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Show and Tell: Yume Black Edition

4:00 PM on 11.19.2010 // Colette Bennett

I don't suffer a lot of toy regret if I miss something. Usually, if I want to buy a figure, I make a point of getting my hands on it. That being said, something must have come up when French artist Plastikmat announced his white Yume figure. The run was very limited (only 29 pieces were made), and something must have com between me and my moment of need, because I did not get my hands on one.

When news of the Black version popped up, I was bound and determined. I was going to get that figure. This version was limited to 19 pieces, each one handcast and hand-painted. Could I manage to snag one of such a limited run?

Well, I did. As you can see. And I am pretty thrilled to have her. Hit the jump and I'll show you what a special toy she is. 

When I opened the cardboard shipping box and pulled this out,  I was instantly like "Oh, this is going to be good." From the word go, Yume spells class. The white label around the bottom of the box tells us in katakana and English that this is the Black Edition of the figure. If you ease that off, you can open it from the far right side.

This box was literally packed with goodies. These two sketches were on top, which were hand-drawn by the artist. I'm going to frame them for sure ... but that wasn't even the start of all the extras I got in this sexy little package.

Also included was a button, a magnet, and several handmade stickers, which are just really cool. I love every aspect of the art design of Yume, so this was just like a little treasure trove to me.

I also got my own personalized thank you note. What a wonderful touch!

As you can see, I have the third figure in the run, which I think is pretty awesome. I tucked this safely inside the box for safekeeping. I have a feeling Yume will be worth quite a bit in the future due to her rarity.

I've never shot anything that challenged me as much as a photographer as Yume did. Because of her mirror-like finish, it was difficult to get all her details to show up on film. I tried a few things, but in the end I thought her simple form would look best in front of flowers.

I don't think Yume is for everyone. She is extremely understated. That being said, for the collector who is looking for something really different that stands apart from the sea of designer vinyl out there, I think she is a great option.

I love the back view, too. The curve of the back and how it slopes up into the hairstyle is one of the most beautiful points of that figure.

So pretty!

Yume also inspired me to play a bit. Since she has such a strong silhouette, you can use it to do cool stuff like this. There's more where that came from in the gallery.

Yume was pricey for a small figure (she's about 6" in height), but also worth it for a picky collector like me who's always on the lookout for something truly special. I love her, and I hope you've enjoyed getting a better look at her today!

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Colette Bennett,
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