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Sideshow is willing to put Iron Man in your living room for a price

12:00 PM on 09.08.2011 // Chris Pranger

Who is Iron Man? Well, to be honest, I am Iron Man. Also, Sideshow is Iron Man. Or rather, their new and impressive life-sized Iron Man bust is Iron Man. It even glows and everything. And glowing things can't be cheap, can they? Well probably not, but will that stop us Iron Man fans from pre-ordering this Iron Man bust? Probably!

Dang, I need to make a point of not spoiling the ending here (US$749.99). Wait, did I just give away the ending (US$749.99) without thinking again? Shoot, I guess I just can't keep (US$749.99) a secret for very long. Iron Man there, despite being all shiny and light-up, is US749.99. Richer men than I need keep reading. Those still around, may I borrow money? Aha, I just kid (I never kid).

Before I get too out of hand, the key piece of information to note is (US$749.99) that Sideshow's Thursday newsletter is releasing pre-order information for Tony Stark's robotic upper half right around 2 and 3PM today. If you want a chance to pre-order this Iron Man bust- a really nice looking Iron Man bust I might add- you should sign up for their newsletter. Those willing to pre-order, an immediate deposit of 10% (US$75) will be needed within 48 hours of the pre-order confirmation. You know, I'll go right ahead and let someone else go first. No no, I insist! Who wants to step up and drop some Tony Stark cash?

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Chris Pranger,
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