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Show and Tell: OhNo!Doom's Fluffy Friends

4:00 PM on 06.01.2012 // Natalie Kipper

If you are a Tomopop reader, odds are, you have noticed that I love plushes. However, some of my favorite plushes are not the typical smiley, happy kind (although I do like those, too). In some cases, the plushes' smiles can be deceptive and they come with teeth. Jordan Owen of OhNo!Doom's Fluffy Friends are a perfect example of this. The three toys — FluffyYukYuk, FluffyBooBoo, and FluffyBadBad — all are excellent examples of quirky plushes done right.

Hit the jump to find out what makes these three plush toys so special in my heart as well as how to nab your own!

fluffy friends class photo

As previously mentioned the Fluffy Friends series, created by OhNo!Doom's Jordan Owen, consists of FluffyYukYuk the alien octopus thing, FluffyBooBoo the ghost, and FluffyBadBad the bear. FluffyYukYuk came quite a bit before FluffyBooBoo and FluffyBadBad, who were released simultaneously. 

Fluffy YukYuk says Hello

Fluffy YukYuk's scary-looking butt

Fluffy YukYuk's humorous tag

Here is FluffyYukYuk, who introduced me to the Fluffy Friends line. He is 5 and a half inches tall and made of a stretchy yet fuzzy polyester fabric. He is really soft and I love that his tentacles have a little give to them. His bottom is made of a differently textured, pink fabric and is embroidered ... with his butt-hole. I find this absolutely hilarious because it 1.) answers the eternal question as to what monster octopi butt's look like, and 2.) well, look at it. Speaking of funny stuff, FluffyYukYuk's giant tag is full of funny things on it. I imagine many people just ignore it without a second thought but many of the "user warnings" really rather humorous. My favorite is "Do not mix toothpaste and orange juice. I tried that; It's friggin' nasty." See? Pure comedic gold.

What could these holes be for?

YukYuk is ready to chomp!

If you read through the tag yourself, you would see mention of "chomping." That is the gimmick of the Fluffy Friends. All three of them have two holes in the back into which you would insert your fingers (the index finger in the top hole and the thumb in the lower) to use the chomping mechanism. It is very much like using a sock puppet. With a jaw.

Fluffy BooBoo says Boo!

BooBoo's swirly butt

BooBoo's puppet back-holes

I pre-ordered FluffyBooBoo the second he was available to do so. Not only is he a the tallest of the Fluffy Friends, standing at 6 inches, but his facial features and front detail glow in the dark. His bottom is a swirly abyss of pink and black, just what I imagined a ghost's butt to be like (I think).

BooBoo takes on the invisible chew toy

When I ordered FluffyBooBoo and FluffyBadBad they came with a bunch of pins, stickers and these "chew toys." The chew toys are a thick plastic that showcase the chomping feature of the plushes. Mine were clear but I think I remember seeing them in other colors. 

BooBoo's revamped tag

Because FluffyBooBoo and FluffyBadBad came a bit after FluffyYukYuk, their tags are different. They just the typical tush tag, displaying their name and brand. I must confess that I miss the large hangtag with the funny warnings. 

BadBad says rawr

BadBad's tattoed behind

The invisible chew toy strikes back!

a close-up of BadBad's tag

Finally, their is FluffyBadBad. I bought him at the same time as FluffyBooBoo. There is also a NYCC exclusive version of him that I would kill (or at least violently tickle) to have in my possession. Just like FluffyBooBoo, he has the newer tush tag. His bottom reminds me of a baboon. It features a tattoo of a heart with crossbones. FluffyBadBad is the same size as FluffyYukYuk, five and a half inches tall.

The Chain of Chomping

The Fluffy Friends line of plushes are definitely something different. The plastic jaws are fun and I kind like have them bite down on memos for me to remind myself of things. See? Cute and functional! The plushes can be purchased separately or in bundles (with discounts) from The Fluffy Friends website

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Natalie Kipper, Associate Editor/Plush Guru
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