy of A-Label

Aug 20
// Jonathan Tubbs
It's Friday. Another end to a long week. You're probably tired and just want to relax. I don't blame you. Why not have a seat on the plush couch and have our hostess serve you a few drinks? Be nice though, she's rather s...

Wonder Festival Summer 2010: A-Label has your the King of Fighters fix

Jul 25
// Jonathan Tubbs
A-Label has a fondness for SNK's icon fighting game series, the King of Fighters. I have no complaints about that. They were the ones responsible for the gorgeous Vanessa figure. The company is back again showing off a f...

The King of Fighters' Vanessa takes a break to pose for the camera [NSFW]

Jan 17
// Jonathan Tubbs
In November of last year, A-Label announced a new The King of Fighters figure that was not Mai.  I know. A shocker. The character to receive this honor is the secret mercenary housewife Vanessa. Akiba Hobby got a hold of...

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