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Sillof of Sillof's Workshop Interviewed

1:34 PM on 04.24.2008 // Qais Fulton

We've featured the work of Sillof, custom toy creator extraordinnaire, several times here on Tomopop. The brains behind the Victorian Avengers, Gaslight Justice League, and Steampunk Star Wars figures must be fascinating right? Well, Gizmodo gave into their curiosity and were lucky enough to obtain an interview with Mr. Sillof.

A high school History teacher (why weren't any of my teachers this cool?), Sillof expounds on how he got his start customizing toys, gives some advice to budding customizers, and raps a bit on the vagaries of his favorite hobby.  Apparently he hasn't yet been contacted by any large toy production companies (or isn't allowed to talk about it) so your dreams of a Steampunk Vader will remain as such, at least for the time being. The full interview is available on Gizmodo and is well worth a read for any fans of his work.

Qais Fulton,
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