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Show & Tell: Piposdoll's Charlotte

2:00 PM on 06.17.2011 // Tomopop Staff

I have been enamored with anthro dolls for quite some time -- where most people see creepy, I see charming and adorable. I've been especially fond of Pipos' anthro offerings, but up until a few months ago I couldn't work up the nerve to actually buy one. I was used to sturdy vinyl dolls, and I was worried about the fragility of resin. Plus, I wasn't sure if I was really ready to make the plunge into the world of anthro dolls!

Then I saw the special Midsummer Night's Dream edition of Charlotte, their female cat doll. I get a lot of figures, even dolls, but every once in a while I see something that I need to own. My Dollfie Mari was really the first figure that called to me like that, but with Charlotte I had the same feeling. There was just something magical about her, and while I waffled over it for a few days I eventually found her in my cart -- and a hefty chunk taken out of my bank account!

I was actually the very last person to order Charlotte, as she sold out right after I bought her, which meant a long wait. I ordered her on March 23, and she arrived on June 13! Of course, the anticipation nearly killed me. When you spend that much on something, it can be incredibly nervewracking to wait for it to come in the mail. What if the faceup wasn't as nice as the original shots? What if the resin broke in transit? So hit the jump and check her out person, and see if she was a worthwhile purchase!

I'm used to Dollfie boxes which are quite frankly boring so I was quite surprised when I got Charlotte in the mail. For starters, the actual box she was shipped in was a gorgeous wine red and incredibly sturdy, and I opened it up to find what looked like a box of chocolates! The packaging on the doll itself was incredibly thorough to make sure she did not get damaged in shipping, a testament to the dedication of the company that made her.

When I opened her box, Charlotte was wrapped in what seemed like a thousand layers of bubble wrap, foam, and plastic. It took a good ten minutes to get her free, and then I finally got to see her in full. I think my jaw dropped, because she was more beautiful than I ever imagined. The dress, the faceup -- it was all even better than what had been originally shown off.

She's also quite small, at least compared to the 60cm height of dollfies! Charlotte is listed as 27 cm, but that's including her ears. She's about 1/6 scale, but I love her petite size. It fits her look perfectly, and I feel like it would honestly be a bit odd to have a giant anthro doll!

Every time I see her face, even in pictures, I am blown away. Seriously, just look at the detail. Even if you don't like dolls, you have to admit that she is absolutely stunning. I could sit and stare at her all day!

From the back you can see her tail, which attaches with magnets. The magnet it attaches to is actually taped to her back! Kind of silly if you think about it, but since Charlotte does not have a torso joint it would be nearly impossible to attach it internally.

The amount of detail on her outfit is astounding. The dress itself is sheer, with a separate corset with lots of little parts and then a pair of sequined bloomers underneath. Then there's the stockings and the headpiece, which simply slides over her ear. I'm very thankful that they dressed her before she was shipped, because I imagine getting on all these parts would take quite a while!

Posing Charlotte was a bit difficult at first. She is a strung doll, which means her internal skeleton is basically very sturdy and elastic string. Dollfies and Azone dolls, on the other hand, have a vinyl internal skeleton, so they hold poses a bit easier. Posing strung dolls is a more delicate process, though she stands remarkably well in her heels!

Speaking of heels, Charlotte comes with some option parts: a set of flat feet and beast paws. While I am not going to change her shoes anytime soon, I would like to put the extra hands on. Honestly, I'm quite nervous about actually changing them so for now, she still has her human-like hands!

I was worried about how fragile the resin would be, and Charlotte does indeed feel particularly "breakable." She certainly won't shatter from falling down, but I do worry a bit about chipped ears or fingers. In fact, she stays mostly in her box. I bring her out to stare at her a few times a day, but until I get her a little chair to sit in she's staying in bubblewrap!

Charlotte is, without a doubt, one of my favorite things I have ever purchased. While I love all of my figures, there is something special about her, something unique. I am so incredibly happy that I pulled the trigger and ordered her, even if I did have to wait an agonizing 2 and a half months!

Thanks to Stephen Donaldson for taking these pictures, and also for putting up with my complete obsession with anthro dolls. Seriously, I have a problem! I'm already eying Dollzone's Burton to keep my Charlotte company ...

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Tomopop Staff,
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