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Show and Tell: Pedro's NYCC Swag

4:00 PM on 11.11.2011 // Pedro Cortes

When I decided to go to the New York Comic Con, I had plans to pick up tons of swag. I was going to visit comic artists to get prints, anime dealers to hopefully pick up stray statues that I hadn't found elsewhere, maybe even pick up a vinyl piece or two if my budget held up. Unfortunately, I neither had the budget, luck or time to be able to purchase even half of what I had planned. Oh well, that's how the wind blows.

While it may not be nearly as interesting as Jackie's swag post, I present to you the things I was able to purchase, meager as they may be. Hit the jump to see what I got!

Part of my problem was not going to the convention prepared for commerce. I spent all my free time planning content for Tomo, so I wasn't able to really get a look at all the potential things I would want. Combined with the financial responsibilities of life, I walked into NYCC with a US$90 budget. That isn't awful, but it certainly won't get near the amount of things that I had thought about. So with that in mind, let's start with the only "toy" I purchased.

As a fan of Doctor Who, there was no way I could walk by a bobble-TARDIS and not pick it up. For US$20, I was able to get a fairly detailed and hefty bobble head that makes the famous WOOSHING noise when you press the button above the logo. Biff Bang Pow! did a hell of a job recreating the proper wood-panel finish on the box.

Yep, looks appropriately weathered and beaten to be the Doctor's transportation.

There were other bits of Con-exclusive merch at the Entertainment Earth booth, but by the time I got around to picking this up, I had spent the money on other things like food and alcohol. Hey, I know my priorities! If you're feeling the itch to pick up this TARDIS, Entertainment Earth put it up on their website for US$22.

Next up is an item I picked up at the Tenacious Toys/Toy2R booth. OsirisOrion was kind enough to give the Tomo crew a sample of one of his Buff Monsters, specifically the Buff Mini Molten Lava!

He came in a simple little package, which I didn't open until I did this photoshoot. Believe me, that's hard for somebody like me who needs to open things when he gets them. When I get something, I need it open now! Speaking of, let's get him out of that bag.

He's a cute little guy indeed! What photos can't really catch is the way the paint glistens on the little monster. You can see in the gallery that he even signed the Buff mini on its bottom! It's a nice little piece that I'll definitely be keeping on my desk for a while. If you want one, you can still grab one at the Tenacious Toys site for US$25.

Finally, I knew that I had to get a print of some sort at a comic convention. I mean, wouldn't that be missing the point of the whole thing? Looking at the artists, I knew I had visit Amanda Conner (Power Girl, Catwoman, Amazing Spiderman presents: Black Cat) again. I love her rendition of Power Girl and picked up a print of hers at Megacon 2010. She was very nice, talking with everybody who bought a print at her table and was all smiles. It came as no surprise that she was just as nice and chatty at NYCC, so I was more than happy to get another Power Girl.

It's on nice, thick paper and she even signed it! I've got this framed and ready to put up on a wall, once I can make some space. Based off the experience of meeting Conner again, this is easily my favorite thing that I picked up. Sorry guys, I know this is supposed to be a figure site, but I love me some Power Girl!

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