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Stay on the Kotobukiya Ayase's good side with this new gallery

12:00 AM on 10.25.2011 // Chang Su

To a closet-case geek such as myself, OreImo's Aragaki Ayase is the stuff of nightmares. This innocuous-looking girl is the type that would strike you down the great vengeance and furious anger if she so much as catches a glimpse of your display shelves. Yet for an embodiment of my darkest horrors, Kotobukiya's Ayase looks awfully...cute in these new preview photos from GA Graphic.

Ayase's face comes in two flavours: simmering rage and murderous calm. As the photos suggest, the series' signature blush seems to have been played up since we last saw her, and even I have to admit her faces look great. I can't say I'm too crazy about her pose, though. While the way she rests her hand on her hips may give off a slightly confrontational flavour, the body language still seems too diluted to really speak to me. But then again, perhaps my personal bias against the character clouds my judgement. What are your thoughts on the character and the figure, Tomopeeps?

[via GA Graphic]

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