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Show and Tell: Takara Tomy's Fireball gashapon collection

4:00 PM on 12.17.2010 // Colette Bennett

I always wanted to buy the Drossel Figma, but somehow it came and went and I missed out on getting one reserved. I look for her at cons and such, but I rarely have gotten lucky (and when I have she's been over US$100 -- I think not), so when I noticed that there was a gashapon set from the originating show Fireball made by Takara Tomy, I thought it would be really cool to get my hands on it. Especially since each one was, like, under US$3.

I originally just tossed one of these in with an order of something else from Play-Asia in order to qualify for free shipping, but when I got it and opened up the capsule, I was really amazed with the quality of the figure inside. Plus, she's so small that she is a ton of fun to do all sorts of things with! So I thought she'd make an ideal candidate for a Show and Tell feature!

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I thought it would be fun to show my little mini-Drossel go on an adventure, so you could see how poseable and versatile she is, especially for a cheap gashapon figure. We started out in the house, where she got up to some fun in the kitchen.

"It's a pan that's just my size!"

Uh, no Drossel, I would not recommend you hang out in there for long. Let's move around a bit. Maybe check out the fridge?

Taking a little shortcut by way of the spice rack, we eventually ended up checking out the refrigerator.

"Hey look! Can I eat this?"

Well, you can if you want, but it may take you a really long time to peel it...

"Whee, you use this in, like, EVERYTHING you cook!?"

Why yes, in the South, we do use that in basically every dish you can think of. And then some.

"It's BEER!"

Oh, Drossel ... I don't think we ought to get started on that now. It's only 1 p.m. On the other hand, this time of day is considered a perfectly acceptable time to start drinking in New Orleans ...

Why, good afternoon to you too, Drossel. I wanted to take a sec to point out that this figure can do some really amazing things, like hold a sign. Both of her fingers and thumbs on both hands are fully poseable. So are her feet, and every joint from knees to elbows. I mean, it kind of wowed me when it came so detailed for a cheap toy. Apparently not cheaply made, though.

Ah, she seems to have pissed off a dog. Drossel, perhaps we should try to make some friends that are your own size. Maybe another robot?

What did you say to the nice Gurren Lagann, Drossel? Maybe you two can be friends, instead. Ask him if he'll show you his favorite move. I bet he will.

See, that's much better.

I'm used to spending more money on toys at a time, and while I have a few small trading figures, I don't tend to go for a lot of them. That's why the Takara Tomy Drossel was such a lovely surprise to me.

There are four randomly packed styles over at Play-Asia where I got mine, but at the price of US$2.89 each, you can afford to buy a small army. For a toy photographer, this is a dream toy too -- I can pop her in my camera bag and use it in all sorts of photos! Hit the gallery if you'd like to see some more.

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Colette Bennett,
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