Something is off about Griffon's Ichika from Ano Natsu

I feel like Griffon's 1/7-scale Ichika came from some other place than space.

11:00 AM on 11.09.2012

More Ano Natsu de Matteru figures? Why not!? Well, I guess good for me since I just recently finished the title and it's still fresh in my memory. Griffon Enterprises has set their eyes on the popular female lead of this title, Ichika Takatsuki. Shocker, I know.

In looking at Griffon's 1/7-scale Ichika, something doesn't seem right about this girl. Yes, she's an alien but that's not it. There's something else. Maybe it's the generic pose. No, we've seen boring poses like this many times before. Perhaps it's how unnatural the flipping skirt looks or how her legs seem unusually disproportionate. Though the legs could just be because of where the skirt stops lifting making it look like they go on forever. Wait. It's that face! I know official art tends to be inconsistent but even this face doesn't come close to the art it's based on! The shape of the face looks too round when looked at head on and the mouth, lips, and nose look too small. From the angle it's not as bad but a figure should be viewed decently from all angles. And don't get me started on the hair! Now is that what's really wrong with this figure? Hmm... Oh, I know what's off about Griffon's Ichika! Everything!

For a 1/7-scale figure, this is absolutely boring, lacks any real details to match the art it's based on, and comes off very lazy. Griffon Enterprises attempt to recreate everything about the official art is poor. In a time where figure makers have stepped up and started adding mini-sets to their figures, Griffon could have stood out a little more and done the same with Ichika sitting on a fence. At a retail price of ¥7,800, I still can't see it worthwhile even after a discount! If you're not as critical as me and you are still interested, expect Griffon's 1/7-scale Ichika to be available in January, 2013.

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