Stop motion version of the X-Men TAS intro is okay

Would be nicer without the preface

8:00 PM on 12.19.2012

Many of the Toy Biz Marvel Legends (and spin-offs) have appeared in a stop motion version of the X-Men: The Animated Series intro. Despite being bogged down by a lame live-action preface, the actual stop motion video is pretty decent and features a heavy amount of special effects.

Marvel action figure aficionados will recognize many of the figures used as well as some odd incongruities. For instance, the ending sequence (also used for the title card) seems to feature a 3.75-inch X-Men line-up consisting of Marvel Universe figures (including a repainted Jubilee) and a vintage Professor X against a 6-inch rogues gallery mostly consisting of Toy Biz Marvel Legends figures (I'm not sure about the Magneto). Then again, that looks like a 6-inch Storm and Gambit in that scene (we saw the Legends/X-Men Classics versions of both characters earlier in the video; ditto for the Wolverine) so it's somewhat confusing. That's definitely the Marvel Universe Cyclops in the front, though.

Also interesting is the change to the rogues' line-up. Gone are Thunderbird, Gargoyle, and Avalanche, whom are replaced by Omega Red and Mr. Sinister. I can understand the omission of Gargoyle, but Avalance had an X-Men Classics figure and it would have made more sense to have Warpath replace Thunderbird. That said, Mr. Sinister really deserved inclusion more than Thunderbird or Gargoyle anyway so I'm more than okay with this bit of revisionist cartoon history.

While not perfect, there seems to have been a fair deal of effort put into the video and it's mostly accurate to the intro. Be sure to check it out if you get a chance. Video after the jump.

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