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Straggling mecha come out in more of this month's scans

6:00 PM on 07.24.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Always stay tuned to after the credits because there's always just a bit more afterwards. After the initial flood of mecha announcements, there's still a bit more coming out that should have your attention. There's some more shots of the prototypes for the MG Aegis and Buster Gundams and the ongoing Robot Damashii releases in the ver. Ka signature line, but let's just focus on the new stuff.

Premium Bandai looks to take in some more dollars, as two more kits are added in besides yesterday's mention of the White Dingo ver. of the GM Sniper II. One of the Gunpla is the Danzine from Gundam AGE, this time colored in purple, which will run you 1575 yen when it's released in September. What's strange is that the Master Grade of the Black Tri-Stars version of the High-Mobility Zaku II is going straight to the shop when it was released before in a normal run. No idea as to why Bandai is choosing this route when they routinely re-release kits, even those from the 1980s. It's just rather odd and hopefully not how they'll do it in the future. If you want something cute, the SD Gunpla of the AGE-FX will be coming your way soon.

Kotobukiya isn't staying silent as they are continuing their D-Style line of super deformed plamo. Muv-Luv is seeing some love here, as it's on the receiving end of both a D-Style as well as a 1/144 scaled kit. Also on hand in this month's scans were previews from Riobot and their take on the Jehuty from Zone of the Enders. Lastly, Mazinger Z will made smaller and more deformed thanks to Art Storm and their new poseable toy of the classic giant robot. There's plenty more in the gallery as always, so give a view below.

[Images via Cyber Gundam]

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