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Super Mario 3D Enemy Collection shakes some tail

2:00 PM on 02.05.2012 // Natalie Kipper

I love gashapon. I love the cleverly designed enemies of Nintendo's Super Mario 3D Land. It seems only natural to combine these two loves, right? Takara Tomy seems to think so. If you need proof, check out their Super Mario 3D Land Enemy Collection, releasing this May. This set showcases some of the new enemies like Stingby, the green and red BiddyBuds, the Prongo, and Thwomp's relative, the Wallop alongside series favorites like Bullet Bills, Goombas, Thwomps, and Boos. Much like in the 3DS game, the series veterans in the collection will be equipped with tanuki tails. Anyone wondering who the baddie in the bottom right corner is? It is none other than the Coin Coffer, also known as the Money Bag, who debuted in Super Mario 64. 

Takara Tomy's Super Mario 3D Land Enemy Collection is set to release in May of this year. A box of 15 pieces retails for ¥1500. It is available for pre-order now from HobbyLink Japan. Any Nintendo fans interested in this set?

[via Video Game Memorabilia Museum; thanks, Brett!]

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