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Good Smile Company: Steiff plush Pikachu

Steiff makes a fuzzy Pikachu plushie for only US$365

10:00 PM on 12.07.2015 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Only sold in Japan

What happens when Nintendo, Good Smile Company, and the German teddy bear artisans at Steiff team up? You get the most amazing Pikachu plushie imaginable with a rather amazing price to match. The most famous of all of Pokemon will soon be among the most luxurious of plushies when he's hand stitched from super soft mohair and completed with neck and shoulder articulation. He'll have some good size to him, too, sitting at 11 inches tall. 

But if you're familiar with Steiff then you know their quality comes at a price. Pikachu will be limited to only 1,000 pieces and priced at ¥45,000 (about US$365) when he's released in February. Good Smile Company is in charge of distribution and currently he's only available in Japan at the Pokemon Center, the Amazon Pokemon Store, and the Good Smile Online Shop.

The Japanese are pretty well known for spending lots of money on high ticket items of their favorite characters, but would you buy an expensive Pikachu if it were sold in the west?

[via GSC Kahotan's blog]

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