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Sideshow Major Bludd

Sideshow brings Cobra's Major Bludd into their ranks

9:00 PM on 10.29.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

New 1/6 scale figure of terrorist mercinary also gets a exclusive incentive

In today's world it's kinda easy to look at the G.I. Joe arch nemesis Cobra as a rather silly excuse for a terrorist organization. What with their ranks filled with so many oddball misfits it's a little hard to take them seriously as an actual threat. However, something always struck me as a little more 'real' about Major Bludd. Between the eye patch and cybernetic right arm he seemed like someone that had actually seen real war first hand. While most of the other Cobra members looked like they were just playing war games, the Major looked like he was ready for battle!

So it's high time Major Bludd found his way into the highly detailed 12 inch format courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles! Bludd comes with everything an evil mercenary needs to take on G.I. Joe and isn't lacking in details in the slightest. Starting from the head you get a very grizzled, war-hardened version of the Major. The standard release features him with an eye patch, but the exclusive limited edition comes with an alternate head revealing a nasty scar over his left eye and also comes with a nifty little clip-on augmented optical unit. His helmet can be removed as well.

His body is, of course, clad in a real cloth outfit and covered in armor which includes a removable chest plate. His cybernetic right arm is highly detailed and even features articulated fingers! He's covered in extra storage pockets and even has a spot in his boot for holding a knife. He's armed to the teeth with three big guns: a multi-barreled sabot rail gun with three darts; a 9mm sub-machine gun with four magazines; and a .50 caliber heavy barreled revolver sidearm with holster. He also has a backpack that can hold four additional sabot darts.

If you're ready to recruit Major Bludd the Sideshow exclusive will run you US$174.99, but you've got all the way to June 2013 to save your pennies. Sideshow also has a payment plan starting at US$58.33 a month if that's better for you. No word yet on how limited this version will be, but I'm sure they'll announce something soon. If you'd prefer to stick with another store like Big Bad Toy Store they're taking orders now for the standard version also at US$174.99.

There's still over seven months to go before his release, but guns for hire rarely stick around for long!

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