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Sideshow Hulk undergoes limited ed. color transformation

12:00 PM on 01.09.2013 // Scarecroodle

Has the whole world gone grey?

Sideshow Collectibles has uploaded a photo gallery for its upcoming limited edition Grey Hulk comiquette. The design, based on a previously released Hulk, will be part of a Sideshow exclusive 500 piece limited run.

Fans may best remember the Grey Hulk as an alternate, more intelligent Hulk persona who was even able to hold down a job (albeit as an enforcer). Less remembered is that it's also the color originally used for the Hulk and was later changed partly due to difficulties associated with the printing process. This basic design has been used at least twice before (once for a traditional Hulk and again for a Red Hulk variant), but doesn't seem to have lost any steam. It features a new headsculpt (or, at the very least, new hair) that sets it apart from those previous, other colored releases. While I find the look preferable to the original version, I'm not sure as to whether I like the Grey Hulk or Red Hulk more as a variant. Both seem to bring their own charm to the table.

The Gray Hulk comiquette will have a US$359 price tag when pre-orders open on January 10th and will be listed through the Sideshow Newletter. 

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