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Star Wars figures and dominoes enter Toy Hall of Fame

9:00 PM on 11.16.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

That would be a double win for Star Wars dominoes

I wonder if the Magic 8 Ball predicted this outcome or if Clue came to this conclusion? Both of those were nominated for the Toy Hall of Fame class of 2012, but ultimately lost out to Star Wars action figures and dominoes. Star Wars marks only the second time action figures have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since starting in 1998, the first being G.I.Joe. Star Wars action figures first launched in 1978 following the rampaging success of the fist Star Wars film. The figures proved to be in such high demand Kenner was forced to produce their famous "Early Bird" promotion. Parents were encouraged to buy an empty box for Christmas with a certificate that guaranteed them figures when the line was finally launched. This was basically the first figure pre-order. There was a 10-year break between 1985 and 1995, but we've seen figures on the shelves ever since so the rest is history.

Dominoes are one of those things that most kids have played with, but probably not the way that was originally intended. For kids (and even a lot of adults) its a lot more fun to stand them up and knock them down than it is to actually learn the rules of the game. They join the list of other non-traditional play things that have made their way into the Hall of Fame such as the stick, the cardboard box, and the blanket. The Hall of Fame isn't just about toys and games, but about things children have played with that have stood the test of time, fostered the imagination, or been a major innovation in play. Seeing as how dominoes have been around for some 700 years I'd say they've certainly got the longevity part down.

Aside from the Magic 8 Ball and the board game Clue nominees include green army men, the pogo stick, the tea set, Twister, and sidewalk chalk. And it's never too early to think about 2013, nominations are already being accepted and anyone can make one.

[via Associated Press

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