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Sideshow's Poison Ivy now has a gallery and pre-order

10:30 PM on 07.06.2012 // Andres Cerrato

There was a very positive response here at Tomopop for Sideshow Collectibles' first Premium Format figure of DC Comics' Poison Ivy. She's best described as shapely, voluptuous, villainous, and most importantly, up for immediate order.

As you will see in the gallery, Premium Format Poison Ivy is enormous. With the base included, the piece is 21 inches tall. You are getting a ton of Ms. Isley here and she is worth every penny, 34,999 of which to be exact. The detail is absolutely stunning and well worth the price you're paying. The leaves are simply stunning in how they wrap about the body, especially with how her legs sink into the foliage at the base.

If you find yourself entranced by the man-eating plants, they're a Sideshow exclusive, and are an optional display piece. As for now, you can pre-order right now only through Sideshow, so it's a great bonus to have. You can start saving your money for this December when Premium Format Poison Ivy is released for the price of $349.99. Yes, it's expensive, but this is a damn beautiful statue. See why this may just be worth your wallet with the full gallery below.

[Pre-Order Premium Format Poison Ivy at Sideshow Collectibles]

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