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Sideshow is giving you another chance to roll with Darunia

1:00 PM on 08.06.2011 // Chris Pranger

So, I like to find sneaky ways to talk about products that we've already talked about on Tomopop before. Darunia, the Goron chief from Ocarina of Time, has already been released over a year ago. Now, two things are different between that original post and this one. The first is that I was not around to call this tip when it first appeared, so I am retroactively claiming this tip as my own. Secondly, while it is still available at First 4 Figures' website, it is also not yet released. That's because Sideshow Collectibles is about to distribute it as well and thus wants to put a pre-order out again. I...I am thoroughly confused.

Just like before, Darunia is a polystone statue that stands 15" tall. However, there is one major change that seems pretty important. The statue used to be US$154.99 and still is at First 4 Figures' official site, but Sideshow Collectibles places a bit more value on the Sage of Fire, so his new price is US$169.99. Let me try to get this straight: Darunia is a statue that's already out and available to purchase, but if you'd like you could choose to spend $15 more and have to wait until the end of this year to get it? Why does that make sense?

I think the statue looks amazing, personally. Then again, Ocarina of Time is my bff of video games, so that plays in heavily to my desire for this statue. I think the modeling is excellent and the coloring if perfect. I want this statue, badly. But my brain is hurting too much from trying to understand what the hell is going on between distributors. It's not even like it's that difficult here as First 4 Figures is explicitly mentioned in the summary on the Sideshow Collectibles page, so it's not like you'd never know about their actual site or think to check there. Sideshow, I like you guys well enough, but this seems a bit underhanded and sneaky. Boo on underhanded and sneaky!

[Pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles ...I suppose]

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Chris Pranger,
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