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Street Fighter Play Arts Cammy and Akuma coming in March

7:30 AM on 11.10.2011 // Andres Cerrato

UPDATE: Now available for pre-order.

We've been quite thrilled by the Street Fighter Play Arts Kai figures produced thus far. While Ryu and Chun Li went up for pre-order back in August, we've been waiting on info for the release of Volume 2 featuring Cammy and Akuma (Gouki). We now know that they'll be coming to us in the month of March next year for the price of 5,200 yen each. With the conversion rate what it is, even with some store discounts, it'll be a bit much for some to swallow, but I imagine that it may just be the bullet they're willing to bite for these characters.

I'm honestly stunned at how much better the line has gotten. I was scared of how Cammy would turn out due to all of the visible joints, but they really did a great job fitting everything in. Akuma seems a bit glossy, but it's definitely toned down from his first appearance. With the info out, expect pre-orders to come up in the next couple of days. If pre-orders or conversion rates aren't your thing, you could always wait until they come stateside for a much more palatable price.

[via Cyber Gundam, Pre-order at Hobby Search | Hobby Link Japan | AmiAmi]

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