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A while ago, Troy Stith posted on his blog that Eyzor, a custom Munny he had done a long time ago, had found a new home. However, unlike his other customs, he wasn't taking finished pictures of it, instead supplying work-in-progress images. The reason, as it turns out, was that he expected the owner would be taking pictures.

Well, I guess I can kind of reveal that the mysterious buyer was yours truly. And on top of it, the Eyzor I originally was going to buy was not the Eyzor I ended up with.

If you want all the juicy details and some more pictures, though, you'll have to follow me after the jump. 

Eyzor's story begins in June 2009. It was then that I'd posted about the original Eyzor, the little steampunk guardian who'd been neglected. And neglected would be the story of poor Eyzor's life; Troy put him up in his shop and he didn't have a buyer for ... well, until I bought him in October 2010.

But buying him was just the beginning, because soon after, I got a message:

Thanks so much for ordering Eyzor, I figured after so long he would be a permanent fixture in my store. He was the first custom that I did and the funny thing about it is that I was going to take him down and revamp him in my new style and re-release him as '2.0'. If you're interested in something like that I'll do it for the same price, but I'll have to clear out the show pieces I have going on right now first. Of course you don't have to do this, but I wanted to offer it since it was something I was debating about doing with him anyway. I understand if you don't want to wait though. Let me know and I'll gladly get started on it as soon as these show customs are out the door. 

Honestly, at first, I didn't know what to say. First off, this was Troy's first piece ever, and it was gonna be mine. And I liked the little guy as is, but I also figured it was worth letting Troy work his magic on. And so, I went ahead with the revamping process. In between, Troy got bogged down with a lot of work for shows that you've probably seen posted on Tomopop, and this is where the patience thing I talked about in my A Collector's Take series comes into play. Sometimes an artist gets busy and you've got to wait, but any good artist eventually pulls through on a project.

In this case, the wait was totally worth it. Troy redid Eyzor in his more recent style, keeping the basics of the piece while adding some weathering and nature to the piece. When I ended up seeing it in person, I spent a good half an hour looking over all the little details.

Eyzor has a single eye, and by eye, I mean steam blaster to eviscerate those trying to do wrong. The sculpting of the eye is fantastic: I love how it looks like a little sun and how each gear is individually crafted to look unique, with the flat brass nozzle right in the middle. And take a look at the moss and the weathering ... just superb.

The belly of Eyzor holds his generator, probably worn and rusted from years of sitting there. The crank appears to be unable to move, despite my best efforts. However, it is rather gorgeous to look at, isn't it? Just the shape of the generator, all those little bands of rivets ... even the moss growing up Eyzor's leg looks splendid.

Eyzor has no arms, but he does have a halo-like tube that runs from one shoulder to the other. This probably carries the steam that powered him, but as you can tell, it's a bit dry right now.

But just as impressive is the base Eyzor comes on. Made of wood, it's been given a grass texture that looks amazing both from far away and close up. There are even trees and little rocks scattered about, giving Eyzor immense scale. It's all of the detail to the base that's really the best part of Eyzor and what sets him and Troy's other recent customs apart from everything else out there right now. 

Even the little trees have such crisp detail.

No part's been left untouched on this Munny. Even the little nub of a tail on the butt has been turned into a giant bolt. Compared to the size of the trees, they must have used a huge wrench to tighten it!

I think to say I'm happy with this custom is an understatement. It's gorgeous, and I'm incredibly glad it's a part of my collection.

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