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Super Sonico poses for Alphamax's gravure photoshoot

12:00 PM on 12.06.2011 // Jonathan Tubbs

The busty mascot of Nitroplus has seen her fair share of figures based on the many pieces of art that exist of her. And there's still plenty more to come with the number of drawings that keep getting produced. Alphamax has one coming that does away with complicated outfits and keeps it simple.

Next year, Alphamax will be releasing the 1/6 scale Super Sonico Swimsuit Gravure Ver. featuring Sonico in a simple swimsuit and her trademark headphones. ...wait. If this is the gravure version of Sonico, then what were all those other figure releases? There really isn't much to say about this figure. It's Sonico. In a swimsuit. She also comes in a shirt with stockings and heels. ...wait again. Who wears stockings and heels for a swim?

Anyway, Alphamax brings every round, shapely curve of Sonico into this figure that I actually don't mind. Maybe because of its simplicity of just her being in a swimsuit that doesn't have me looking away. Of course it wouldn't be an Alphamax figure or a Sonico figure for that matter if you can't remove her top... Aye...

Alphamax's Super Sonico Swimsuit Gravure Ver. is retailing for ¥8,200 and will be available in May, 2012. What do you say? One of the nicer Sonico figures or is there one you already like or wish to see made? I'm still waiting for someone to finally make a cat ear hoodie version of Sonico but that'll probably never happen because, you know, she's completely dressed. I'll just look at my plush version and keep dreaming. 

[Pre-order at Hobby Search | Hobby Link Japan | AmiAmi]

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