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Show and Tell: The first snowfall

3:00 PM on 12.10.2010 // Brian Szabelski

Just last week, the first snowfall of the year happened where I live. It wasn't much, but little Mugi had been waiting to put on her little gloves and head outside. She'd never been in the snow and wanted to experience what it was like.

Naturally, I agreed to let her do that, only on the condition I go with her. Didn't want a hawk or a squirrel to think she was food and steal her away now. In hindsight, I think it all turned out quite well.

Hit the jump and see how the adventure went!

As I said, it wasn't much snow, as the grass was still sticking up and green. But for Mugi, even one flake was enough. It was a reason for her to put on her little scarf and gloves and wander outside, which of course, made her happy.

She spent a good deal of time looking up into the sky to see the snow slowly falling. The wind was gentle and the snowflakes were rather large and clumping together at the time, forming something more like snow balls or snow clumps. It was perhaps the perfect weather for someone to experience snow for the first time. Or at least better than a blizzard.

She spent a good long time trying to catch flakes, or just spinning around in the wind-blown snow, pretending as if she were inside some glass globe that had just been shaken vigorously. 

The whole outside world, covered in little bits of snow here and there as it accumulated, caught Mugi's attention. She lost herself in the fluttering flakes, seemingly surprised by how beautiful it looked in person.

However, I soon began to realize that the wind had picked up something fierce and my hands were quickly going numb, even under my gloves. I also began to suspect Mugi's face was in danger of freezing in place like that, and I would not have that. 

Once back inside, Mugi decided it was time for tea. Then again, with her, it's always time for tea, it seems. But I was in no mood to tell her no, so tea time it was once again.

Mugi opted to watch the snow from inside, at least for that day. It was a much better and warmer alternative for the both of us, wasn't it, Mugi?

I think she agrees.

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