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Snow Miku Nendoroid officially arrives!

7:00 PM on 01.21.2013 // Emily Smalara

Good Smile Company - Nendoroid

It's been a bit of a wait since we first took a look at the gorgeous upcoming Snow Miku Nendoroid, but thankfully we've now got some more concrete news on her availability! As expected, she'll be available for the lucky guests of WonFest and a number of other shows in February, but you'll be able to pre-order her at the GSC Online Shop from February 10th to the 18th!

Even for the most casual Nendo fan, this one's a hard one to pass up. Miku is absolutely stunning in a beautifully designed kimono and complete with a suitable wintery diorama. It's odd to see her without her trademark twintails, but she's certainly no less appealing for it! Her official arrival won't be until June, but get ready to fork over that ¥4,000 ASAP!

[via Nendonesia]

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