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Sideshow Collectibles has the newest Hot Toys available for pre-order

7:00 PM on 12.20.2010 // Andres Cerrato

My favorite toy company in the world is Hot Toys. It hurts when just about everything they release is something that I want. Whether it's Iron Man, Tron, or Michael Jackson, they make it very difficult to keep the wallet in the pocket when pre-orders go up. This new round is making it just that much harder for me. On Sideshow Collectibles, there are several new items from Hot Toys to tempt your wallet. 

I love just about everything Iron Man, so the MkVI armor easily becomes a want. While it was previewed way back in July, it's now available for pre-order with a special Sideshow exclusive. You can get the standard MkVI for $209.99 or for just an extra $5, grab the Sideshow exclusive and get an extra left forearm armor. The bonus piece can be used on any of Hot Toys' True Type bodies, so imagine the possibilities. 

If you caught TRON: Legacy this weekend, regardless of your opinion on the film, you have to say that these figures by Hot Toys are none the less impressive. Kevin Flynn is a modest $149.99 while Sam Flynn and his light cycle will go for $299.99.

The MkVI is definitely tempting and pretty much anything TRON is a must get for me. Anyone plan on adding these to their collection?

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