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The concept of a lucky bag is, in essence, a way for stores to get rid of unwanted merchandise. They bundle it all up at the end of the year and sell them as "mystery bags" for a big discount. And trust me, they don't always contain great stuff: I got a lucky bag full of minifigures at a convention once, and out of the 5 in it I ended up keeping just one.

However, some toy companies have taken the concept of a lucky bag to a whole 'nother level. Super7 fills their lucky bags with rare figures, unpainted prototypes, and even rare customs. However, all of this comes at a pretty steep price. In essence, it's a reverse of the traditional lucky bag -- you're guaranteed to get some amazing stuff, but it's going to cost you!

This year, for the first time, Stephen and I decided to go for one of them. We'd wanted to previous years, but the US$275 price tag was too hefty. I was incredibly nervous waiting for it to arrive -- would it be worth it? Would we end up with a ton of figures I didn't even like? Hit the jump to see how this mystery will unfold!

We unboxed our lucky bag to find, surprise surprise, a bag! It's very nicely designed, but hard to appreciate when you are dying to know what is inside. They also used about 5 billion staples to seal it, so unwrapping the thing was a slow and nerve-wracking process.

The first thing we pulled out was a gorgeous handpainted black jade Mongolion! I've been a fan of this figure's sculpt for a long time, but sadly we haven't had the money for any of the standard releases. As luck would have it, we ended up with my favorite colorway so far!

Second up was BURGER BUNS! I like this weird little dude, but Stephen REALLY loves him. As he puts it, "he's a cat that loves cheeseburgers! What's not to love?!" We have the original painted release, and this clear green is a gorgeous compliment to that piece.

Third was a figure I was dreading. Pictures of lucky bags from the release party had leaked by the time we got ours, so we had a general idea of what was in the bags. So far our 2 pulls had been in most of the bags, and our third pull was also "standard" i.e it was in about 50 percent of the bags. And let me tell you, I did NOT want this figure. Why? It's a baby fish person with three eyes! It scares the bejesus out of me!

At this point I was a bit worried. I loved 2 of the figures, but they were pretty standard. You get a lucky bag in the hopes that you will get rare figures. Would our bag turn out to be worth purchasing?!

Well, our fourth item began to soothe my fears. An unpainted gray, sparkly Garuru! Garuru is one of my very-favorite Super7 pieces, and the sparkly gray vinyl looks awesome on him.

And finally, for the fifth item, we got what I had really been hoping for! Foster is the newest member of Fenton and Milton's family. This is technically the first release of Foster, the adorable cannibal cookie who I just can't get enough of him! And not only is he made from GID vinyl, but he has another surprise...

He comes apart! You can hide all sorts of tiny objects inside of him. The temptation to make a batch of mini cookies and fill him up with them is very strong.

Sixth was the rarest item in our bag, a deep blue unpainted Mongolion! I was excited right away when I saw him, mostly because I just wanted more Mongolions, but we later found out that this might be the ONLY unpainted dark blue one! Sure, there could be another out there, but since no one else online has one this might be a run of ONE! Definitely made the bag more than worthwhile. But wait, there was one more figure ...

POCKET MUMMY GATOR! He is definitely Stephen's favorite Super7 figure, and might just be his favorite vinyl sculpt! So getting an unpainted one was pretty awesome, since those always end up being rare. The burnt orange color is also pretty awesome, and it matches the painted Pocket Mummy Gator and Pocket Mummy Boy releases in the bags (which had GID bodies and orange heads).

All in all, we ended up incredibly happy with our pulls. I honestly thought we'd only be keeping about 4 things and trading or selling the rest of them for other lucky bag releases. Well, that certainly didn't end up being the case! The only thing I am willing to let go of is the creepy baby. Other than that, these are all definitely permanent members of our collection!

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