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Squirrelpool can be yours with a few easy steps and a bit of luck

10:00 AM on 09.16.2011 // Chris Pranger

Deadpool is one of the greatest characters ever to come out of Marvel. Squirrels are one of the greatest animals ever to come out of evolution. Combining the two results in a general speechlessness on my end, mostly because I don't know if what I'm seeing is one of the greatest things ever, or if I really am just seeing the face of God. Some of you may have already known about Squirrelpool back from SDCC and felt the sharp pangs of sorrow at your inability to own one as they were very much exclusive to the con. However, Gentle Giant still wants to give you a chance to get your hands on one of these, even if it is a slim chance. Squirrelpool would take the chance on you! Why won't you return the favor?

Five lucky winners will get Squirrelpool absolutely free, and all you have to do to become eligible is either pre-order any of the busts from Gentle Giant's Marvel page, or purchase their Captain America movie bust right now. Might I suggest Thor Frog? If you succeed in doing this simple task before Noon PST on Monday the 19th, then on Tuesday the 20th your name may be drawn, resulting in Squirrelpool getting added to your order at no extra charge, which is usually what "absolutely free" tends to me.

Also, Gentle Giant is being very kind and letting every pre-order count as another entry, though you can only win once. I'm all for this, especially since I love the busts that Gentle Giant does and gush over the fact that their prices are reasonable for someone on my budget. If only I could have a Squirrelpool sitting on my desk. Yeah...that's be sweet.... Someone go win this for me please!

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Chris Pranger,
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