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At 9:04 a.m. Eastern today, it officially became autumn. It's also my sister's 24th birthday (yes, I remembered), but that's not why I mentioned it. No, it means summer is over, and with that, the busiest summer of my life has come to an end. There were trips and journeys, long-distance flights and even longer-distance drives, along with a couple Java Chip Frappuccinos.

Most of all, there were toys. Mountains and mountains of toys. So much so that I could do a Show and Tell every week for the remainder of the year and probably still have some left over. To save you from that horror, I've decided to do one big round-up of all the stuff I got this summer; I have other Show and Tell plans anyways!

Hit the jump and check out all of the crap I got this summer!

And we start with ... a bag? Well, yes. It's a Spiki Chiisai from Kuso Vinyl that was part of my SDCC haul. But what could be inside?

A Thundercraps Lion-Oh Spiki! The logo on the belt should give away who designed the look (hint: It's Rotobox) and he looks pretty darn awesome. The other thing I like is though he's small, the simple pattern leaves painting to be not a problem and it shows because there aren't any paint mistakes on this piece. It was an SDCC exclusive, but you can still pick one up on the Kuso Vinyl store for US$15. And speaking of SDCC exclusives ...

It's Super Duper Caped Cavey! I've wanted a Cavey for a good long while, so I figured SDCC would be a good chance to actually pick one up without having to fight the entire Internet. This is the blue version that was available at Dragatomi, perhaps picked up for a good reason: I like blue. He's got a little mask and a cape, and he comes with a carrying bag, too.

Here's a shot of the back so you can see the cape. What's cool is that since he's weighed down at the bottom, Cavey will sit upright without any problems. I happen to like that since it makes him easier to display! You might also notice the tag's still on this, but that's for good reason:

It's signed by Holly (Cavey's creator) herself! Awesome!

Continuing with the SDCC pieces, we have something cool here: an Ox Warrior from Keith Poon! It's a smaller version of his larger pieces. Apologies for the white on white background ... I probably should have picked a different color, in hindsight.

And here's a shot of the face of the Ox Warrior so you can see some of the detail better. Keith went to great lengths to leave no surface unsculpted, it seems! And the look pays off because this is a great figure to look at, even at half the size of a regular Ox Warrior.

The best part? On the bottom, Keith signed the piece. Wicked!

YAY! I really, really love Gumdrop. 64Colors' little canine companion for Marshall was always a favorite in illustrated form, but when the opportunity came to snap him up in vinyl form, I had to take the opportunity. It was one of two pieces I got that were 64Colors-related (the other is a signed Marshall), and he's tiny but adorable! Look at those little ears and that little tongue! The SDCC exclusive was a glow-in-the-dark version that I absolutely love. I really, really hope he's a harbinger of what's to come, because a Gumdrop blind-boxed line would be the best thing ever.

True to his name, he glows in the dark, quite brightly, I might add!

Hey, Bobble Budds! These were the three SDCC-exclusive Budds, Sneaky, Scurvy and Bitey. I kind of wish I had an army of Sneakys, just so I could launch some surprise ninja attacks!

Next up is my first purchase from the recent Toy Karma 3 show: Kaiju Negora by Konatsu and Max Toy Co. The exclusive for the show featured Negora in a tabby-colored paint job, so I knew I couldn't pass it up. Plus, it's a cat monster with two tails that fights a giant carp. If you don't love that, there's something wrong with you.

A nice close-up shot so you can see some of the detailing around the face. It's just an awesome looking piece, all around, especially with those big yellow eyes!

Hey, there's a familiar face! The last of my SDCC pick-ups in this Show and Tell is good ol' Foster from Super7! This was the first public release of Foster, featuring him in his vanilla colorway (and not including the Fosters that showed up in Super7 Lucky Bags this year). He'd just so darn adorable eating himself like that with that big smile on his face! Definitely my favorite Super7 sculpt to date.

Another piece from Max Toy Co. that I added to my collection this summer was Lady Maxx. This is actually the purple version (I also have the pink version) and in particular, I noticed that the purple version looks a bit familiar. Do you recognize the color scheme showing up somewhere else? If you said Evangelion 01, then good for you; here's a cookie. I'm not too sure if Mark did this intentionally or not, but either way, it's awesome. And there's another surprise ...

She comes with an alternate head! Yes, you can swap the heads on Lady Maxx to show off her unmasked face ... but it's a pain in the butt! The piece of sofubi vinyl holding the head in is rather large, so it takes some creative positioning to get the job done, but it's totally possible. I wouldn't recommend doing it too much, though, because it gets frustrating!

But there's one more piece that's been a long, long time coming ...

Finally, I have a Chris Ryniak piece in my collection! This is the Cosmic Big Muscamoot that was an exclusive to the Toy Karma 3 event at Rotofugi. It's probably a fitting piece, too; it's named after Big Muscamoot Bay, which is about 15 miles from where I grew up. To say I'm tempted to take this with me next time I visit my parents and bring our cosmic friend back to his natural habitat for a few photos is ... well, an understatement.

It's also an incredibly gorgeous piece. I love the deep, dark blue color, interspersed with drops of silver paint like stars in the sky.

And now, summer can finally come to an end. Just in time for all those fall exclusives to start showing up, right? For the collector, the weather may change, but collecting season never ends ...

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