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Every once in a while, I get a ton of stuff all at the same time that's not really content-heavy enough to show off as an individual post. Or it might be that I can't review it because it's something special. That's kind of the case recently, but that means it's a perfect case for a Show and Tell!

While you can see the three pieces I got above, you probably want to know a little more about them all, right? Well, I hope that's the case, since you're still reading it. Hit the jump and check this trio out!

Super7 Pocket Mummy Boy Midnight ver.

So to begin with, here's the only one that didn't come inside of a package: the Pocket Munny Boy that is my first kaiju piece and the first time I've bought something from Super7. Not that I hadn't wanted to before, but I was just waiting for a piece with a color scheme I liked. A light blue fading to dark blue Mummy Boy fit that bill perfectly.

As you can see, he's got quite a little bit of detail in his wraps, with some of them on his head sticking out. He's also missing his right arm, which I could not live without, but Mummy Boy doesn't mind too much. See how happy he is just to be here?

A shot from behind here shows off those wraps once again, and yes, he is a bit translucent. Like many of the other kaiju pieces I've seen, he's a single piece with no points of articulation or anything fancy like that, but that's not a bad thing at all. Pocket Mummy Boy's really a simple design and a great one at that.

On the bottom here, you can see not only the "Made in Japan" scrawled into the feet, but the name of Brian Flynn (co-founder/owner of Super7 and creator of Mummy Boy and many other characters) as well. I love how it's hand-written on each foot, which kind of gives it that old-school look, like how when kids would write their names on the bottom of toys so they could make sure it was their own.

64Colors/Rotofugi/Squibbles Ink Toasted Marshall

Next up is a take on a familiar face with Toasted Marshall. Created by the talented duo of 64Colors, Marshall's long been a favorite character of mine, so when I saw the toasted version of Marshall pop up, I knew I had to have one for myself.

Here, you can check out the actual packaging card Marshall came with. It's an entirely different packaging look (Marshall normally comes blind-boxed), and I like the warning about not eating him. Cute!

Oh my, someone's been a little too close to the fire, haven't they? Marshall's been "toasted" by the folks at Squibbles Ink, and by toasted, it's more or less just hand-painted on, so no worries; no flames were used! Each Marshall is supposed to have a different pattern on them, which makes them unique. Also, if you can't tell, his facial features and the 64Colors logo are now in a shade of black, as if they'd been burnt by the same flames that toasted Marshall.

You know, for having been toasted, Marshall sure looks happy. And as far as I know, all of the Toasted Marshalls feature the same default smiling Marshall face, so don't expect to find a special chase version should you buy one.

Of course, Marshall quickly found a little friend, but he was asleep. Heck, he's always sleepy, it seems ... can never get him to wake up.

And the good news? If you want one, they're back in stock at Rotofugi for US$15 each.

Poison Dunny #2 by Zukaty

Remember when we posted about these little guys? Yeah, I ended up getting one of them. I ended up getting #2 in the set because someone had already beat me to #1, but getting one of only nine that were made is enough to make me pretty happy.

The back of the packaging shows off not only the nine Poison Dunnys, but the two Radioactive ones that were also on sale. All nine had slight differences in their design, mostly on the "facial" design (check out the original post linked above for better details). I was really tempted to get the #8 broken bottle Dunny, but I ended up changing my mind at the last minute.

Out of the packaging, you can get a good look at the face of the 3" Dunny. The design is painted on there by hand and features a skull and crossbones Dunny-style. Everything looks really clean and there's even some nice detail on the bones in the skull and crossbones.

Improving upon the original design, which used the basic Sketchup Dunny body, Zukaty's added a more rounded lip to the bottle and a cork stopper on top for that authentic bottle look. I have to say that this is what sold me on the look, as it stands out from almost all of the other Dunnys I have.

And yes, the cork stopper comes out. No hidden secrets inside, though.

And of course, on the bottom, each one's been signed and numbered by Zukaty.

All told, am I happy I own all three of them? Absolutely. In fact, I'd have to say there's nothing else I could have bought in the past couple of weeks that I'd be happier with right now.

... Oh.

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