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Show and Tell: Robot Damashii Tauburn

6:00 PM on 01.13.2012 // Pedro Cortes

As much as I love me some robots, there is a certain level of fatigue I get with the genre. Certain tropes can be over-used and I do get tired of certain designs. I really appreciate it when a show goes wild with their mechs and forgoes any semblance of reality. The last show to really buck trends and get fantastical with their designs was Star Driver.

I really dug the show and when I heard that the lead mech was getting a Robot Damashii, I did a bit of a jig around my room. Hit the jump to see why I was so excited!

That right there is a fairly plain box. It does its job in holding the Tauburn and its accessories safely in place, but there's little else to the packaging. Only the amusing alternate translation of the Tauburn makes this stand out among the many boxes that are stacking in my closet. I guess they decided to let the mech's design speak for itself, which it definitely does! Let's see the bad boy out of the box, shall we?

Out of the box, the Tauburn has a nice set of accessories. Along with three additional sets of hands, it also comes with the swords it fights with. Unseen in this photo but prevalent in others are the Tauburn's "piles," which are connected to a ball-jointed plastic "skirt" that attaches via another ball joint on its back. You can turn the piles how you please as well as lift the "skirt" to control where they point. All this is nice, but it doesn't properly show how cool this mech is. Let's pose this sexy bastard.

Now that's what I'm talking about! I could gush for paragraphs about how I love the Tauburn's look and color scheme, but it's suffice to say that its lithe and oddly-Shakespearean design goes against the grain of your typical anime robot. This guy is made to move around and slash his foes, not hunker down and take damage. I also got to mention DEM HIPS. You'll be hard pressed to find a more curvy robot this side of KOS-MOS.

Of the many things that Bandai's Robot Damashii line does right, the sheer poseability of their toys is their best feature. Thanks to the positioning of the joints and the tension on the joints themselves, it's very easy to put the Tauburn in just about any stance you want. Unlike the stiff Revoltech and flimsy Figma joints, all the Damashii's I've come across have the right amount of give to prevent floppy limbs. 

The Tauburn also has a good base with it. Plugging in around his crotch, it is solid and supports the oddest of poses, as you can see above. You won't have to worry about the base not keeping balance, as a combination of the star shape of the plastic and a stiff set of joints will keep the Tauburn in what ever position you desire. This shot also lets you see how the piles can be moved to accommodate more extreme positions. 

It'd be a shame if I didn't indulge the Tauburn in a bit of fanciful posting. I mean, just look at it. It's made to be a model! Those pointed boots, slender legs, bountiful hips, the fancy hat, it's a wonder that we haven't seen this guy spread across the pages of Vogue!

Work it boy, show that camera how sexy you are! Do your pilot proud!

OOh my! Be careful, this is still a vaguely family oriented publication! At least you can see more of him in that mirror.

Wow, the Tauburn really wants to test the limits of that base. Good thing that it can handle such strenuous angles. Well, if it really wanted to see if it could keep it's balance without the base, I'm pretty sure that ...

... yep, thought so. Anyway, be sure to hit up the gallery for some other silly poses. You can really see how moveable the Tauburn is.

If you're interested in finding the Tauburn, I wish you good luck. It's been a while since i've seen him up for sale at any of the major sites we usually link to. If you're feeling daring, you can find him at Made in Japan Online through Amazon for US$65. Considering that he cost me about ¥4,800 (approx. US$62), this is a pretty good deal. However, I've never shopped through them, so buyer beware!

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