Show & Tell: Leah and Stephen's After-Christmas Extravaganza!


So, Tomopeeps, another Christmas has come and gone. But while the holiday high wears off, and we think forlornly about all the sweets we inhaled, there are always new goodies for us to play with! Brand-new figures, still in their shiny boxes, plushes not yet worn from snuggling, and stockings filled with candy and blind-boxes! Or at least, that's how Christmas went for me and Stephen this year.

So hit the jump to check out our Christmas-tastic loot! 

Ahh, the Christmas tree. Unwrapped boxes, filled to the brim with potential. Now, all this stuff wasn't just for us! My entire family's presents are also under here, though we did have so many this year that there was a bit of overflow onto a nearby table. Yeah ... my family takes Christmas very seriously. 

Well, let's start off today's Show & Tell with Stephen's presents! 

I've always found stockings to be one of the best parts of Christmas. As a kid, they were the one thing I could open before my parents got up, so they made sure to put a lot of stuff in there that would keep me occupied while they made coffee. Even though I am now old enough to no longer want to wake up at 6 a.m. on Christmas morning, the tradition of stuffed-to-the-brim stockings continues! These are the goodies I stuffed in Stephen's this year.

Stephen: I really love the little Yetis. Yetis are one of my favorite animals and I have a lot of them in vinyl for some reason, so these are a welcomed addition to my Yeti collection. The Gundams are SPARKLY! (And pretty badass too, one has a windmill scythe thing he fights with!) Pikachu is awesome in his many versions here and I really love the vinyl one; he goes well with a vinyl Charmander I got last year. I also really like that goofy dog trash can plush guy that Leah's parents found for me as he's just so goofy and is apparently from Astro Boy.

You have to start out with some small gifts, so I got him a bear doctor Nendoroid and some Re-ment to pose him with! The kotatsu is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! Prinny was a gift for me, but he just happened to be sitting with the Re-ment and he looked so goofy perched on the Nendo box.

Stephen: OMFG YEAH Dr. LEONARDO! That aside, I've wanted Dr. Leonardo for quite some time as he's just so ridiculous; I mean, he's a bear that somehow got a medical degree, loves pizza and honey, and gets angry quite often. How can people not love that!? The kotatsu is also pretty amazing and detailed and now I can finally have my Nendoroids hanging out getting relief from the cold outside in photoshoots.

These aren't technically toys, but they're probably the gift I am most proud of finding, so here they are! A complete, laser-cut badge set from the Sinnoh region. 

Stephen: I am a Pokemon master! These were quite the surprise and are really awesome in person. I loved Platinum so much and these badges are some of the more interesting ones from the series so I'm glad to have them in my possession.

Stephen is a big Haruhi fan, so when I saw the Max Factory version of her for a good price I had to snatch her up. Then I found the Alter one for only a tad more, and I couldn't pick between them so I got both! I'm pretty much a present-shopping-aholic. I can't stop! In fact, I got figure-related presents for my entire family. My mom got Alter's Gwendolyn, my dad the Revoltech Yotsuba, and I grabbed a few Gundam kits for my uncle.

Stephen: I'm so glad that I was able to get both the Max Factory and Alter versions. While I like the Alter pose and detail more, there's just something about the standard pointing pose of Max Factory's that I love as well. These two really go well together and you can never have too many of the same character in your collection if the figures are done well!

Going along with themed gifts, it's Lucky Star time! The Taito prize figures were actually a gift for me from Stephen (check out that little Gloomy Bear!), but the Lucky Star Clayz set was his "big present" from me. By the time I decided to get them for him, most of them were sold out at the usual stores, so I actually got these from 4 different shops. It was a bit hard, but totally worth it since he's been on the hunt for the set for quite some time.

Stephen: I had wanted to order these figures over time as they were released, but didn't have the money at the time. I love the Clayz versions of these gals since they go together so well as a set and really portray their characters well and filled the gap nicely of not having many figures from this show, especially when I enjoyed it so much.

I got him some other things, but they are definitely not toys, so let's move on to my gifts!

Well, these don't really have a theme, but that doesn't make them any less awesome! We've got Kotobukiya's Sora, Alter's Buddy, and Orchid Seed's Ignis. All figures I've been lusting after for quite some time, especially Buddy! She was a pre-order I was kicking myself for missing, which Stephen must have known 'cause she wound up under the tree.

Stephen: Sora I had to get after Leah's mother had gotten one for her birthday a few weeks ago, and Leah looked like she wanted her badly. Buddy I had gotten because I knew that Leah couldn't get one in her regular monthly order and with her flying off the shelves, I managed to get her one of the last ones for a good price. Lastly, Ignis was something we had been looking for for a while and decided to gift to ourselves for the hell of it since she's just so pretty and was a great price.

So, I am sure many of you know how fond I am of Tamaki and the ToHeart girls in general, so a lot of my presents are from the series. A LOT. Even got a doujin snuck its way in there! If anyone was counting, there are 4 Tamakis, 1 Manaka, 1 Konomi, 1 Nanako and 1 Haruka. Let's take a closer look at some of these figures!

Stephen: I just had to make it a Tamaki-tastic Christmas for Leah! That and many of Tamaki's friends popped up in shops and I couldn't resist putting them under the Christmas tree as well!

Of all of my Tamakis, the Night Before Xmas one is probably my second favorite. Yes, it's a sculpt that we've seen before, but I am an utter sucker for Christmas-themed things and I think the red really suits her more than the previous pink and black outfits. 

OH DEAR LORD IT'S LOPPI ASUKA! I pretty much screamed when I opened her box: she was a super-limited figure exclusive to Lawson's online store, and I honestly never thought I'd own her. Asuka is my most-favorite anime character, and I have even more figures of her than I have of Tamaki. I actually think this Asuka is my favorite, knocking Koto's Test Suit version from of the top spot. 

Stephen: This was a last minute impulse buy, but I knew I had to get it for Leah; I already had her big present and most of her smaller ones as well, but the fact that I was even able to find one of these meant I had to jump on it immediately. I knew that Leah would never expect this under the tree and her smile was totally worth the extra effort to get one.

It's a family tradition to have tags from people somehow related to the present inside (for example, my mom's second Season of True Blood was from "a very dramatic vampire"), so I was a bit curious about what was inside this box. It was HUGE, the big pink one in the first shot, and I couldn't think of any Eva-related things that large that could be inside. Unless... it couldn't be...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! That's right, Stephen got me DOLLFIE MARI as my main present. I almost fainted with joy, and I might have screamed a little bit.

Stephen: I actually started planning for this present way back in August or so. I was able to find one, surprisingly, and Leah and I were debating purchasing her together, but then I decided she'd be better as a present and went for it. I was a bit of an asshole as I showed Leah the sold out page, but thankfully over those few months she forgot about missing out on Mari and I was able to get her under the tree as a surprise still.

She's just so beautiful! It's been almost a week, and I still look over at her with shock every once in a while. I mean, it's DOLLFIE MARI. She's even more gorgeous in person than I thought she would be. I think Stephen managed to top my gift from last year

Mari was actually a joint gift from my family. My parents paid for part of her, which in my eyes makes her extra-special. I mean, how many parents out there are willing to buy a Dollfie for their kid? 

And here they all are, stacked into one giant tower of presents! There are a few more shots in the gallery, including some extras of Mari, so don't forget to check them out. What did you get for Christmas this year, Tomopeeps?

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