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T'is the season for bad Batman exclusive colorways

6:00 PM on 11.15.2012
T'is the season for bad Batman exclusive colorways photo

For fans of lazy exclusives or parents just looking for a stocking stuffer, Target has a holiday-themed exclusive Batman figure.

Much like the Halloween exclusive, the figure seems to be little more than a re-deco of a The Dark Knight Rises figure. Where the Halloween figure was at least a little creative, this figure seems to resulted from even less effort and greatly resembles the variants seen in the normal line. Actually, it could just be a repackaged figure from one of the Quick-Tek armor play sets.

While I had predicted that the Halloween ones would end up on clearance, my local store somehow managed to sell out a few weeks before Halloween so if you're actually interested in buying one I'd suggest you do it while you can. I personally have no interest in buying myself (but Jlogano20 over at Toyark bought a copy, so I borrowed his photo rather than use my cell phone shots of just the packaging) although, if this is going to be a thing, I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing a St. Patrick's Day and Easter re-decos. I'm disappointed that those turkeys forgot to make a Thanksgiving one.

[ Jlogano20 / Toyark ]

T'is the season for bad Batman exclusive colorways photo

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