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Six franchises that need the Revoltech touch

10:00 AM on 02.02.2010 // Andres Cerrato

When Brian spoke up a couple of weeks ago about what franchises should get the Figma treatment, it lit a flurry of thought in me. Kaiyodo's Revoltech figures has certainly been one of my favorite figure lines since its inception. However, like Figmas, the line is dominated by a few key series.

If there is one thing that the Revoltech line has succeeded in is showing love to series that usually don't get much love. Overman King Gainer, Giant Robo, and Dancouga Nova are just a few of the seldom seen series that have received the loving treatment from Kaiyodo. In the three years the line has existed, it has also branched out beyond just robotics, with lines being exclusively devoted to Sci-Fi, Fist of the North Star, Street Fighter Online, Fraulein, and the infamous Queen's Blade. Still, there are a number of releases that still haven't seen the spotlight they deserve.

Hit the jump to check out what I feel needs to come to the Revoltech line.

Like Brian, I've also decided to institute some rules for my selections. One, the series or line can only have one previous release amongst its ranks. Second, it has to be something that Kaiyodo has access to. This means no Gundam, Dragonball, or anything that Figma has laid its hands on. Let's get on with the listing!

Number 6: Megas XLR

While it's a canceled show from an American network, there is no reason as to why Kaiyodo can't make my dreams come true make a Megas Revoltech. The do-all mecha has only seen two releases, an extremely limited action figure only offered on Cartoon Network's online shop and a statue from DC Direct. The main reason I'd like to see a Megas XLR Revoltech is that it truly embodies the super robot spirit.

Will we see it made?

The only road block, and it's a fairly gigantic roadblock, is that it's a series that did not do well enough in the U.S., and never saw an audience outside its shores. When Queen's Blade goes classy, we'll get a Megas Revoltech.

Number 5: Zone of the Enders

Hideo Kojima's other popular franchise, Zone of the Enders, has seen next to nothing in terms of releases. The occasional garage kit does come out, but absolutely nothing for the mass markets. While many came to know the series for its inclusion of the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, many became fans due its unique mechanical designs. Cockpit, anyone?

Will we see it made?

It's completely within the realm of possibility. With Kojima being always rumored to wanting to make a 3rd ZotE, it's no doubt that there's interest in the series. It's a design that's well suited to Revoltech and who wouldn't kill to have a figure of Anubis? I wouldn't make any bets with Vegas as to when one would be released, but should ZotE 3 be made, I would expect an announcement soon thereafter.

Number 4: The Metal Gear franchise

There are so many possibilities that can be explored here. For many, the goal of having their very own Metal Gear Rex is not attainable. Revoltech can make that happen. A figure of Solid Snake that can hold its weapons and come with a cardboard box? A definite buy for many of us. There is just so much potential for a ton of releases that can be abused with repaints galore and not one of us would bat an eye at paying for different camouflages from Snake Eater. Not to mention a possible decent looking Raiden or a Fraulein release of Meryl. This is something I want to see happen.

Will we see it made?

I think that we'll actually get this down the line. With Peacewalker coming later this year, I have my bets placed on seeing a prototype by Tokyo Toy Fair. Kaiyodo currently has the license on Metal Gear figures and produced 2 waves of fixed-posed figures last year. If Kaiyodo wants for Revoltech to print money, we'll be seeing them by December.

Number 3: FLCL's Kanti

If there has been a more requested figure to be made, I haven't heard of it. Kanti of FLCL has been frequently mentioned as a figure that people want to be a part of their collection. However, the only two existing figures are notorious for having joint issues. The pair, made by Kaiyodo, are a popular target for modifications with Revoltech joints.

Will we see it made?

Kaiyodo has definitely proven to be a fan of Gainax's work. With mecha Evangelion, Diebuster, and Gurren Lagann all seeing releases. Kaiyodo made the only other release of Kanti, so I wouldn't pass off the possibility. Considering this year marks the 10th anniversary of the series, I can't imagine a better time for Kanti to get the Revoltech treatment.

Number 2: Shonen Jump Series

Let's face it, Shonen Jump does not see a lot of its series get a lot of attention outside of fixed-statues. The figures that are released tend to be utter crap. The publication giant deserves its own line of its entire catalog of series. The reason I propose this is due to the success generated by the Fist of the North Star and Queen's Blade side lines. How would you like to recreate your own version of Jump Ultimate Stars? Imagine that you could have a figure line with characters from One Piece, Hajime no Ippo, Jojo's Bizaare Adventure, Ruroni Kenshin, Yugi-Oh, Eyeshield 21, and countless others. Anyone of these series could see their own line, but it's definitely an entire group that I'd love to see.

Will we see it made?

As much as I would love to see it, it's probably not going to happen. A possible 6th-line would strech Kaiyodo to its limits, but what glorious and money-making limits they would be. They've already dedicated one line to a Shonen Jump property, Fist of the North Star, so it's definitely a possibility. However, it's not going to happen without much patience and licensing fees.

Number 1: Super Robot Wars Original Generation

Collectors of Revoltech have pretty much created their own SRW with their collections. Getter Robo standing next to a YF-19 from Macross Plus, along with a Dougram and Patlabor is its own SRW scenario. A Revoltech of the SRW-Z exclusive unit Black Gainer XAN was even created. Yet, there is still nothing of the originals. A Revoltech of the near-inconceivable mecha SRW would be amazing. Throw in R1, R2, and R3, Alteisen, Dygenguar and a horde of others makes creating a line in of itself an easy task. If there can be 8 releases from just Gurren Lagann alone, we can make room for one release from SRW OG.

Will we see it made?

I would safely make a bit that this would be created. With Revoltech streching more into video game franchises, such as Devil May Cry and Professor Layton, this is the most logical next choice. Although Kotobukiya does produce its own line of model kits for the SRW Originals, I can forsee at least an exclusive Revoltech for an upcoming SRW title.

Honorable Mention: King Kittan

I know I said that I would keep this to series that haven't seen any attention, but I simply can't ignore this grave omission. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has had 10 of the past 25 releases in the Revoltech line. Not a single one of these figures has been King Kittan.

Will we see it made?

I'd wager to believe that King Kittan will inevitably be made. I can't imagine a reason as to why it wouldn't. If anything, include an actual Giga Drill Break to get people to buy it. I'd gladly shell out the extra cash just to get my hands on one.Photo Gallery: (7 images)
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