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Step into this pre-order for Rockman X D-Arts Zero Type 2

7:00 AM on 02.01.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

Last September, Zero from Capcom's popular series Rockman X (Mega Man X) made his Bandai D-Arts debut in his original armor from the first title. It was basic but so was a lot of things about the first title when you look at the art. Now Zero is back again in his refined armor that first appeared in Rockman X2.

Pre-orders have opened for the 130mm tall D-Arts Zero (TYPE 2) figure and it's amazing what those shoulder pads and trim does for his design. Much better looking! D-Arts Zero (TYPE 2) will include a straight blade version of his Z-Saber, a swinging action version of his Z-Saber, replacement Z-Buster arm, a serious face, a yelling face, and replacement hands to hold the Z-Saber. So you're given many options on how you want to pose Zero.

Bandai's D-Arts Zero (TYPE 2) is retailing for ¥3,500 and will be available in May. If you don't want to buy direct from Japan, keep an eye on the Blue Fin Distribution, the domestic distributor of the D-Arts line for the possibility of Zero being added. So Rockman X fans on Tomopop, did you get the first version? Or did you skip that version and are now excited to see this version? Or are you just patiently awaiting Vava (Vile) or the possibility of a Volnutt from Rockman DASH?

[Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi]

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