Sora and Riku Dream Drop into Play Arts Kai line

10:30 PM on 02.08.2013 // Scarecroodle

Be still, my fluttering Kingdom Hearts

Sora and Riku will be joining the Play Arts Kai line in their Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance duds. KH:DDD, the first Kingdom Hearts game on the 3DS, featured Sora and Riku (both playable) visiting "sleeping worlds" as part of a "Mark of Mastery" test to prove themselves as true keyblade masters.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise may have taken some bizarre turns over the years, but the core concept of Square-Enix meets Disney has always remained cool. Likewise, the Kingdom Hearts characters have seen a fair deal of merchandise although, for some, the novelty of these figures may not hold up as well. That said, I generally like the look of both characters. Other than Sora's face turning out even goofier than usual.

Sora comes with the iconic Kingdom Key and Ultima Weapon keyblades while Riku gets his Way to the Dawn and Divewing keyblades. If you haven't picked up a Sora or Riku yet, this might be a good opportunity.

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